Have you noticed that I often go out to shoot?

Use bags to match

。 Spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter what season it is, it will come in handy.

Don’t think it’s just for decoration, it’s actually very useful.

For example, going out to shoot cosmetics, clothes, etc. that need to be touched up,

You need a bag that can’t stuff anything

。 At this time,

Large capacity

Nature becomes an advantage!

Now I have been a blogger for a few years, and how often I buy bags

Rise and not fall

。 It is said: men look at watches, women look at bags. I still have a lot of experience in choosing this piece.

This time, I didn’t disappoint you guys! Tote bag is here!

The sharp-eyed cutie found that the store was new, so let’s go first

“Start is strong”

Finish! It seems that the charm of the tote bag is really great


Good-looking and practical, who doesn’t love it?

This bag happens to be the solid color collection that grains love. No fancy patterns,

Exudes a sense of simplicity and premium

。 What surprised me even more:

Large and small pack sets.

▍ Big bag

Its capacity can simply be described as amazing! Stuff a copy

A4 size

of notebooks, not a problem at all.

In addition, relatively large items such as cosmetic bags, clothes, umbrellas and so on,

It can also be easily stored.

Therefore, every time the grain goes out, he can bring whatever he wants, and he doesn’t have to worry about stuffing it at all.

The triangular package design + stable square bottom has both beauty and practicality. Even if there are fewer things to put,

It will also not flatten and deform.

▍ Small packets

Many bags on the market are single-layered, and large items are easy to find together. If looking for lipstick, sunscreen and other small things,

It will be upside down for a long time.

That’s when the importance of the packet comes in.

Don’t look at its small size, it can hold a lot of things.

There is no basis for words, and the little cuties can feel it for themselves

Even if it’s a thin cardigan, it’s a small case! Can be used as a cosmetic bag, can be used as a storage bag,

One pack for dual use

, really loved love.

Don’t look at it so capable, the bag itself is about 470g,

Almost the weight of a mobile phone.

Whether it is carried by hand or carried on one shoulder, it will not feel particularly heavy, and it is solid

“Light and easy to carry”!


Texture online + details in place + care so easy

A bag looks tall or not, leather is its soul!


This bag is made of fabric

Two layers of cowhide

, when it comes to a physical object, it’s called one


Knead vigorously and fold in half, it will do

Quickly return to the original state

, and will not leave any creases.

It is not easy to wear, even if you rub and scrape with sharp scissors, you will not see the skin damaged.

The durability is really high!

There is another point that is deep in my heart: it is effortless to take care of, and it is invincible and worry-free!

On rainy days, rain spills on bags, or spilled drinks will not penetrate in. Just wipe it with a paper towel and the surface is still there

Clean and refreshing.

▍ Details

In addition to the fabric, the details of this tote bag are also in place.

Take the magnetic clasp, for example, it automatically merges with a single touch, which is simple and convenient.

Even the zipper of the small bag lived up to expectations. Smooth and easy to pull, not easy to lose teeth.

The small bag must also boast: the use of natural rough canvas, soft and healing, but also energy saving and environmental protection!

▍Shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are manually adjustable and can be adapted according to

Personal habits and height adjustment

, so any height match is stress-free.


The wiring is precise and neat

, with delicate pebbled patterns and natural shine. What girl doesn’t love this textured bag?!


Comfortable out on the street, the focus of the audience

This bag has a simple and high-class tone, and the grain is specially matched with an American casual style.

Striped shirts have always had a smart and personal feel, so they are loved by fashionistas.

Break the traditional way of wearing,

Wear your shirt as a coat

; The length just covers the hips, which is good for crotch width and large PP

Modifying effect.

For areas that have not yet fully entered the hot summer, shirts and jackets are easy to put on and take off, and can better face the temperature difference between morning and evening.

Bermuda pants have a neutral design, more personality than regular shorts, and cooler and more versatile than wide-leg pants.

Plus it doesn’t pick legs,

There is a strong tolerance for the body.

The troubles of thick thighs are not worth mentioning at all!

To echo the shoes, a white daddy vest was layered underneath.

Large U-shape

The neckline design can also be worn by girls with large breasts.

The baseball cap on the head is not only concave, but also resistant to some ultraviolet radiation. Navy blue is really temperamental, and after wearing it, it is like returning to the American campus of the seventies and eighties.

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