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Women always seem to feel that they are missing a bag, either on the way to buy a bag or on the way to plant a straw bag. To say that the hottest backpack at the moment, the fashion darling of the street photography industry, you have to mention LOEWE, from Puzzle, Barcelona to Gate, IT Bag followed. This brand of “explosive manufacturing machine” has completely refreshed our impression of this old Spanish leather goods brand.

The protagonist that we want to introduce today is the Hammock Bag, which was launched by LOEWE in the spring and summer of 2016.

Since its debut in the summer of 2016, Hammock has quickly become an IT bag on everyone’s wish list with its unique geometry and ease of change.

Hammock means hammock, and this bag and hammock also have a continuous friendship. Jonathan Anderson, fashion director of LOEWE, was inspired by the image of the hammock, based on the ropes on both sides of the hammock and the curvature of the bed surface, as well as the characteristics of being folded at will, to create this Hammock Bag, from the shape to the naming, it is clearly stated that this is the hammock bag.

Compared with the “one pack and five backs” puzzle, Hammock can be said to be upgraded by one level, cross-body, hand-carried, shoulder-to-shoulder… The six carrying methods can bring you a lot of freshness, and by adjusting the zipper, you can change into another bag shape, which is almost like a transformer steel!

Hammock’s silhouette is very ingenious and eye-catching. The casual appearance of a hammock can be transformed in an instant by simply adjusting the side zipper. The open closure is fitted with a hook closure, while an external zip pocket and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap make it easy to use.

The Hammock interior is lined in herringbone cotton-canvas and has two slip pocket compartments, giving it plenty of room for plenty of stuff. With such ample space, short trips should be able to hold, directly killing the capacity of the bucket bag, I believe this is why many people fall in love with it.

LOEWE later added the Hammock DW series, eliminating the zippers on both sides and using drawstring to tie the cuff for more security and the shape is still as eye-catching as ever. The leather is also softer, and it feels twice as large as when pulled apart.

Hammock comes in many materials, the most common being made of the finest calf leather, and all the hardware, interior and details and combinations of the handbag are handmade by craftsmen. Unique Lujado hand-painted edges, with the meticulously engraved Anagram logo, and exquisite hardware, perfect!

The Hammock series has mini small medium three sizes,

Mini Hammock:11 x 19.5 x 17 cm

Small Hammock:13.5 x 25 x 30 cm

Medium Hammock:16 x 28.5 x 31 cm

Hammock has many patterns, especially in the color from the initial calm color matching, to the jumping orange, ice blue, and then there are print patterns and blue sky and white cloud patterns, which simply meet all the requirements of women of every age!

Hammock is a veritable wilderness, whether it is paired with feminine skirts or handsome pants, it can show a particularly charming temperament and bloom a moving style. It can be lively and funny, or it can be French and elegant. Hammock is such an impeccable and versatile bag that can visit friends and relatives, or go out on the street at any time!

Hammock, one of LOEWE’s signature bags, is one of the most admired styles for its innovative silhouette, versatility and ingenious design. It Bag can really beat a lot in terms of practicality, and overall it is a bag worth buying.

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