Boots are a very popular item in winter, and many people used to wear boots. However, in fact, it is not suitable for everyone, for winter wear, it is recommended to “wear short and not long”. Fashion circles favor boots, which visually give people the feeling of being very inclusive.

The reason why booties are so popular is that they are powerful. Not only does it have a good warmth effect, but it is very foreign and versatile to wear. For the wearer, the difficulty of matching is not too difficult, it really highlights the fashion.


Highlight your figure

In the cold season, many people love to wear down jackets + leggings, and they often see beautiful girls wearing this. As for the selection of boots, it is very important, otherwise it will spoil the good looks. Down jackets are quite long, reaching the calf position, and wearing boots will be short.

In this shape, the pattern is that the outside is wide and the inside is tight, which is easy to highlight the figure. Denim leggings apply, tight fit, legs are very straight. Wearing short boots, the length of the legs is visually slender, and it looks very slim. Take a look at the blogger’s appearance, it is quite suitable for everyone to go out, atmospheric and neat.

Choose the color of the boots, according to the shape, such as the white down jacket you like to wear. This garment has always been popular in fashion circles, and black leggings are worn underneath. Pants are common styles, mainly slim design, visual effect is very good. If you consider the color, you may want to match it with dark colors. The color is earthy tone, and the heel is mainly low-heeled to enhance the aura.

Energetic temperament

In the fashion circle, boots are not limited to one style, depending on how you choose. Take a look at this shoe worn by bloggers, the sense of vitality is quite strong, similar to a sports model. It’s common to walk down the street, or go out and play.

In the cold season, many women wear more warm. Wearing short snow boots is very common and popular. As for wearing boots, they are very thick and have cotton inside, and the heat preservation effect is extremely strong. Look at what the blogger is wearing, the boots are mainly earthy tones, and the texture is excellent.

Taking into account the cold season, taking into account the color of wear, the boots are dominated by earth tones. This is suitable for all kinds of wear, and it is extremely inclusive. Look at the blogger’s appearance, wearing a ginger coat with a sweater underneath and black sweatpants underneath. With this kind of boots, there is no sense of violation at all, and there is a good age-reducing function.

Highlight the chic atmosphere

Some people wear boots, abandon the previous black style, and choose some fashionable items. Like the blogger who stepped on his boots when he appeared, he was mainly selected according to what he wore, and the fashion was very good.

This time, it is mainly sportswear, and black is used on a large scale. If you don’t want to be too monotonous, use a green print pattern on the top to add texture to the look. This time, abandon the usual black and choose burgundy boots, which are very bright and have a good fashion effect. There is also an illusion visually, lengthening the legs and having a good slimming function.

And, of course, a boot, which has also been popular in recent years. The blogger wears boots, large areas are white and the edges are black. It was very eye-catching, getting rid of the monotony of the past. Appearing on the street, dressing very simply, focusing on boots, fashionable quite high.

Suitable for every occasion

Many people love to wear boots, in addition to fashion and good looks, there is also a requirement, suitable for attending various occasions. This specific performance is mainly short and has a wide range of activities.

The blogger wears this camel coat, which is very generous in color and has a classic style. If someone wears this piece, they like to wear high-waisted jeans and short boots underneath. The color is classic black, there is an atmosphere, the key is the dirt resistance function is excellent. This kind of styling is indeed quite popular among fashion white-collar workers.

Considering the figure, you can also choose boots that suit according to the length of the pants. Like the blogger when he appeared, he wore a ginger sweater, wearing white high-waisted pants, and the legs were specially pulled up. The boots are slightly taller in length, harmonious with the length of the legs, somewhat chivalric.

Usually wearing short boots, everyone chooses a variety of types, each with its own characteristics. This kind of careful selection according to your outfit, it is worth carefully studying.

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