In the realm of body design, the Jeep Wrangler is an outlier — one of the few vehicles that has remained virtually unchanged in body design over the years, and its design has remained faithful to the original for decades, and buyers are happy to pay for that loyalty, and the Wrangler’s production line in Toledo, Ohio, works overtime to meet demand.

Beneath the familiar exterior of the new Wrangler, the original designers and engineers have completely changed. Mark Allen, head of Jeep brand design, told us that the project initially ignored the image of the previous generation and redesigned it all, which was to stimulate small ideas, but in fact they would only use new ideas in some small places, such as the “trapezoidal shape” of the entire front face, the headlights invading the grille, and the design of the water guide on the entire roof, all of which were the products of the “unruly sketch” at the beginning.

The windshield is slightly more inclined than the old model, and this inclination must be handled carefully, otherwise it will spoil the classic Jeep silhouette. Despite minor tweaks, the Wrangler can now get along with aerodynamics. The fender and width indicator are integrated, and it seems that the new Wrangler has the most expensive fender to maintain. Jeep’s LOGO, relocated to the corner behind the front wheel eyebrow, the hood also added the heat dissipation vents that will appear in performance sports cars, but the removable mirrors and doors are still retained, according to the official, the “half-height door” will not be released until 2019.

The new frame structure serves as the backbone of the Wrangler, and the rear structure has become more flexible and adaptable, suitable for creative modifications. The body length has increased by 71 and 96 mm (three-door version, five-door version) compared to the previous generation, the width has increased by 5 mm, the wheelbase has increased by 36 and 61 mm, and the wheel base has increased by 64 mm. The front and rear shocks are newly designed spring mechanisms, aluminum materials are used on the engine compartment cover, the tailgate is assembled from a cast magnesium component of an aluminum shell, the engine and steering are made of aluminum, and the brake pump is also designed to reduce weight, which can significantly improve off-road performance.

Well, I’ll help you get a shot first, rest assured, the Wrangler has not become a “mother cannon”. Although it introduced a cheaper version of the 2.0T engine for market compromise, the mainstream 3.6L V6 engine is still in service and is optimized to achieve 300 hp and 366 Nm of torque, mated to a 6-speed manual or 8AT gearbox. The power parameters of the 2.0T version are unknown, but according to the current turbo engine performance, the 2.0T can be stronger than the power of the 3.6L at any time, but can off-road fans accept the “wearing” engine? That’s unknown.

The launch of the full-time four-wheel drive version is actually nothing, if you want to be heavily off-road, you can go to buy the time-sharing four-wheel drive version, but many people are bought to show the style, convenient and easy-to-use full-time four-wheel drive may be more appetizing, but whether it is real off-road or real pretending, everyone wants their car to have a good set of interior and configuration. The 2018 Wrangler “software” is a bit like Taylor Swift, going from the countryside to the city.

In line with the mainstream, it is equipped with an 8-inch multimedia system in the center console, which can adjust the air conditioning, seat heating and carplay like other JEEP models, and integrates vehicle information, such as inclination, four-wheel drive mode, oil pressure and oil temperature, etc., and the sense of technology has greatly increased. Although the interior material is still engineering plastic, but the color matching is very eye-catching, very “toy sense”, especially the bright red time-sharing four-wheel drive switch button, like the open and hanging button, to know that the Wrangler car is mainly this tune, do you think they don’t have a boring comfort car at home?

All the changes to the 2018 Wrangler are good, it gives off-road fans more power and less weight, and a more nimble and versatile bodywork. The 2.0T+ full-time four-wheel drive version, known as the Niang Cannon, can provide a lower price threshold for buyers who “just want to install a small force”.

When you spray the 2.0T + full-time four-wheel drive for the Niang Cannon, do you know that in China, there are a bunch of old Wrangler owners who have never entered the mountain and wish that the “Niang Cannon Version” came out a few years earlier.

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