Autumn dressing style changes, need to match new style bags, many brands are also on autumn new products, today the editor picks some to share with you.

Bucket bag

Chylak is a bag brand from Poland, all bags are very vintage, cold and windy, and the bag color is super suitable for autumn and winter.

First of all, I recommend the basket bag, the left and right bags are very good-looking.

This is very architectural, you can have it under 2K, and friends who take a simple style can consider starting in autumn and winter.

The second is this bag. Glossy black, vertical, very cool and versatile. Casual and simple friends can consider owning, casual style clothes can be held.

This bag is also, animal patterned, autumn and winter when wearing a trench coat, coat, you can’t go wrong with this bag.

Pen case bag

Although this is a bag from spring and summer, it is better than a high appearance, angular rectangular shape + triangular three-dimensional space, really similar to the pen bag of the student era, so it is called “pencil bag”.

However, it is more mature than a stationery bag, taking off the childishness of the campus, and the square 90° of the corner makes it mature.

It can match different styles of clothes, regardless of the season, from midsummer to late autumn, it is its home.

There are many colors, and I see more girls buying white.

The strap is not long, it belongs to the standard handbag, and it is particularly delicate when carried casually in the hand.

Underarm bag

This armpit bag is smaller and more versatile, and the larger the size, the more demanding the style of controlling it.

Coin purse

Autumn and Winter launched a brand new handbag named “Portagioia”. The saddle bag type and hardware buckle are simply an enlarged version of the coin purse, which is super cute.

The bag comes standard with a wide nylon shoulder strap, which is especially suitable for small children.

Autumn standard outfits, trench coats, or animal-print pieces, look good. Black is the safe color in the bag, and it is not ordinary black, the body is stitched with matte + patent leather to make it less dull.

The closure of the top features two metal bead buckles to add to the overall vintage vibe.

Small square bag

The body is square and high-grade, suitable for glamorous urban beauties. Song Qianman has long been on her back, and the one in her hand is brown.

Hoody and Hyunya are back yellow, especially bright lemon yellow.

The official name of blue is “Cyan”, and Zheng Xiuwen uses it with a very design white shirt, which is quite eye-catching.

That’s it for today, you can collect and save money to buy ~ See you next time.

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