Speaking of Lego, families with babies are no strangers, after all, no toy can replace the potential of children.

It’s no exaggeration to say that with LEGO you can create anything you want.

And this process of creation is cultivation

Observation, hands-on, spatial understanding, imagination and engineering thinking


Independently made by a 6-year-old child, large and small gear transmissions

Let’s talk about it first

Observation ability

Whether it is objects in daily life, or graphics, letters, numbers, you can build them with Lego through observation and thinking.

During the construction process, you can exercise the fine movements of children’s fingers and cultivate

Hands-on ability

If it is built according to the drawings, it is necessary to first convert the plan drawings into physical objects, at this time,

Spatial comprehension

It’s here to go!

And this ability is an important part of cultivating mathematical thinking.

Of course, playing with LEGO can be done without sticking to drawings, and children can make the most of it


and creativity to create your own scenes.

Next, let’s talk about it

Engineering thinking

Here’s the most basic DUPLO train in Lego.

In the process of assembly, the child needs to first imagine in his head: which parts are part of the carriage? What are the components of the front of the car? After each individual part is built, it is then stitched together to form a complete train.

The whole process goes through a whole set of “projects” such as: conception (design) – selection of building blocks (selection) – assembly of individual carriages or bodies (milestones) – assembly of the entire train (completion of the project).

Since this “artifact” is so powerful, it is necessary to have a good understanding:

First of all, the LEGO brand comes from Denmark, and “LEGO” also comes from the Danish word “LEg GOdt”, which means “play well”.

Lego was founded in 1932, and today, it has a very complete ecosystem, in addition to online teaching, offline training, skill competitions, and in recent years, it has also increased IP operations, such as the Lego movie we saw, the Lego Ninjagos series of animations, etc.

Therefore, the LEGO product line is also dizzying, as long as you want, from 1 and a half years old to 99 years old, you can find your own fun, truly suitable for all ages.

However, the “artifact” looks fun, and it is really not a joke to choose, plus the price of hundreds or thousands is often large, if you buy it back on the wrong way, it is inevitable that you will be a little distressed.


How do we choose Lego?

Don’t worry, I’ll talk to you in detail below.

Because I am engaged in technical work, I usually do a survey before buying toys for my children, from brand to quality, to user evaluation, to ensure that I spend a lot of money to buy toys at home and do not eat ash.

It’s not that I’m too serious, but I think you can’t blindly follow the trend when buying toys, only toys that are really suitable for your own children are good toys.

I summarized,

The choice of Lego toys can be roughly divided into the following stages:

Before the child is 5 years old

It is recommended to buy and use large bricks from the DUPLO range.

On the one hand, it can cultivate children’s hand-eye coordination, help them recognize shapes and colors, and initially form a sense of classification and assembly.

On the other hand, large bricks have a smooth surface, which is not easy to swallow and is safer.

Children 5-7 years old

You can start building with small pieces, such as simple minifigures or themed bricks, such as “LEGO City Series”, “LEGO Disney Series”, etc., children can easily build it, which will make them feel very accomplished.


Children aged 7-10 years

, There are more categories to choose from, at this time, personal interest has become the most important selection factor, such as the very popular “Marvel Super Heroes series”, “Harry Potter series”, “Minecraft series” and so on.


Children over 10 years old

LEGO also launched the Robot EV3 series of science and technology groups, which not only retains the traditional structure building, but also adds knowledge such as robot programming and sensor application, children’s imaginative ideas can be realized one by one through the components in their hands, and the comprehensive quality can be greatly exercised and strengthened, and now many schools attach great importance to competition awards in this area.

Having said that, the only disadvantage of good things is that they are expensive, raising a child at home is like putting a “money crusher”, for most ordinary families who “have no mines at home”, they still have to strive to spend every penny on the edge of the knife.

Is there a more “affordable” option?

Don’t worry, let’s open a certain treasure or a certain east, search for the word “compatible”, then you will find that the first term that comes to mind is “compatible with Lego”.

Below, I will share a few domestic building block brands that are still good:

1. Happy Guest

This brand focuses on large particle compatibility, from the initial basic shape, small train cut into the market, and later independently developed its own characteristic slide blocks, scientific gear series, the price is only half or even less Lego.

2. Bang Bao

Bangbao is one of the largest manufacturers of puzzle bricks in China, and as an A-share listed company, its strength is naturally beyond doubt.

Bangbao has the genuine license of Peppa Pig IP, the products include basic particles, large particles, etc., and various interesting themes are a major feature of it, such as: police series, fire series, ship series, etc.

3. Enlightenment

Qimeng was established in 1984, and the brand was born in 1994, which is one of the oldest building block manufacturers in China.

In 2017, the annual sales of Enlightenment bricks exceeded 15 billion, and in addition to traditional theme products, it also obtained the original license of building blocks for series of cartoons such as “Small Column Under the Sea”.

In addition, the brand’s “Girls Collection” is its staple product.

4. Star Diamonds

Star Diamond can be said to be a brand that stands out, it focuses on IP building blocks, including the current children’s favorite to watch Pigman, Mini Agent, Purcell, Little Flower Fairy and other anime.

In addition, the cumulative warrior and the cumulative dinosaur, as well as the star diamond 2/3 change, are also products with a good reputation on the market, and the playability is very strong.

5. Little Luban

Xiao Luban is the most attentive to the domestic doll scene, its degree of restoration is very high, a large scene often takes several days to build, including many aircraft carriers and space stations such a tome, the most important thing is that the price is still very close to the people.

However, here is still a friendly reminder, before buying, you must be mentally prepared for a long-term battle, if it is rotten, no matter how cheap it is, it is a waste.

Of course, the world is diverse, and bricks cannot only be Lego products, and there is currently one on the market that is not compatible with Lego

STEAM bricks

Also very popular.

First of all, let’s first understand the hot ones recently

STEAM educational philosophy

It is named after the initials of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

To put it bluntly, STEAM education is a comprehensive education that integrates science (exploration and discovery), technology (process thinking), engineering (structural thinking), art (creative thinking), and mathematics (logical thinking).

I’ll give you a few more Amway models

STEAM building block products

1. Engino


ENGINO is a multi-featured building block toy on the market, which can be multi-directional in 3D space with the least number of parts.

Kids aged 6 to 14 (or even 14+) can build any different model with it.

Its products are divided into 12-in-1, 30-in-1, and 90-in-1 according to complexity, and are also equipped with a special APP, which can be used to view drawings and three-dimensional disassembly drawings.

2. To the bricks

Although it was established 10 years later than English, it quickly occupied the domestic market with the help of the power of Internet marketing.

Its main products are super mechanic, little mechanic, and small robot for children aged 3-12, and are also equipped with a special APP to view drawings and three-dimensional models.

3. Bangbao

Bangbao maker science building block toys with strong financial resources also belong to this type, and its classification is more detailed, including more than 10 varieties of wind energy, solar energy, power machinery, etc., which is very suitable as a learning tool for robot level testing.

Finally, I will briefly sort out the whole article for you:

1. Choose LEGO bricks according to age and interests – 5 years old (Debao series); 5-7 years old (simple minifigure or themed bricks); 7-10 years old (choose a theme set according to personal interests).

2. Cost-effective domestic alternative brands – Huike, Bang Bao, Enlightenment, Star Diamond, Xiao Luban.

3. Not compatible with Lego’s STEAM brick brands – Engino, Zhibrick, Bangbao.

The above is a little experience of the mother when choosing Lego toys for children, I hope it will be useful to everyone, but also “throwing bricks to lead jade”, what good recommendations do you have, welcome to communicate together in the message area.

— END —

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