How often is the gasoline filter changed?

What is air filtration?

Air filter, full name gasoline filter, is a kind of fuel filter, is to filter fuel impurities, provide clean fuel for the engine, protect the engine and fuel supply system important auto parts. In the process of production, storage, transportation and use of gasoline, it is inevitable to produce certain impurities such as iron oxide, dust, etc., or the oil quality of some gas stations itself is poor, containing a large number of impurities, if these impurities are not filtered out, brought into the engine and fuel supply system, it is possible to damage the cylinder or cause the fuel injection nozzle to be blocked. This requires air filtration to filter impurities and ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

Automotive filter elements are generally divided into two types, one is an in-line fuel filter, and the other is a built-in fuel filter.

Our most common is the in-line fuel filter, which is connected to the fuel inlet pipe on the outside of the outer fuel tank, and the main function of the fuel inlet pipe is to deliver fuel into the engine. The biggest advantage of in-line fuel filters is that they are easy to replace.

The built-in fuel filter, which is located in the tank, is difficult to replace and more expensive to maintain. However, the pass rate of gasoline is very high, and it is not easy to block, but the disadvantage is that it is very troublesome to replace, and if you want to replace it, you must first open the fuel tank, and it is easy to damage the car if it is not operated by professional personnel.

How often should the air filter be replaced?

The air filter replacement cycle is relatively long, generally 3-50,000 kilometers to replace once, according to your maintenance manual or actual use. At the same time, it depends on the quality of gasoline used in normal use. If the fuel impurity content is large, the probability of gasoline filter blockage will be greatly increased, and the replacement cycle will be appropriately shortened. It should also be noted that if the following phenomena occur in the car, and other reasons are ruled out, your gasoline filter may be too dirty or clogged, and it is time to change it.

1. Rapid acceleration is weak, and the power of the car drops significantly when it is running under large loads: the gasoline filter element is slightly blocked, which will generally make the engine fuel supply poor, resulting in a decrease in engine power. 2. Engine jitter at idling: The gasoline filter element is moderately blocked, which not only does not make the car power worse, but also makes the engine jitter phenomenon when the car is idling. 3. Difficulty in starting or direct start without landing: When the gasoline filter is seriously blocked, the car will have difficulty in starting or even unable to start. Like sometimes you need to fire 2-5 times to hit.

Of course, the above fault phenomena need to be eliminated after other faults can be judged to be fuel filter problems, because the fault phenomena caused by fuel filter problems are similar to fuel system failures (such as fuel injector blockage, etc.).

Finally, remind riders that most engines are equipped with disposable non-removable paper filter element gasoline filter, when replacing the gasoline filter element, be sure to purchase genuine high-quality filter element, and follow the manufacturer’s guidance procedures to operate. If you use an inferior filter element, not only the material is poor, but also the filtration effect is poor, soaked in gasoline for a long time, the filter element itself will fall off the filter layer, block the oil circuit, cause abnormal pressure in the fuel system, directly lead to insufficient engine power or insufficient combustion, and the subsequent results will make you “unexpected”!

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