Little bean, big energy, JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset first experience

As I don’t like to socialize, I must bring headphones when I go out, from the very beginning of the wired 3.5MM interface to the popular wireless bluetooth headset, more or less have tried, and about wearing, nothing more than in-ear (semi-in-ear), over-ear, head-mounted, etc., here if considered from the portable aspect, flat head plugs and in-earbuds will be more in line with our needs. However, due to the flat plug is not sound insulation, poor bass, etc., it has been basically replaced by earbuds, whether it is sealing or sound quality is convenient to better display and play, especially in recent years of active noise cancellation, but these headphones are worn for a long time, and the ears do have some discomfort.

Taking me as an example, it is estimated that I had more Walkman belts in high school, and now as long as I carry it for a long time, the pain near the ear is super painful, and the most important thing is that I have always felt that my ears are small while hitting each other, because the same earplugs, one can be inserted normally, and the other is old. Not very accustomed, in order to solve the above problems I encountered, this time thanks to the Xiaomi community crowdtest, you can experience this JEET Air2 true wireless Bluetooth headset compared to ordinary headphones, he is smaller, comfortable, lighter and more importantly, invisible perfect fit.

The white and simple packaging box has a pair of small and delicate bean designs on the front

The back of the box is the relevant technical parameters, it needs to be noted that this JEET Air2 bluetooth headset is produced by Taijie Video (if you don’t guess wrong, it is the first smart TV box to provide audio and video large-scale technical solutions for many world-renowned manufacturers)

The packaging and side are the characteristics of this JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset: touch control, small and senseless, and 20 hours+

The above is this JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset family photo

The red dot and instruction manual need to be opened and read, there are some wearing and operation skills (Chinese and English)

Have you found that this JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset charging case is very small, lubricated and delicious like a warm stone…

The front of the charging case is an indicator and a lid notch to facilitate the opening of the lid, and the back is equipped with a 300mAh battery capacity in the charging port (Type-c).

The top of the charging case is marked with the JEET English logo, and the pairing button below is also the only physical button of the entire charging box.

Wow, it can be said that this charging case is perfectly designed

Open the charging case and you can see two very small beanies, weighing only 3.4g in one ear. Of course, it also integrates the latest Bluetooth 5.2 module, 45mAh battery and 13.05mm dynamic sound unit, which is the essence of the so-called concentration. And it adopts a dual microphone design, and the front microphone recognizes the human voice, which is truly restored. The rear microphone identifies environmental noise and filters it accurately.

Simple Bluetooth pairing work, support AAC, SBC protocol

After this period of simple hands-on experience, JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset with a smaller body, the body of the headset adopts a mini bean-type round tube thin-wall injection molding process, and the most important thing is to fit my ears! More stable wireless connection signal, thanks to the blessing of Bluetooth 5.2 and double-layer composite ceramic antenna, further improves the stability of JEET Air 2 semi-in-ear true wireless Bluetooth headset signal, super anti-interference ability, and takes into account lower power consumption. The official battery life can be up to 20 hours (with the charging case) Finally, in terms of sound quality: 3mm large unit size, thickness 2.0mm, bringing strong bass, diaphragm material is PU composite material + titanium plating, music is more beautiful. Just so-called: the high-pitched area is high-pitched without breaking, the middle area is solid and stable, and the bass is deep and deep. Recommended to buy!

The above is the introduction and description of Circular Tube Vacuum Decompression Concentrating Pot for Pharmaceutical Medical, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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