Top 10 pharmaceutical nutrition products that have the best chance of entering the mother and baby line from the drug line

Text | “Zhongtong Watch” reporter Tong Demon

Nowadays, the main force of the consumer group of maternal and infant products has slowly shifted to the post-85 post-90s or even post-95s, this group of consumers is very receptive to new things, in the process of parenting, pay more attention to infant nutrition balance, scientific diet, so the demand for maternal and infant nutrition and health products is more vigorous.

From more than 10 billion in 2008 to more than 30 billion this year, although nutrition products are not as popular as fast-moving consumer goods such as milk powder and diapers, its rapid development in recent years is obvious to all.

Maternal and child nutrition and health products on the market are a special type, product brands are mixed, dazzling, and there have been some mouse poop in history that spoiled a pot of soup in the entire health care products industry. Therefore, for this industry, reliability is the most important.

What are the reliable ones?

In addition to well-known brands focusing on nutritional health products, such as Tomson By-Health and Shancun, have also begun to enter maternal and child nutrition, and this market also has a force that cannot be ignored – pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies have an innate advantage in making nutritional products: in the consumer’s perception, medicine is one of the symbols of professionalism and authority. Pharmaceutical companies are more professional and authoritative than general health care products and food manufacturers, first of all, in terms of image.

Of course, not all pharmaceutical companies deserve the attention of our mother and baby industry. Those pharmaceutical companies that only do non-OTC drugs and only open up hospital channels do not know how to operate the mass market and social channels, and are not in our inventory.

The batch of pharmaceutical companies we want to inventory has the following characteristics:

1. All OTC products. From the perspective of consumer mentality and purchase, OTC products are very close to FMCG.

2. They have all advertised their OTC products, and TV commercials were once overwhelming, thus establishing far-reaching brands among the masses.

3. Their OTC products are all through the drug line channel. The medicine line channel, like the mother and baby channel, belongs to the professional store from the perspective of retail format. They know how to deal with large chains, small and medium-sized chains and small stores, and are familiar with the psychology of channel providers and channel operations.

Such a pharmaceutical company, if it enters the maternal and infant channel, is not a layman. If they enter the mother-and-baby line from the medicine line, whether they succeed or fail, it will cause a bloody storm.

Do you know these top ten pharmaceutical brands of maternal and child nutrition and health products?

1. Harbin medicine

(1) Harbin medicine brand pregnant women children’s blue bottle calcium, iron and zinc oral liquid

It is often advertised on TV, and it is very well-known, and the specific effect varies from person to person, and the reputation is good.

(2) Sanjing Xin Yisheng brand zinc gluconate oral liquid

Specially designed to supplement zinc for pregnant mothers, it is also a classic product.

2. Amendments

(1) Modified children’s vitamin AD softgels

The popularity is not high, the sales volume is average, the brand effect is outstanding, and the general buyers are looking for the corrected brand, and the feedback is good in the later stage.

3. Small sunflowers

(1) Little sunflower infant milk calcium

(2) Small sunflower DHA algal oil filled gummies (low sugar type)

The packaging of the Little Sunflower series infant nutrition products is cute and the feedback effect is also good, but the sales are not going up, and the market for maternal and child nutrition products has not yet been opened.

4. Diqiao

(1) Diqiao R calcium vitamin D granules

Diqiao is a brand specializing in calcium, creating a good professional reputation.

5. Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical

(1) Jiangzhong healthy children’s calcium, iron and zinc protein powder

The packaging of this protein powder is young, the price is reasonable, the background of pharmaceutical companies is easy to win consumer recognition, and the market feedback is good.

6. Tongrentang

(1) Nanjing Tongrentang children’s calcium, iron and zinc protein powder nutrition

Tongrentang has a great reputation, but the sales of children’s and elderly protein powder are dismal, which has a certain relationship with the aging brand image and insufficient promotion.

7. Stone medicine

(1) Stone medicine brand Guo Weikang vitamin C lozenge

Due to the large number of advertisements placed on CCTV, Guo Weikang is very well-known, but the choice of ordinary supermarket channels for sales, so that consumers have a bias in their perception of its efficacy, once fell into a sales dilemma, and the blue hat logo is still worthy of recognition.

8. Dyne Pharmaceutical

(1) Dainikosin compound DHA algal oil

(2) Ecoxin Yierle probiotic powder

Dyne Pharmaceutical focuses on tailor-made children’s drugs, and its children’s health star product Ecoxin has always maintained a market share of more than 60%, which has been recognized by many parents and parents.

9. Renhe Pharmaceutical

(1) Anqin Anbei calcium, iron, zinc, probiotics, sassela sugar, DHA algal oil series products

It is understood that Anqin Anbei brand nutrition products are spread over thousands of mother and baby stores in more than 20 provinces and cities such as Jiangxi, Hunan, Henan, Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei, Anhui, Hebei, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, etc., and the offline channel operation effect is outstanding.

10. Connbay Pharmaceuticals

Different from other pharmaceutical brand nutrition products, Concord’s nutrition and health care product line has been quite mature, with diverse products and complete functions, but it has not kept up with the layout of maternal and child nutrition products.

From the above products, most of the products have a certain impression in the hearts of consumers, and also have a good reputation and sales, which benefits from the high popularity and product strength of pharmaceutical companies, indicating that pharmaceutical companies have inherent unique advantages in making maternal and child nutrition and health products.

When choosing maternal and infant nutrition products, in addition to choosing high-margin products, mother and baby stores should also comprehensively consider factors such as the brand, reputation, and national certification of maternal and child nutrition products, and choosing maternal and infant nutrition products from pharmaceutical brands is a fast and effective method.

However, some of the above pharmaceutical brands, the peak advertising investment period was a few years ago, and consumers in the mother and baby industry are reincarnated every 3 years, whether they can still have a place in the hearts of post-90s and post-95 consumers, it needs to be carefully considered.

Should pharmaceutical companies move from drug lines to mother and baby lines? Which medicine thread trading techniques are not suitable for mother and baby threads? Is the past high-altitude advertising still suitable for the post-95s in the new media era?

We will examine these issues in detail at the first China Nutrition Development Forum hosted by Zhongtong Media on December 13, 2018.

The event, to be held at Wanda Mandarin Hotel, Beijing, will bring together the industry’s top resources, industry leaders, business leaders, marketing leaders, marketing experts, and many media to talk about nutrition products “small category, big upgrade era”.

In addition, during the first China Nutrition Development Forum, the first China Complementary Food Development Forum will be held at the same time (December 13).

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