2019 Outdoor Products Exhibition Cologne, Germany

Exhibition introduction

Spogagafa, the international sporting goods and outdoor goods exhibition in Cologne, Germany, is one of the most important ordering events in the world leisure goods market and the world’s largest and oldest international trade fair for sports camping products, outdoor furniture and gardening products.

Attractive: All important decision-makers in Germany come together. It integrates industry procurement forums, information platforms and media events.

Since 1960, it has been held every September in Cologne, Germany, the heart of Europe, with the theme of “Outdoor, Leisure, Garden, Green”, and is one of the most important international exhibitions.

High degree of internationalization: No other outdoor goods exhibition attracts as many foreign visitors as SPOGA.

The target audience of the exhibition is positioned as health clubs, fitness equipment retailers, multi-functional sports centers, fitness enthusiasts, health centers, health hotels, spa health centers, sun clubs, sports rehabilitation centers.

High innovation: SPOGA represents the latest industry trends.

All relevant new products and concepts are presented here – the ideal place to present your ideas.

The exhibits cover outdoor leisure products,

flower garden

Furniture, sports and competition supplies, barbecue supplies, camping equipment, garden supplies and equestrian equipment, etc.

Germany is the largest market for outdoor products in Europe, and it is also the healthiest and fastest growing market for the European outdoor products industry.

Two world-famous brands ADIDAS and JACKWOLFSKIN were born


Take Germany, a country with a developed outdoor industry, as a guide for the European outdoor market.

Range of exhibits

Camping, Sports & Recreation:

Camping tents, sleeping bags, blankets, air mattresses, backpacks, outdoor lighting, heating, covered canvas, caravan awnings, camping trays, fishing supplies, inflatables, trampolines, popular sports, rowing and accessories, paddling and accessories, flying toys, table tennis, fins, balls, ATVs, diving equipment, sports equipment, etc

Barbecue equipment:

Gas grill, charcoal grill, electric barbecue, garden stove, barbecue tools, barbecue utensils, barbecue accessories, outdoor kitchenware, barbecue charcoal, grill utensils, frying pans, kitchen knives, etc

Garden furniture and household items:

Outdoor furniture, garden furniture, fashionable furniture, camping furniture, garden umbrellas, umbrellas, awnings, hammocks, swings, rattan furniture, beach furniture, balcony furniture, furniture cushions, outdoor heating, garden furniture coverings and decorations and other barbecue equipment: gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, electric barbecue, garden stove, barbecue tools, barbecue utensils, barbecue accessories, outdoor kitchenware, barbecue charcoal, grill utensils, frying pans, kitchen knives, etc

Garden machines, tools and accessories:

4WD vehicles and accessories, cultivators, soil heaters, garden and grafting knives, equipment storage rooms, equipment parts, shredders, hedge shears, pressure washers, sweeping machines, fertilizer spreading equipment and machinery, leaf sweepers, plastic and artificial lawn maintenance equipment, agitators, motors for garden equipment, electric rotary hoes, chainsaws, chain saws, tree planting equipment, insect exterminators, snow plows, snow throwers, other equipment for garden maintenance, sprayers, grinders, generators, weeding equipment, equipment maintenance tools, shredders; All kinds of lawn mowers, trimmers, lawn care equipment engines, lawn and foliage sweepers, lawn tractors, lawn trimmers, sprinklers; Work gloves, all kinds of garden scissors, axes, tree saws, fertilizer rakes, harvesters, garden hand tools, digging rakes, various hoes, weeding tools, garden trolleys, grass rakes, sawing frames, various saws, sickles, throwing carts, loosening tools, garden maintenance other tools, etc

Garden equipment, sheds and garden decorations:

Garden water pipes, sprinklers, garden pools, garden pool pumps, solar lights, trash bins, barometers, brooms and brushes, filling and covering materials, garden and outdoor lighting, garden coverings, garden gloves and accessories, water jugs, hydroponics, mixed fertilizers, artificial turf, fake stones, ladders, multifunctional tarpaulins, nets, flower pots, plant supports, climbing brackets, decorative gravel and gravel; garden sheds and buildings, garden huts, garden tool sheds, pavilions, pergolas, stone paths, saunas, canopies and windbreaks, fences, greenhouses, flower rooms; Flower pots, plant and animal ornaments, windmills, glass brick products, garden decorations (porcelain, wood, plastic), garden candlesticks, garden sculptures, garden decorative balls, branch weaving crafts, bird’s nests, aviaries, bird food troughs, scarecrows, wind chimes, wind wheels, fountains, decorative pools, etc

Equestrian Supplies:

All kinds of equestrian equipment

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