Business Story | Thousands of dollars of beer selling beer more than selling sauce wine to make money?

21st Century Business Herald reporter Wen Jing Qingdao Report

“In the world, is this mountain the highest? Or there are another high place than the sky.”

This theme song in “The Heroes of the Heroes of the Condor Heroes” is no stranger to those born in the 1970s. Today, this lyrics are used in the price of high -end and ultra -high -end beer in China.

Last year, a double -bottle beer box “醴” priced at 999 yuan rushed to Sina Hot Search, with many commentators. In particular, the chairman and general manager of this bottle of wine, the chairman and general manager of China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd., said, “醴 and Maotai wine are not violated at all”, which caused heated discussions.

After a lapse of half a year, the first batch of ultra -high -end art collection of Tsingtao Beer’s new “Legend of the First Life” rushed to unveil the veil before the Spring Festival. The capacity of 1.5L bottle was priced at 1099 yuan. According to the factory, only 4,000 bottles were filled in the first batch. On the day of the release of January 9th, this bottle of thousand -yuan beer of champagne was brushed in the circle of friends.

Legend 1 Listing Wenjing/Photo

“There is no highest, only higher.” Before the high -profile appearance of Tsingtao Ultra -high -end beer, on January 8, Parkwee Investment (China) Co., Ltd. released the Limited Edition of the Legend of Budweiser in Guan Weibaiwei China. The price of bottle 798 ml is as high as 1588 yuan. Its retail guidance price exceeded 53 degrees and 500 ml of Flying Moutai. According to Parkweed, the wine output is only 2400 bottles.

From last year to the beginning of this year, the domestic ultra -high -end beer has been placed from a single branch to the spring garden, and the players who squeezed into the ultra -high -end camp have also grown from 1 to 3. At the end of last year, He Yong, Secretary General and Chairman of the Beer Branch of the China Wine Industry Association, said at the China Resources Snow Beer Supplier Conference that last year was the first year of China Beer’s high -end. The beer industry has gone out of the iconic year at the bottom. Beer ushered in the era of real value return, and the volume and price rose. He expects the total beer output last year was 35.3 million liters, an increase of 3.5%year -on -year. The sales revenue was 1550 yuan, an increase of 7.8%year -on -year, and the profit was 17.5 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 30.7%. Beer ended with a 7 -year decline in yield.

It is worth mentioning that the benefits of beer have also been passed from manufacturers to channels. In the second half of last year, a businessman who was engaged in the operation of Moutai town sauce wine told the 21st Century Business Herald that he did not get a lot of money on sauce wine because he entered late. He felt that except for Maotai wine dealers and big merchants, the profit margin of small sauce dealers was constantly squeezed. Therefore, he began to look for a mainstream beer product that has performed well in the market to deploy blank or weak markets.

Is the good day for beer to make money? Is a bottle of beer a thousand yuan or a gimmick or aimed at the pulse of some consumers? After the dealer dyed “white”, will the next step be dyed “yellow”?

“Worship quality brewing”

Can you make a more complicated and more personalized beer? This idea lingered in the mind of Huang Kexing, the chairman of Tsingtao Beer for many years.

Tsingtao Beer is the only company in the Chinese beer industry to have a national key laboratory. This idea is equivalent to pushing the beer flavor to the extreme. For the “technical faction” in the beer industry, it is the hardest to challenge yourself.

On January 9th, in the century -old wine cellar of the Centennial Factory of Tsingtao Beer, the ultra -high -end beer “Legend of the One” was taken out of the leather box. The 1.5 -liter large capacity is like a champagne bottle. The difference is that the bottle has ice pattern design. Open the champagne hat, as “嘭”! With a sound of wood, the amber wine was injected into the wine glass. The foam was rich and fragrant.

Tsingtao Beer Ultra -high -end Beer Legend Legendary quiet/photo

This is a wine that breaks through many borders. It integrates the traditional craftsmanship of beer and the special practice of whiskey, wine and champagne.

The shelf life of the beer is often short for a few months. The best taste period for this wine is 3 years; the beer on the market is fermented with stainless steel cans. The legendary legend is used in the old oak barrel used by North American brewing whiskey to complete the secondary fermentation and barrels of the barrel , Similar to the fermentation process of wine; whiskey only uses a light malt. Tsingtao Brewery uses some special flavors of special malt and light malt to make the raw materials more complicated; The content is the same as champagne, and a large amount of foam can be produced when opening.

“We admire quality brewing and natural brewing.” Said Dong Jianjun, vice president of Tsingtao manufacturing and director of the National Key Laboratory of Beer Bio Fermentation Engineering, said.

According to him, this beer was created by hundreds of winemakers in the inheritance, including German Masters and chief technical masters in the world’s largest booster group. In terms of craftsmanship, the ancient method that has been inherited for hundreds of years and returned to the “two sections of low temperature and slow cooked” ancient method, and the whiskey barrels of the centenarian wheel were stored. Only the essence of the head of the head wheat juice was extracted and the fermentation time was extended by three times. “Legend of the First Life” has experienced more than 1400 days of polishing, 61 rounds of testing brewing experiments, more than 1,000 rounds of criticism, 146 flavored optimization and more than 1800 quality testing.

Tsingtao Beer Centennial Wine Cellar in North American Whiskey Old Barrel Wingwen Wing/Photo

“超出消费者预期的产品或服务就是魅力质量。”黄克兴曾在去年山东省“质量月”启动仪式上说,从需求端来看,以消费者需求的递进为导向,需求包括基本的、 The needs of continuous development and changes and potential, unprepared needs. To dig out potential demand, the charm quality of the supply end replaces the characteristic quality and basic quality.

“Ultra -high -end products are no longer a material product that satisfies people’s mouthful, but the artistic product of the ingenuity of the ingenuity brings to the sublimation.” He Yong said that the realm of sublimating the crafts to the extreme is art. This is the elaborate work of Tsingtao Brewery inherited the century -old brewing process, and it is the initiative of redefining beer culture attributes.

“Product high -end is a very important step in high -quality development. Our research and development is not only product research and development, but also technology research and development, such as improving production efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.” Dong Jianjun said.

What is the super high -end selling point?

The legend is not the first bottle of beer in China with a retail price of more than 1,000 yuan.

As early as January 8th, Budweiser Investment (China) Co., Ltd. released the Limited Edition of the Legend of Budweiser in Guanwei Baiwei China. A bottle of 798 ml is worth 1588 yuan, and the manufacturer guidance exceeds the 1499 yuan of Feitian Maotai wine. The price is the current king of domestic beer single bottles.

Screenshot of the Limited Edition of the Legend of the Legend of the Legend of Budweiser China

In May last year, China Resources Snow Beer launched a beer gift box at the Guanfu Museum in Beijing. The two bottles were priced at 999 yuan, close to 1,000 yuan, opening the ultra -high -end era of Chinese beer.

In the impression of many people, beer is as light as “water beer”. In the light -type beer for more than 10 years, the emergence of craft beer has made the Chinese people taste a different taste, but the price is far from being so expensive. What is the beer of thousands of yuan? Is the price virtual or worth it?

The 21st Century Economic Herald reporters compared the three top beer on the market. Although there are different selling points, the legendary and Budweiser’s life are all Lags.

“Physical and chemical indicators cannot completely represent the characteristics of high -end or ultra -high -end. But from ultra -high -end beer, you can see many breakthroughs on the indicators.” On January 12, technicians who participated in the development of ultra -high -end beer in the process were on the phone. 21st Century Business Herald reporter said.

First look at the concentration of the original wheat juice. In the bonus, one legend, and Budweiser’s life, the highest legend of the first life is 23.9P °, and the years of 醴 and Budweiser are 18.8P ° and 18P °, respectively.

Look at the accuracy of wine. The Budweiser who also uses the barrel is the highest, which is 10.8%VOL, followed by the legend of the first life ≥10.5%VOL, and the lowest is 醴 ≥8%VOL.

The above -mentioned technicians said that the concentration of malt and alcohol has a certain relationship, especially at the high concentration of fermentation at 24 and 25 degrees, which tests the technical level. The concentration of malt is high, and the fermentation speed is slow, because the yeast will be slow to eat sugar. Therefore, Tsingtao Beer can make high -wine accuracy beer under the high concentration of the legendary 23.9P °. The difficulty is the largest in the three houses.

But she also believes that technically, the concentration of 18P malt can get the alcoholicness of high -end wine. Therefore, the concentration of Budweiser’s ocean juice is “very clever.”

Look at the color value value. The height is 47, the legend of the first life is 32, and the life of Budweiser has not yet been announced. The 21st Century Business Herald reporters have tasted the legendary and one legend, and the beer in the cup was amber.

“In terms of color, because the beer that everyone usually drinks is gold, yellow, as ultra -high -end beer, scorched malt, red, amber and other colors are more beautiful and also look more mellow.” The above technicians said.

Ultra -high -end wines also secretly wrestle in raw materials. The legend of the first life is all malt. Budweiser’s life is added with black rice and rice on the basis of malt. In addition to malt, it is also added with millet, crickets, barley and lily. Combine.

So, is it better for ultra -high -end beer to use whole wheat or auxiliary materials?

“This is like asking German beer or Belgian beer better. One is a traditional beer brewing method, and the other can add other material ingredients.” Some professionals told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter The taste is heavy; rice is more expensive than malt. The addition of auxiliary materials is to adapt to the taste of Chinese people and is more localized.

The shelf life of ultra -high -end beer has its length, but it is longer than ordinary beer.

In the eyes of the technicians, the shelf life of the 12 -month concentration of the Budweiser’s annual is 18P, which is the shortest and the most high -end beer in the high -end beer, which can ensure stable quality; For three years, the most collectible value.

As for the 技术, the above -mentioned technicians believe that drinking can create a slight sense of motionlessness, and the natural brewing is abundant, reflecting the high unity of cultural value and traditional brewing value.

He Yong once said that the beer now drinking is a modern Western craft. In fact, the early beer that the world is drinking the world is a natural fermentation beer similar to the “醴” style. Therefore, the value of China’s early historical and cultural existence cannot be denied. China Resources Snow Beer, a leading company in the Chinese beer industry, has returned “醴” with historical labeling products to this day. It is not only a return of traditional culture, but also a manifestation of the cultural self -confidence of the Chinese beer industry.

In this regard, a number of professionals said that an ultra -high -end wine should include multiple values, including brewing value, cultural value, collecting value, and artistic value.

Ultra -high -end test dealer

Things are rare.

The 21st Century Economic Herald reporter participated in a legendary listing conference with the first batch of 29999 bottles. The number of Baili Tiger’s life is the least, only 2400 bottles.

From the perspective of channels, Snow Beer is sold through small programs and e -commerce. Tsingtao Brewery uses the group purchase of e -commerce and offline dealers. Budweiser China is mainly sold in e -commerce. Sales incentives, but the amount is very small.

Song Caikang is a dealer of high -end and ultra -high -end beer in Tsingtao Beer. His private enterprises are engaged in real estate, transportation and other businesses. The drinking sector is only beer. Last year, since the listing of Tsinghua Brewery Amber Larag, his company has achieved national sales. “The 815ml Tsingtao Centennial Journey launched last year’s market for manufacturers’ market guidance is 360 yuan, the market price is 320 yuan, 330 yuan per bottle, which is very close to the guidance price. This product has always been lacking.” Song Caikang said that this year’s Mid -Autumn Festival market is all in the Mid -Autumn Festival market. Can’t get wine. The amount of his enterprises and brothers is very large.

The 21st Century Economic Herald reporter saw from that the market price of 815 ml Centennial Journey to the Tsingtao Brewery Journey has a premium, a price of 389 yuan, and two bottles of 738 yuan, both on the market guidance price. The limited edition price of the 815 ml of the year of the 815 ml of cattle, even doubled, even doubled at 699 yuan.

“Of course you make money for beer.” Song Caikang said to the 21st Century Business Herald that he has been making beer for six or seven years and feels pretty good. Taking a century -old journey as an example, the purchase price of the manufacturer to the dealer is 169 yuan, and the profit can be described as considerable. As for the legend, he admits that the dealers have about 20%of the profits.

The 21st Century Economic Herald reporter saw in that the legendary price of the 1st life of the manufacturer’s price of 1099 yuan/bottle was 2398 yuan/2 bottles, and the premium of each bottle was 100 yuan.

The China Wine Industry Association clarifies the path of the development of the 14th Five -Year Plan of the beer industry, accelerates the process of high -end development of beer, and encourages product personalization and diversified development. Hou Xiaohai also stated at the conference of the Puppet that the Chinese beer industry has changed its quality and product development very much in recent years, which has improved a lot. China’s current beer is not only worse than others, but most of them are better than others. Beer history has a relationship; beer has culture and high culture; beer is valuable and has high value.

Beer’s channel profits have made some sauce dealers be initiated.

“Sauce wine has developed too fast in recent years. Except for Guizhou Maotai, especially the number of companies on the heads, the expansion of several companies has expanded too much. In half a year, dealers who entered the category of sauce from wine cross -borders told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that taking national Taiwan products as an example, the retail price of 350 yuan in the Guangzhou market, plus the price of group buyers for alcoholic policy, 300 yuan, a year of payable funds of millions of yuan.

“国台的货我们有时低于出厂价酒就卖了,为的是拿厂家的返点和补贴。经销商如果纯产品差价的利润只有2-3个点。”在成都,有卖郎酒和The dealer of the Guofei told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that Lang Jiu’s product profits have 3-5 points, and the manufacturer follows the goods policy and the year-end return point, ranging from 5-8 points. “Following the goods” is to reduce the purchase price of the dealer through the return point.

The dealer said that the strong sauce brand is actually kidnapped and squeezed dealers. Manufacturers will not negotiate with dealers. Dashang purchased a large number of goods in advance to sell old goods at the price after price increase, but the cost is to occupy a large amount of funds. “Only the big merchants can play the sauce plate, because the biggest profit of the liquor dealer actually comes from the time difference between the old and new and old goods, and the old goods can also be sold according to the annual price.” 8%-10%.

But everything that has no amount is hooligan.

The same is true of ultra -high -end products. “If there is no amount of drive, then ultra -high -end products can only have strategic significance and contribute much to corporate profits.” There are ultra -high -end beer developers told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that consumption, collection, and gifts are beer giants. The market they are aiming.

Members of Snow Beer Huading Club and Dashang Zhang Jie told the 21st Century Business Herald that the cost of beer is fixed. A box of high -end and ultra -high -end beer can earn two or three boxes or even five or six boxes of ordinary beer. But there must be quantities.

So, is ultra -high -end beer marketing gimmick or a quantitative breakthrough? This greatly tests dealers.

Zhang Jie admitted that he took the lead in breaking the ceiling in the beer, but due to the inadequate training of the dealer’s ultra -high -end product, some places have not yet moved.

Song Caikang said that he intends to dig out the customer group of foreign wine and wine, and sells the legend of the first life through red wine channels, famous cigarette hotels, high -end red wine monopoly, corporate group purchase, small tasting meeting and other methods. “1000 yuan is the price of two bottles of mid -range wine, which is similar to the price of a bottle of Pentoff 407. But ultra -high -end beer is scarce than Benfu.” He said.

However, the 21st Century Business Herald found that the super high -end products itself emphasized that there are too many selling points, which can easily make dealers confused. For example, a legend, is it a prominent or ultra -high ormal wheat juice concentration, or a champagne in a packaging or extraordinary chroma? What impact will these selling points have on the taste?

The practice of catering with and drawing on the wine tasting club is worth trying.

Last year, Carlber held a tasting meeting of high -end beer Greenburgs in Chongqing. Malt, beer, cinnamon and other consumers rare ingredients are placed on the dining seat. Compared with preaching, consumers can smell it by themselves, more intuitive and impressive.

At the press conference, vinyl beef shops, osmanthus cakes, grapes, etc. were used to match beer for the first time. The founder of Dagong Roast Duck Store said on the spot that he hoped that roast duck would be able to match with China to provide a better taste for consumers.

“As far as the quality is concerned, ultra -high -end beer is a carrier of culture. How to improve cultural accomplishment other than sales skills is the biggest challenge facing dealers at the moment. Cultural marketing may require generations of efforts.” Some people in the industry said.

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