Isn’t it fragrant in line to buy cars? Longxin Wuji 650ds Static real shot

The arrival of winter means the coming of the off -season of motorcycles, coupled with the recently -made license policies in Beijing, is undoubtedly “worse than snow” for the motorcycle market. However, there is such a car that has just entered the Beijing market recently. Although there are many factors, it is still difficult to find a car. It is Longxin Wuji 650DS (hereinafter referred to as: 650ds), which is priced at 4.38-49,800 yuan. Where is the incense? The market that should be cold became extremely hot because of it.

Longxin Wuji 650DS video display:

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The exterior design of the 650DS highlights the style of hardlined tensile vehicles. The original barrier, the lower guard, the long stroke shock absorber, the high -level exhaust pipe, and the first 19 -inch 17 -inch rim application are undoubtedly the identity of its hardcore style.

2195*840*1210mm body size is much larger than the same displacement of competitive models. The visual feeling can be comparable to the public upgrade of the rally car. The wheelbase of 1470mm lays the foundation for improving vehicle control performance. It is not “stupid” at all.

The 650DS vehicle uses more energy -saving and long LED light sources. The sharp front shape and iconic “bird mouth” design make it more intense. For Changming form.

The tail design of the vehicle is simple, low -key and not exaggerated. The seemingly ordinary vehicle steering light is turned on after turning on, and the visual effect is further improved.

The LED light bands on both sides of the vehicle’s rear are the Changming light source, and the middle multi -point LED light source is the vehicle’s brake light. It has a good presentation effect on brightness and recognition.

The windshield equipped with the original factory is a manual three -segment adjustable form. Consumers can adjust according to personal height. The height of the windshield when the highest appreciation point is satisfactory, which can reduce the discomfort caused by long -term riding on the wind.

No matter which model you buy, the original car is equipped with high and low seats for consumers to replace them by themselves.

18L fuel tank volume provides reliable vehicle range capacity for 650DS.

The side decorative board of the fuel tank is printed on the wordless English logo and 650ds.

After the driver’s seat is turned on, there is a cigarette lighter power supply. The design of the middle position is convenient for consumers to better take care of the distance between the front and rear wheels when using self -rescue equipment.

At the bottom left of the fuel tank is a plastic vehicle oil and oil injecting. The design originated from the world -renowned Dakar competition. Even if the driver has the phenomenon of oil kettle rupture, compared to the embarrassment of the unable to return to the sky, the plastic material can be carried out on the vehicle. Quickly remedy measures to avoid drums and oil, unable to continue.

The original vehicle is equipped with a metal -based vehicle lower guard plate, which is satisfactory to protect the area, eliminating the cost of modification in the later period.

The metal bumper equipped with the original vehicle can protect the vehicle engine well. When the vehicle is dumped, it can protect the driver from being suppressed by the vehicle to the greatest extent.

The design of the high -level exhaust pipe reducing the risk of vehicle exhaust pipe injury when the vehicle walks on some undulating roads.

The original 650DS factory is equipped with two forms: vehicle side support and large support, which is convenient for consumers to use in different circumstances.

650DS has a back shelf with its own carrying capacity. It is very convenient to install an aluminum alloy tail box with a rotary board. The high -end version of the 49,800 yuan was originally equipped with three metal boxes.

The 650DS uses a variable trail application for aluminum alloy materials. In order to improve the comfort of the vehicle’s long -term driving, it also improved it.

The couplet on the vehicle also uses aluminum alloy materials with advantages in mild and intensity, and the middle of the car handle is also equipped with Wuji LOGO.

The left and right car handle controller has a good performance in terms of materials and feel. Because of the long light lamp, the right headlight turn on the key to the vehicle dual flash alert switch.

650DS uses a full -color LCD instrument, which can be displayed through the instrument: speed, speed, power, oil volume, water temperature, mileage, fuel consumption, gear, Bluetooth link and tire pressure monitoring function.

The left side of the instrument is equipped with a USB power interface, which is convenient for consumers to charging portable electronic devices.

The brake horn and clutch handle are equipped with multiple adjustable functions.

The front brakes of the 650DS adopt a dual -disk design. The calipers provided by the average dual -piston caliper provided by the calipers. In order to further increase the safety of the vehicle, the manufacturer also added the ABS brake to prevent the death system.

The rear brakes are also equipped with a Japanese Xinxin brand.

The wide vehicle’s foot is equipped with a rubber buffer pad to enhance driving comfort. When driving non -paved roads, it can be removed by itself to increase the friction of the soles and pedals, and improve safety and car control effect.

The design of the 650DS rear rocker arm is quite textured. After sandblating on the outside, it can effectively prevent rust. The rear tooth plate of 47 teeth can better balance the needs of highways and off -road.

The 650DS uses the inverted hydraulic front fork of the imported KYB brand and is equipped with a shock absorption cover. The shock absorption itinerary reaches 180mm.

The rear shock absorber is used in the form of a single cylinder hydraulic spring. Below is equipped with an aluminum alloy material, the mid -multi -linked rod, the complete hardliner tensile vehicle is filled with longing for its non -paved road driving.

The water tank protection network equipped with the original car saved the post-modification cost. Due to the large pitch of the pores, the blocking effect of some small sand and gravel is still lacking. It is recommended that consumers who love to -load consumers replace more fine water tank protection nets. Essence

The 650DS is equipped with a legendary engine. It has been rigorously tested by Dakar and has been recognized by adventurers around the world. The maximum power is 37kW (50PS)/6500rpm, and the maximum torque is 60Nm/3000-5500rpm. People who have played the explosive power of the large single cylinder understand.

650DS uses two elephant Tourance multifunctional tires. While this tire takes into account the road driving, it also has a certain non -paved road driving ability. Essence

The emergence of Wuji 650DS has once again ignited people’s longing for hard -assigned tensile vehicles. Compared with imported cars, the price advantage of more than 40,000 yuan of 650DS is very obvious. From details to observe vehicle workmanship and welding, it has reached the leading level in China. It is even comparable to the workmanship of some imported brand vehicles. This is just like the article starts. Although it is the off -season of the motorcycle sales market, 650DS is still difficult to find a car.

Basic parameters of Longxin Wuji 650ds:

Engine form: cold single -cylinder water is cold

Exhaust volume: 652cc

Maximum power: 37kW (50PS)/6500rpm

Maximum torque: 60Nm/3000-5500rpm

Front tire specification: 110/80 R19

Rear tire specifications: 150/70 R17

Tire brand: Xiangpai Tourance Multifunctional Tire

Professor: Ninxin unidirectional dual piston

Rear brakes: Ninxin Unidirectional Pistons

Product Recommendation: motorcycle disc brake pads

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