The table and chair combination is picked up like this, creating a warm dining atmosphere

The dining table is one of the must -have furniture in home life. Choosing a favorite dining table can not only make home life more fashionable, but also create a good meal atmosphere and promote the appetite of family members.

Nowadays, there are many types of dining tables on the market. Many people have a lot of choices and often hesitate. Today I will teach you how to choose a table and how to choose a table that is more suitable for your family. Let ’s take a look ~

Choose according to style

First of all, you must start from the decoration style of the home so that you can choose the furniture to coordinate with the decoration style. Nordic style is known for its simplicity and has the characteristics of simplicity, nature, and humanization. Most of the shapes are simple and generous, without too many decorations, retain the original texture of the material.

Choose according to the material

Furthermore is the material, the selection of materials is also the top priority. The material of the dining table determines the key factor of its service life, so the choice of the table material is also very important. The common table materials on the market are roughly: solid wood, marble, tempered glass and other types.

This Nordic -style dining chair is mainly simple and clear curves, with smart lines and elegant shapes. The rectangular shape, minimalist lines outline the beautiful curve. The design of the arc -shaped desk to effectively prevent bumps. Thickened tempered glass countertops, marble pattern accessories, showing fashion fashion. The integration of titanium base feet avoid rust and other problems. The simple dining chair, the sitting feeling is more comfortable, pure and tidy, can easily create a relaxed atmosphere, making meals more happy. Are you attracted by the minimalist Nordic style dining chair? Get up quickly ~


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