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In order to continuously explore the work of “garbage classification in the mall”

Strive for practicality of accurate classification

There are breakthroughs with initiative

Beibei Street Street Refined Garbage Classification Management

Do “homework” in the recyclable garbage session


In the mall in the community

Five types of recyclable garbage category garbage bins

Become a new attempt for the community to explore garbage classification

Since the implementation of the Shanghai garbage classification legislation in 2019, the North Railway Station Street City Transport Center has set up a quarter -class trash can in accordance with the different needs of shopping malls in the area. In early 2021, in order to cooperate with the reconstruction and transformation project of the recyclable material system, the Street City Transport Center was piloted by the North Building of the Yuecheng City as the pilot to explore the refined classification and launch model of recyclables. In particular, five recyclable waste -classification ports were set up.

In order to improve the purity of recyclable objects, effectively enhance the recycling value of recyclable garbage, and also facilitate recyclables to enter the field recycling and re -segment. Reproduction of recyclables are refined in order to further improve the resource utilization rate of recyclable objects and effectively enters the new stage of garbage classification.

At the same time, shopping mall properties are also equipped with 150 groups of business areas classified trash bins, 50 groups of category trash cans and 10 garbage -based vehicles, and replaced 120 shop trash cans; three -class category trash cans are added on the third floor of the south and north buildings. In the mall’s garbage tank, a standard quarter -class trash can is added, equipped with the city’s standard classification logo and related publicity posters.

“Waste textile fabrics, waste paper, waste glass, waste metal, waste plastic … In the city of Dayue, because the classification here is more detailed, and the garbage should be particularly concerned.” “Although it is a bit troublesome, but because it is conducive to our living environment, I am willing to be willing.”

Reporter: Wang Wenying

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