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Car pad

It is one of the most demand products in the automotive market. Car owners with cars will buy cars


The price is not too expensive, everyone can consume. And the variety of variety is diverse, in terms of material classification, each material has knowledge. In order to make the owner and friends understand more comprehensive, the editor will explain clearly one by one, and at the same time, the owner is more handy.


3D three -dimensional large surround pad

The material is generally a foam rubber and plastic plate with hot pressure. The price is also large in terms of the quality and process of the board.


The general surface of the foot pads is artificial or nylon material.

Advantages: It is not suitable to move the floor to the maximum covering the floor, and it is not easy to fall on the floor.

Disadvantages: weak ability to absorb water and vacuum.


PVC foot pad

: It’s a transparent plastic three -dimensional foot pad.

Advantages: You can have different colors patterns, more lively and cute, low prices and easy customers to accept.

Disadvantages: It is easy to change color for a period of time, and it cannot be washed away with yellow hair and black hair. Due to non -specialized cars, it is generally aesthetic effect.


Beef tendon card solid foot pad

, Referred to as the card solid pad, the material is divided into TPE beef tendon and the three -layer card solid pad, which is the front and back TPE+middle XPE. The beef tendon is a method of rubber.

Advantages: good anti -slip effect, waterproof and mud -proof easy care, neat and beautiful, universal, automatic transmission and manual transmission vehicles are applicable.

Disadvantages: Due to the rubber surface, it is easy to misunderstand that the grade is not enough.


Klin blanket car pad

It is also called a flat velvet three -dimensional foot pad. The early product materials were Klin blankets+EVA, and now they are generally nano -flat+XPE+TPR.

Advantages: Surface


It is often given a high -end feeling. The climate with less rain in winter is applicable, and the automatic vehicle is applicable.

Disadvantages: The anti -slip effect is average, the rainy season is easy to dirty, the applicable life is short, and the often washing will deform.


Silk pad

The foot pads of such materials are mainly chemical fiber.

Advantages: comfortable foot feel, sound insulation ability, water absorption ability, and absorbing mud and dust are quite strong, and it is easy to cut the appropriate size. It is also convenient to clean it. It can be used immediately after washing.

Disadvantages: The price is relatively high and belongs to high -end products.

Xiaobian concluded: Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The editor mentioned here that I hope that the owner will see which product is suitable for himself according to his own needs. There are counts in your heart. You can buy the product that is good when you buy it.

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