Kodak Passenger Portable Film Scanner: Film 1 second variable digital photo

A few days ago, Kodak announced the cooperation with Wenn Digital to launch the photo ownership management platform Kodakone supported by blockchain technology, and the tokens “Kodak” used within the platform, and then the stock price soared by 130%.

Now, according to foreign media reports, Kodak also launched a new portable film scanner on this CES, suspected to pave the way for his own film resurrection plan.

The device is called Kodak Scanza, which is a conversion device that converts film negatives into a digital photo. After scanning the film, it can output 14 million pixels or 22 -megapixel digital photos. It is compatible with 135, 126, 110, and 8mm negative film film.

Kodak Scanza adopts a compact appearance design. The overall size is only 12cm x 12.7cm. The fuselage is equipped with a 3.5 -inch display. The back with a TV output, SD card slot, MicroUSB, and HDMI output interface. Unfortunately, it does not support Wi-Fi.

The bottom is the input warehouse of the film, and the Kodak Scanza randomly comes with 3 rubber roll adapter to correspond to the several rubber rolls mentioned above.

Kodak Scanza supports Windows and Mac OS dual systems, priced at $ 170 (about 1098 yuan).

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