This can produce a sticky and cold pain, guess what it is to do

Looking at the cover map, do you guess what it is used?

I know that some Ding You may think of some strange things again …

To prevent you from wanting to crooce, Ding Shao directly tells you.

This is a auxiliary accessories for VR and AR, named—


What’s the use of it?

Let’s put it that, don’t you know that Ding You has watched that 4D movie? (It seems that there are still 5D dare to call 5D)

Does anyone feel familiar and shameful …

The so -called 4D is based on 3D

Add a sensory dimension


The theater’s seat can achieve the function of bumping and blowing water.

With these effects of the plot of the movie, we can enter the movie in the realm.

This thermoreal and 4D movies have the same wonderful work.

It allows us to have sensory stimulation in VR and AR.

We let a younger sister demonstrate the effect.

The younger sister has already held the stick to be ready

For intuitive display, the demonstration screen will be composed of three parts.

On the left is the user, the upper right corner is the VR picture, and the lower right corner is the thermal picture on the stick surface.

The temperature change generated by the stick will be directly felt by the user.

Let’s take a look at the first effect–

In the VR picture, a person jumped into the water.

The lower right corner shows that the temperature of the stick becomes cold instantly (from yellow to blue).


The cold is okay, and the hot ones are naturally not talking.

In the picture, the car exploded, and the temperature became hot immediately (from yellow to orange red).

This is nothing, thermoreal can achieve precise regional gradually cold and heat.

When this man enters the water, the cold cold spreads a little bit.

In the same way, heat can spread this way.

Yes, it is good to use this movie to watch a movie.

Now, the next effect is one of Ding Shao’s favorite.

See, when ice cubes and flames are swimming between hands, the temperature achieves a very precise position simulation.

Is this the legendary ice and fire? Essence Essence

The last effect is even more powerful,

Can simulate the pain.

By releasing the extreme hot and cold, your hands can feel a slight tingling sensation.

Gradually, heat, and pain, I have made up 10,000 ways of use …

All this effect is due to a piece in thermoreal

Elastic thermal edition parts (TED).

The components of the grid formation make the hot and cold transmission accurate and delicate.

Now, the accessories developed are already available-

Game handle ↓↓

AR accessories rod ↓↓

Many forms will be expanded in the future ↓↓

Imagine that it will hurt after playing with a VR gun.

Play adventure games, you can feel hot and cold when you snow and desert.

We will develop various peripherals for us to use it. If you think about it, you feel beautiful.

Eye Massage Instrument Recommendation: cold compress spoomer stick tool

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