Every festive season, the children’s wear ways always make many parents to take care of it. Many times, the more weigh the dress, the more deliberately, and finally there is no trendy sense.

In fact, children’s wear also need to pay attention to the skills as adults.


On February 7, Wang Han’s 6-year-old son rarely showed the sweater with jeans and jeans.

It can be seen that the child wear is not grand, but it will wear.

The Spring Festival is approaching, parents are more accustomed to dressing their children, and the host Wang Han is a lot of exceptions, and the son is rare, and it is low-key.

Some of the wearing methods that are usually used in adults can also be used in children, such as sweater with jeans, this set of people who are suitable for all ages.


Dark blue sweater is calm, with dark blue jeans, with the same dark blue sports shoes, create a blue shape, not only there is no sense of violation, but it seems good and cute.

1, create the sweetener

Sweats always give people a very well-behaved feeling, and children are all like this, and the hundreds of sweaters can always be convincing.

Sweater with jeans is a classic Little Zhengtai dressing, both combined with a good feeling.


In addition to the sweater with jeans, you can walk through the sports wind in a sportswear, with casual pants to travel, and close your pants to strengthen trendy feelings. The biggest advantage of children in children is that they can try the color, single elsewood, can change by color.

The sweater can play similar to sweater, and the sweater is warm, and the cleaning is extra points, it is more suitable for the small bus.

Generally, the shirts in the sweater are standard, and the lower body is equipped with knitted pants, jeans or casual pants.

More fashionable is a little way to play “lower clothes missing”, with tights, light leg artifacts, etc. If you want more elegant, you can also match a skirt. This type of wear is very daily, whether it is usually a variety of festivals, will not be average.

2, fashionable jeans

The jeans are born with a trendy sense, as long as the top is not wrong, the whole will add points for temperament.

There are many kinds of jeans, the most suitable for children, tight or straight jeans, similar light jeans can be used with sweaters, sweaters or tight coats, which are both daily and fashionable. Some children can also try more to wear, such as adding children’s suit jackets, small fragrant wind jackets.

About the fashionable wear of the cowboy can also be a dark denim set, the cowboy is handsome and delicious, and the cowboy tower is quite loved in children.

The rest of the jeans is naturally the largest-aged blue-white blue white, choose white shirt, sweater with deep jeans very fresh.

For children, the shirt is best to choose a vacuum or doodle pattern, otherwise it will lack your life.

3, festive fashion bright color

Many parents still hope that children can wear a lot, but they don’t want to be too deliberate. At this time, it is necessary to try fashionable bright colors.


Red is the most festive color, the simple big red big green will be very popular, with light colors and unharitable, combined with black, but also can’t lose their face.


Bone child wears red shirt with color sweater, with black pants, striped ties, black hat, have a mature feeling of small people, but very festive, fashionable. Girls can consider red strap skirts or red white gant skirts, with a black top, both of which are delicate.

Red is just four choices, which makes people look like an orange, yellow, pink, red brown, etc., they are always in children’s wear.


This type of color is more suitable for girls, yellow or orange floral skirts, princess skirts or knit skirts, with colored beret, head towels, instantly full of joy, and very fashionable.


More common is that the upper and lower loads, bright colors can be matched with light pants, skirts, such boys and girls can be controlled, and it is also suitable for the Spring Festival.


4, hipster elements cardigan and vest

Have to say, sweater cardigan is one of the hipster monoutes of women in all ages, and girls are also gentle.

The sweater cardigan is relatively common, and the solid color of black, white and other solid and all kinds of cranes will not affect the beauty. And the color of the cardigan is concentrated in high colors such as pink, beige, coffee, which itself can reflect temperament.


At the festival, the child wearing a vest is similar to the girl wearing a cardigan. The vest can take a shirt, stroke, etc., this type of dressing is not high, even if shorts are very fashionable.

The child’s cardigan is more concentrated in the jacket, and occasionally wearing a sweater can also, but there will be some mature. If it is a jacket, it is not the same, whether it is a cowboy or other textured jacket, it will add points for the feature of the boy.

5, strap pants and skirts

The vetyf pants and strap skirt can reflect the sexy feeling, and the feeling of love is very suitable for children, and the boys and girls are suitable.

Girls can control the range of wear, and there are many kinds of trace skirts. They can be used in the trim, the bubble sleeves are fashionable, and they can create a small princess.

The skirt is an indispensable single product of a girl, and the festival cannot miss the exquisite princess dress.

Children are suitable for skirts or high waist skirts without waistlines, so the povers are preferred, fluffy feelings can create cute. The girl wearing a skirt will not have something wrong with the color of the color, after all, you can control a lot.

Fashion summary:



The most important feature of children in the New Year is divided into cute, young feelings, festiveness, trendy, and significant body is the second.


Sweater, denim, skirt, small vest / cardigan, etc.

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