“Why do you do this design?”

Design is character, and it is also the values ​​of the designer.

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Earlier understanding of domestic furniture design

Most are those who ignore the government

The money and idle designer do things

At least in the college at that time

Few furniture design major

The design of those big factories

Most of them go to overseas exhibitions to take pictures and do it

It seems that the situation is much better over the years

Many domestic brands show an original road

There is a good return in the market

There are inconspicuous series of furniture

I won the nearest Red Dot Supreme Award twice

I will introduce this one today

Liang Chen, founder of Mingdu Design

In 2016, Mingdu Design was created in Hamburg, Germany

You can tell you

Just start from college when you graduate

I drank a bowl of the most popular chicken soup at that time

“You haven’t even observed the world

Where is the world view? “

I feel like something makes sense

I have to see the world

So wearing a T -shirt depart from Shenyang

Go to 4 countries, 50 cities

A person carrying a bag for 185 days

After half a year, wearing a down jacket home

The world has seen

There is no worldview


I just graduated

The sense of design is limited to the classroom

And after -school homework

On the way

I never expected to treat my future

What is the impact on your profession

Sometimes it is empty now

Think again

This journey has gone through different places

I’ve seen something incredible

And the person with all kinds

There are too diverse life, too many possibilities

No “standard answer”

The same is true in the face of today’s design

It’s hard to use “good and bad”, “beauty and ugly” definition

The more you do

You are even unable to define what is “beauty”

The proposition that can be left is

Design is the possibility of exploration

See, life is always tribute to you without trace

I felt nothing at the time

No matter how sensitive you are

You are always passively infected

This journey comes to an end

Still want to return to the right track

With the ability to design

Give up to yourself and ask for life

After two years

Duplicate content

Make yourself unwilling to work with peace of mind

I want to see the world again

When going to school

Knowing that Germany is the birthplace of contemporary design

Although I only knew Bauhaus at the time

Later discovered the unified German day

It is the same year as me

The most important thing is not tuition fees

Go and see there

When you are going to leave

I think I took three lessons

These are what I didn’t have been in China before:

In the first lesson, I learned to ask “Why?”

The first class of my school

Just take a bunch of sketches on the table to find a professor

Want to let him look at my masterpiece

But his first sentence is “Why do you design it?”

I stunned and said, “I think this is pretty good

Metal and glass

I feel very interesting “

He asked me

“You look at this window frame

It is also a combination of metal and glass

Do you think it is interesting?

There are tens of thousands of different side tables in the world

You are in shape, structure, material application

Or is there innovation in design theory?

If not, why do you do this? “

I didn’t answer up

First lesson

Let me know

“I think this is pretty good

It is not a foundation of an innovative design

To ask more deeply

“Why do you do this design?”

This proposition

Even now I have been in my mind

Ask my thoughts and answers

Second lesson

Learn “It must be rational, precise!”

In a ceramic design project

I told the ceramic master

This plate thickness is probably “one finger width”

She asked without thinking about it

“Is your fingers wide or mine?”

At that time, I was circled

Later, docking with the factory at work

If the designer’s CAD drawing

Is there no precision to the screw m6 or M8

This detail factory will send emails to confirm again

If there is a situation of “approximate, almost the same”

No one will treat you as a professional designer

To design is rational and precise!

Third class

Learn “doing tools”

I spent 2 years at the time

Systematically learned woodworking, gold workers, fine gold workers, and plastic molding

From manual to machine operations are very proficient

When a project proposal

I use almost all handmade methods

Created a “cool” chair

When I still feel good for my “crafts”

Another designer

Take out a strange tool

And a chair I don’t know how to make it at all

It turns out that the core of his design is the tool for his own design

And this tool can quickly mass -produced chairs

I thought before

If the existing machine cannot make a thing

That is, it can’t be created, unless it is handmade

That class made me realize

Originally a new product

If the existing machine cannot make it massage

Then use the existing machine

Create a new machine or tool to complete it

This process is design

Such as the intersection of rivers,

Such as flowing,

The name of “flowing chair” comes from this.

Due to the classic circle chair,

The overall shape is to use a computer to generate bidon surface,

It is completed through the mechanized processing of the 8 -axis CNC milling machine.

Try to reproduce traditional classics with modern craftsmanship

Speaking of the loofah series that has won the prize in the past two years

Original intention

It is because I am a Northeast

I didn’t buy a bath towel in Germany at that time

Later, I found that loofah can also be

In fact, it is very accidental to choose this material

At that time, I felt that its texture was very beautiful and warm

Just try different possibilities in the studio yourself

Use different processes, combine with different materials

It even grinded loofah into powder

Just take Chinese medicine orally

When the loofah series 1.0

Try to combine loofah with the inconspicuous multi -layer board

A very unique surface treatment process was formed

Can be used in furniture design

When the loofah series 2.0

It is transformed from a flat two -dimensional to a three -dimensional three -dimensional

Turning loofah directly as a support structure

In the parameterized algorithm combined with 3D printing technology

Let the other parts of the product

“Grow” through the structure and texture of loofah

Let technology and design follow nature

I will continue to study this series

I also look forward to what the loofah series 3.0 will look like

It is “Lilglon Series 1.0”,

Selected in natural materials loofah,

The texture is delicate and warm.

Touch the smooth texture on the surface of the stool,

Makes warm and warm.

In addition, it is a detachable structure,

Easy to transport and assemble.

Maybe it is the most inconspicuous furniture item,

But it fully interpreted “small and beautiful”.

I like the design

The appearance will look quieter

Pursuing innovation

Only release within the necessary elements

Avoid unnecessary

Simply talk about the visual part of the product

It’s like talking about a person’s hairstyle or clothes

Maybe it’s just a shell

Of course it can’t be too bumpy

At least size, proportion, color matching is comfortable

So I think

A work except the appearance

If in structure, materials, and manufacturing process

There is a greater breakthrough

Maybe it is more “meaningful” design

The core of the “Lilgrea Series 2.0” design is to combine primitive natural materials with modern digital molding technology.

The 3D printing part from the external shape to the internal structure and the surface hollow,

All algorithms that use computer parameters are “growing” along the structure and texture of loofah.

These two years

Because of the epidemic, we have all experienced a lot

Also in such an environment

Stimulated our exploration of new environment and new things

We are more concerned about the relationship between materials and materials

The relationship between nature and technology

The relationship between tradition and modernity

We hope to find more possibilities from it

And design is the way we explore every possible method

“We tend to appreciate nature and seldom think about life.”

“We often only appreciate nature, and rarely consider living with nature.”

—Scar Wilde

No matter how technology and artificial intelligence develop

People and technology should learn more from nature

Rather than saying “nature” cannot be replaced by technology

It’s better to make “nature” a teacher of technology

Let technology follow nature

This is a pet bag,

Its design is inspired by origami,

Use one felt and a few buttons,

You can convert a flat felt into a three -three shape and unique use function.

Half -closed design,

Can let pets cover it,

You can also interact with the owner at any time.

In addition, it can be transformed into a large number of pet travel bags,

You can roll up the storage,

Convenient to clean and storage.

In fact, design is character

It is also the value of the designer

I even seeks those visual design and innovation

Pursue those roots that can stimulate innovation

Not the result of innovation

This will make the “answer” more different

I feel very interesting “

“Why do you do this design?”

“Why do you do this design?”

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