Sending anti -theft locks, anti -fraud, and fire extinguishing weapons, Wuhan police will send great gifts to the citizens

Chutian Metropolis Daily, November 22 (Reporter Wu Changhua Correspondent Yang Huai Liu Yingwei) Today, the Wuhan Public Security Bureau revealed at the construction site of the “Red Police Camp” held by the Special Police Detachment that it will carry out the “three delivery and three receipts and three receipts. “Activity, namely: sending anti -theft locks, sending anti -fraud, sending fire extinguishers, receiving discussions, clues, and information.

At the site meeting, the special police detachment trained the visualization command disposal of emergencies and various special police tactics, showing the latest introduced various equipment, such as multi -functional anti -terrorism explosion robots. The distance can reach 1000 meters. The special police detachment and other units introduced the construction of the “red police camp” to refine the team to motivate the police to take advantage of their actions, continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, and strive to make Wuhan more peaceful and satisfied with the masses.

The meeting revealed that the “10,000 police officers entering the community” will be promoted and “the serving the masses will be used to the extreme.” The party committee of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau decided to organize the “three free and three receipts” theme activities before the Spring Festival. “Three Delivery”, that is, sending anti -theft locks, defense, fire -extinguishing weapon, and improving the awareness and skills of citizens’ safety prevention; The people, asking for the people, asking the people.

According to reports, at the beginning of this year, Wuhan police deployed the construction of the “six police camps” and other “six police camps” and other “six police camps” and other “six police camps”. The construction of a “combat police camp” focuses on cracking down on anti -crime and evil, “three strikes, two rectifications, one improvement” as the focus; building a “digital police camp” is to create first -class data police and improve combat capabilities; build a “rule of law police camp “It is to further promote the standardized construction of law enforcement, enhance the credibility of law enforcement, and demonstrate fairness and justice; the construction of a” beautiful police camp “is to show the good image of the Han police by strengthening infrastructure construction, cultural education police, and standardized words and deeds. The police’s body, psychology, and mental health improve work efficiency. Among them, the red police camp is the lead, the battle police camp is the fundamental, the digital police camp is the key, the rule of law police camp is the foundation, the beautiful police camp is the direction, and the health police camp is guarantee.

The above is the introduction and description of anti theft lock, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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