How to do daily eye care? 3 Step teaches you to make your eyes easily and make your eyes more beautiful and brighter

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Eye skin care is probably a place where many sisters will ignore. Generally, everyone will pay more attention to the nursing on the face, especially for facial problems such as narrowing pores, improving the skin, exfoliating, etc. It is often not noticed.


Eye is the most vulnerable place on the face

If the eyes grow, the fine lines can easily look old, and it will make the entire face look old and refreshing, especially for girls with dark circles, it is easier to show old.

Now you can hold the mirror to see if there are some small fine lines around your eyes. If there are some small fine lines, it also shows that we are going to pay attention to eye care.

Many women have aware of eye cream since the age of 18, so the fine lines may appear slowly. But for some women who do not pay much attention to skin care, when they find that wrinkles have fine lines, they have slowed their steps in eye care.


If you have started to have fine lines, you don’t need to worry, just start care in time.

Today, Koala will talk to you

“Eye SPA”

The method of method first needs to know what kind of fine lines you are before learning eye care, and then “right medicine” to choose the eye cream that suits you, and learn to massage the eyes of eye care. Eyes will definitely become brighter and more magical.

Next, let’s take a look at the five fine lines around the eyes. What kind of fine lines do you belong to?

Five kinds of fine lines in the eyes

Dry lines -around 18 years old

Dry lines generally begin to be formed around the age of eighteen, which will be more obvious when you have an expression. For example, smiling and frowning, the formation of these micro -expression will slowly form dry lines. The growth of dry lines is to grow horizontally.

One word -around 18 years old

One -word pattern will generally be formed around the age of eighteen. When you have no expression, you will see a little bit of pattern, but if you have an expression, it will be more obvious.

Take a closer look at the mirror. If you have a word, you must start to use the Essence of Elderly and Eye Cream. And start paying attention to the maintenance of the eyes, don’t be too big when doing expressions, it is easy to cause a deeper line.

Cross -20 years old

At the age of 20, the eye will begin to form a cross line. The most obvious trace of the cross line is that the fine lines form a cross type. If the dry lines are not carried out in time, the cross -stitched stripes will be formed over time.

Crosswalk -around 25 years old

The formation of crosswipes is developed from cross lines, so everyone should pay attention to maintenance when skin care for the eye, and do not let the lines continue to deepen and worsen. Cross -texture generally appears at the age of 20. After the girls come at the age of twenty -five years old, they will start paying attention to their first anti -aging.

If you have a crosswharite, remember to apply eye cream every day, which can fade a part. At the same time, remember to cooperate with the eye mask and double care for the eyes.

Cutsweed-around 25-30 years old

While women have gradually lost their collagen after 25 years of age, the fine lines of the eyes will gradually become obvious. Especially after the age of 30, you can also see that the eyes have light texture without expression, and it will be more obvious when there is an expression. At this time Low.

3 Step teaches you to care for the eyes

After understanding the type of eye lines, I believe that what everyone is most concerned about now is how to improve the eye lines? In fact, the most direct way to improve eye lines is to use eye creams, but everyone should pay attention to eye cream is important. Below we learn the correct method of applying eye cream, by the way, teach you to make a spa for the eyes and be a “bright girl”!

Step 1: Anonymous finger/massage stick take an appropriate amount of eye cream

Use the ring finger or eye massage stick to apply an appropriate amount of eye cream under your eyes. Here you must remember not to take too much appropriate amount. Then massage the circle instead of clockwise.

Step 2: Massage in counterclockwise

It is also a counterclockwise way to drive your fingers against the corner of the eye against the corner of the eyes, from the eyelids to the end of the eye, and the circle during massage. This action can be done 3-5 times, and the eye cream can be faster Inside.

Step 3: Lifting the corner of the eyes to the temple

We can also be called the deepening movement of the previous step, because wrinkles are easy to form around the eyes, so we must remember to do the movement of the tilted while applying eye cream. Effectively alleviate dark circles.

Many women have known the importance of skin care since adulthood. Especially after the age of 30, women are a watershed. Women must start to know how to resist aging and how to maintain themselves.

On our anti -aging road,

A good effect and a natural anti -aging eye cream, which can definitely give us more effort to get more effort.


Koala recommends that you try “line killer”

Lancome pure eye cream

, A bottle of fine lines of the eye. It is rich in Zhuoyan molecules and multiple resistance to anti -aging wrinkles. It can effectively dilute fine lines and delay aging. It has significantly improved the dry lines caused by water shortage, allowing you to have a charming “electric eye”.

For the texture and ingredients that everyone pays attention to, Jingchun Eye Cream contains the main ingredient “liquid gold”, which has the effect of accelerating the metabolism of eye skin, repairing and antioxidant. The texture is refreshing, the light yellow cream texture, moisturizing but not greasy, push it away after kneading, designed for the skin of the fragile and sensitive muscles on the eyes.

After use, the eye skin will show a glorious and smooth feeling. After using it for a period of time, you will find that wrinkles are reduced, and the skin around the eyes is firmer, bright, and improving the dullness of the eyes.

For eye care, it is not just as simple as eye cream, but eye creams are the most indispensable eye care. The method of eye care is to persist and pay attention to maintenance. Women are like water, and “hydration” is one of the simplest and most effective maintenance methods in women’s maintenance. Be sure to replenish the skin to hydrate, hydrate the body, and hydrate the eye!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to Koala and be elegant and delicate women together!

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