Chopin’s new Happy Hearts series heart -type necklace, bracelets, watches

Chopard Chopard’s classic Happy Hearts jewelry series, launched a new heart -shaped work made of pearl mother shell, cricket agate, and red gem rings inlaid diamonds. The ring and three chain works add a wealth of choices. Chopin Happy Hearts watches, which is full of love with the Happy Hearts series with the Happy Sport series of the Happy Hearts series. On the dial of the watch, one or three sliding diamonds, one heart, and a diamond -inlaid heart dance at the same time, with a heart -fulfilling heart epidemic.

Since the birth of the Happy Hearts series, it has continued to integrate with the concept of classic sliding diamonds with the well -known brand’s iconic heart shape. In the first heart pendant, a sliding diamond flowed between the sapphire mirror on both sides, exuding the joy and freedom of life. The second heart type is large in size. It is made of pearl mother shells, agate or red gemstones, and decorated with diamonds with precipitual sides. The two hearts echo each other with elegant steps. Such a combination is bound to be favored. Now there are three types of chains and three bracelets. You can wear it alone, or you can match it with other works of the same series.

Like all the new gold jewelry works produced since July 2018, the Happy Hearts series jewelry is made of gold raw materials that meet the ethical and moral standards.

Happy Hearts series: chopard church jewelry logo work

The value of each jewelry lies not only in its beautiful appearance, but the jewelry itself also carries the unique personality and experience of the wearer. The Happy Hearts series can definitely be loved by modern women with brave and wisdom. They see the real warmth and tolerance in Chopard’s promise. The Happy Hearts series combines two elements that symbolize the brand: colorful heart -shaped design and unique sliding diamonds, becoming a free match, which is not only a lucky symbol of daily life, but also the best match for important occasions.

▲ Happy Hearts series 缟 agate hand ring, Happy Hearts series pearl mother shell bracelet

▲ Happy Hearts series necklace

Happy Hearts series watches: warm heart and precious time

The loving Happy Hearts watch makes the brand’s classic Happy Hearts jewelry series more perfect. The series of jewelery is designed with a colorful heart shape and the heart shape of the sliding diamond. These lucky symbols contacted women with benevolence and love, showing their generosity and dedication. Times gathered superb watchmaking technology, which enriched Chopin’s classic series. A Happy Hearts watch uses 36 mm diameter, with red crocodile leather strap. Five slide dances are free to dance on the white dial, including three diamonds, a red heart shape, and a 18K white gold diamond heart shape.

Another Happy Hearts watch is a 18K rose gold case with a 18K rose gold, a diameter of 30 mm in diameter. The pearl mother shellfish panel with three sliding diamond decorations, including a diamond, a pearl mother shell heart The shape and a 18K platinum diamond heart -shaped, paired with a white crocodile leather strap. The dial of Happy Hearts watches is injecting a warm and pleasant feeling with the heart -shaped and sliding diamond decoration of the brand love and happy spirit.

▲ Happy Hearts series watch

▲ Happy Hearts series watch

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