What makes girls most painful is two things -come to Auntie and wear bra.

It is too annoying to be restrained and cause your body tightness.

If the aunt cannot choose and avoid, at least we can choose freely!


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Think about the underwear we have worn over the years, restraint, Le, stuffy, uncomfortable … Picking a hearty underwear is really not easy.

Today, the Lilac family brings you to everyone, and the integrated underwear of the steel -free ring -free ring -has been raised by many people -called the second layer of skin, and I do n’t want to take it off.

Poke up the picture immediately snapped up

I know it after buying, it is really comfortable

The original intention of this underwear is: she brings the gentle care of the second layer of skin and the free feeling of the body extension.

Many people who wear said: If you wear it, you can’t feel its existence at all.

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Minus 40 ▼ every 300 ▼

All -in -one design skin -friendly fabric

The upper body is really comfortable

This steel -free underwear is integrated, without any flaws and stitching flaws, and the details are well received.

It feels much lighter than the bra that wears it, and it is very free.


Except for no flaws and lines, comfortable fabrics are also important reasons for people to wear comfort.

This steel -free underwear is made of ultra -thin fabrics, light and breathable, and free breathing brings air -level nude experience.

The fabric is added with LYCRA elastic fiber, fine and smooth, skin -friendly and soft, and relatively cotton fabrics.

Even after the violence is pulled, it can still maintain the original shape.

No matter what you are, it can give you a better sense of parcels and security, and don’t worry about it easy to deform after a long time.

Dot glue adhesion technology

Do not press the chest all day long, no traces

Every time I take off my underwear, the most embarrassing is to see the red marks on my body, and it will itch so that people are constantly scratching.


But if wearing a lingerie of the people, it is easy to have tragedies that do not fit and empty cups …

This steel -free underwear resolves this contradiction perfectly.

A unique dot -shaped adhesion technology is used around the shoulder straps to the chest pad, and the traditional steel ring is replaced by uniformly arranged dot -shaped glue.

This technology not only guarantees that it will not strangle the skin or press the chest, but also support the chest shape well.

It is very close to the shape, beautiful shape, and very girly.


Underwear as an object that accompanies all girls half of the time, it is to feel like this refreshing, no restraint ~

Water Drop Cup Milk Pad Design


Better fit and support the chest

This underwear is also designed with a patented water droplet cup cup, which is more in line with the breast type of Asian women.


The shape of the milk pad is closer to the Asian female breast shape and can be completely wrapped in the chest.

There is a three -dimensional thickened design in the inner side, which can fix the chest shape. The small breast girl does not need to worry about the empty cup. It looks natural.

For girls above D Cup, if you want to stand upright, it is recommended to choose a big breasts ~

The design of the milk cushion arc -shaped convex angle is very convenient to get.


Because the milk pad can be freely removed. When cleaning, you can also remove the milk pads separately. Don’t worry about multiple cleaning will make the milk cup deform.

The upgrade style is lighter

Four seasons are suitable

This time we bring you


Hidden light surface without trace hook models


Commute fine shoulder strap model

They have upgraded in fabrics and design.

Hidden light surface without trace Back hook the chest:

Follow the brand’s classic integrated design, and the back has an invisible back hook to facilitate the adjustment of the bottom circumference.

Such a design makes the fit more, comfortable to wear, and more convenient to wear and take off.

At the same time, the back hook was polished into a thin piece. It was very fitted on the body. It was basically indifferent.

The overall shape uses a deep V shape, and the shoulder strap is made into a thin shoulder buckle adjustable shoulder strap, which can be adjusted with its own top.

The thin shoulder strap, the fabric has also been upgraded. The sandwich structure fabric is made of high dense woven, which is more high -air, breathable and dry, and it will not feel boring in winter.

Compared with the classic models, the shoulder straps are narrowed, and the two -level material is pulled, comfortable, and the version of the process has also been upgraded.

The whole underwear is integrated, no need to lock, seamlessly bond, and more comfortable and invisible.

Although the two underwear, although the style and fabric have been adjusted, the support of the chest is still as good as ever, not empty cups.

Both bras have a variety of colors: skin tone, black, white, pink blue, gray pink, light apricot color, diverse colors, and temperament.

The evaluation given by people will basically be mentioned

“Super comfortable”, “breathable and not stuffy”, “unlimited repurchase”



Of course, choosing underwear, choosing a size that suits you is also very important. You can choose according to the size you usually wear, combined with the recommended size of the underwear below.

The price on the market is basically not less than 300 yuan. Our market price starts at 169 yuan.


Dingxiang’s family opened a group, 40 yuan, only 129 yuan!

Can also participate in 11.11 full reduction activities

Minus 40 every 300


It is better to buy a few more pieces for convenience, or buy a few pieces for your mother, buy more discounts!

Of course, in addition to the thin and thin models of our main push this time, there are classic commuting models and big breasts, which are prepared for everyone.

Poke the applet, hurry up and go to the venue to pick it ▼

In addition to the comfort to the explosion UBRAS, our home branch venues have also selected super -super -oversupply healthy and good things. Needless to say, the price is very beautiful! Your home life, let them help you add a small sense of happiness!


11.11 During the event, the order is placed, and there is a thousand yuan health gift waiting for you to draw ▼

Planning: Xiaoya

Picture source: Lilac Design Team & Brand Fang provided

Scientific review: cloves scientific strict trial

Product information


Commodity name: integrated underwear of steel ring -free

Activity time: 2020-11-01 12:00 to 2020-11-11 24:00


Delivery time: Orders to be successfully paid before 23:00 on November 8th, shipments within 3 working days, orders that have been successfully paid on November 9th, shipped before November 20th, the product details page has a special labeling, according to the product details page, according to the special labeling, according to the product details page, according to the special labeling. Special explanation time delivery.

Find orders: WeChat search for mini-programs [Lilac Home]-[Mine].

Poke the applet and immediately snap up

Poke the applet and immediately snap up


Poke the applet and immediately snap up


Minus 40 ▼ every 300 ▼


Minus 40 ▼ every 300 ▼

Minus 40 ▼ every 300 ▼

Commute fine shoulder strap model

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