“Thirty” finally finale last week. During this time, my neck and heart hurt. It is estimated that everyone can understand the neck pain: Take an iPad Ge You, the neck is not painful? Heart pain: In Lin, Lin has the concentration of green tea too high, all kinds of green tea methods that seem “white moonlight”, my heart hurts.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

(Men can’t resist the worship eyes)

(Once again the green tea exaggeration)

(Also, men can’t stand the neck and coquettish)

……………. I did not hesitate to curse Xu Xianshan’s scum and Lin’s crickets in my heart.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

At the same time, Gu Jia, who was perfect for the perfect wife.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

In addition, as a fashionable, I did not let go of various fashion items in the play! Some time ago, everyone was brushed by Hermès Himalaya at 240W in the wife’s circle.

And those who like all kinds of beautiful shoes are attracted by the Roger vivier inlaid shoe for the Roger vivier inlaid in the luxury cruise ship!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

It is precisely because of these shoes that “Neptune” Liang Zhengxian successfully set up with her.

(Through the RV of the bottom, Liang Zhengxian judged that Man Ni was not a guest in the executive compartment)

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

The most classic shoe series of Roger Vivier’s family is square buckle. Both big S and Lin Xinru also chose RV shoes for wedding shoes! Gorgeous, dignified and atmospheric!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

If you don’t know Roger Vivier, then I will take you to take a good look at the four king shoes brands today!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Roger vivier

RV is a brand from Paris, France. The founder Roger Vivier used to be Dior’s shoe designer, and established his own designer shoe brand Roger Vivier in the 1950s. The RV design style is gorgeous and dignified, and was very popular at the time. In “Thirty”, Wang Manni chose this pair of satin -made diamonds with fine heels.

But when it comes to their classic models, it was launched in 1963. It has been popular until now Belle Vivier series, which is also the historical starting point of Fang buckle women’s shoes.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

(By the way, candy colors, look good)

Belle Vivier series, simple atmosphere in shoe type, very versatile! The height is covered with high and low, and it has fine heels and coarse heels. European and American super -multi -actresses are all true love fans in this series!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Personalized Faye Wong also performed the coolness of the black patent leather Belle Vivier!

Roger Vivier’s aura is gentle and dignified, suitable for mature woman temperament!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

The price of the official website is equivalent to RMB 5,200!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Christian Louboutin

CL’s red -bottomed shoes are obsessed with many people! Speechless sexy!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Last time there was Jimei said:

If there can only be a pair of high heels in the world that can be allowed to be a red sole, it must be Christian Louboutin

Essence CL’s designer is also a man (do you find that most women’s or women’s shoes are men), and they are still very related to RV: he is the former designer of RV!

Christian Louboutin founded its own brand brand in 1992. The red sole was inspired by a chance to see the female assistant in painting red nail polish. Christian Louboutin painted a touch of red on the soles, not only to make the shoes super recognizable, but also the mysterious and charm!

I personally think that the best look is the bright patent leather series, shiny patent leather, with a strong upper and a highly recognizable red base, how to look high! In addition to bright patent leather, there are stripes, crocodile leather, and anti -fleece, but no matter what style it is, the iconic red background is indispensable. But the 12 cm heel is really not that anyone can control it casually.

Supermodel Kate Moss wore a 12 -centimeter black red high -heeled high -heeled shoes named after her name.

When Victoria and Beckham attended the British royal banquet, they stepped on CL’s red -bottomed shoes.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Christian Louboutin’s style is simple and elegant, with inexplicable sexy. Very loved by the fashionable and fashionable urban workplace!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

The price of the official website is more than 6700 yuan!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

jimmy choo

Speaking of Jimmy Choo, everyone should be familiar with. I personally love a shoe brand! Many wedding shoes selected by many celebrities are crystal shoes from JC’s house.

(This is a wedding shoes during the baby wedding)

Elegant, luxurious and temperament! It is JC’s design style. JC, as a British shoe brand, was first known for its first princess Diana’s royal shoe brand. It is said that Jimmy Choo designed a few pairs of shoes for the princess!

(The princess’s foot on JC’s sky blue single shoes attended the public event)

The Romy85 series has made the brand’s good -looking and noble interpretation. Especially for sequins, Biling Biling’s flash drill has become a favorite of many fashionable essence! In “You from the Stars”, the pair of silver -gray flash drills held by Qian Songyi are classic shoes of the Romy85 series! I am also obsessed with the charm of JC through this TV series and this pair of shoes!

In recent years, the Romy85 flash diamond series, the new gradient color models are amazing: pink gradient, ice and snow blue gradient and so on. Fashion and trendy!

8.5cm and high level, counting the most leg shape in JC and relatively comfortable upper feet. 6cm is too short for me; 10cm is not suitable for daily control.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Romy85 series of velvet models are suitable for workplace wear, navy blue and wine red.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

JC’s spokesperson Song Qian, interpreted JC urban beauty!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

The price of Jimmy Choo is more grounded than RV and CL, and the golden green onion series 5K can be purchased up and down!

Manolo blahnik

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Manolo Blahnik is a luxury shoe brand from Spain. Established in the 1970s. Its Rv shoes are similar in temperament. They are all fastening shoes, but its square buckle is even more elegant!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Speaking of Manolo Blahnik, I wonder if you will think of Carrie in “Desire City”?

She played various MB in the play (I wonder if this is the earliest advertising implantation?)

Carrying an MB paper bag on the street.

When the actor Mr. Big proposes, it is not a diamond ring to kneel on one knee, but a pair of treasure blue Manolo Blahnik diamonds.

To say the classic shoes of the MB family, I first pushed the Hangisi series. Compared with the exquisite fashion of JC, Hangisi takes into account gorgeousness and show. Flash drilling buckle is the most significant feature of this series, and this series is the only series with flat shoes! In addition to the noble satin, velvet and lace are also more popular.

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

The heroine of the desire city, Sarah Jesica Parker, is also a true love fan of MB in private!

New York ladies Olivia Palermo wore MB’s satin flash diamond shoe, the lady temperament is just right!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

Crimson Witch Elizabeth Olson’s pale purple satin Hangisi shoes, paired with jeans, also handsome me!

四大奢品鞋,你不会只记得Jimmy Choo吧?更奢华的还有它们

In terms of price, MB’s shoes are relatively high. Taking the most classic treasure blue satin as an example, the official website price is $ 995, which is equivalent to about 7,000 yuan.

Well, today the four major brands of shoes are here! Favorite Jimei Messing Section Leave a message to communicate!

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