Netizens slowly opened their sleepy eyes on the weekend, and they were stunned by the surprise in front of them.

what is that? It is shrouded in the holy light, so dazzling!

Is it the god beast that God gave me? Or use a recent popularity -style god?


Rubbing your eyes and looked at it carefully … seemingly familiar …


A little closer …


Depend on! Is this not your own Bomei!

By the way, it’s really dazzling …

Once this picture is exposed, netizens have also exposed the pictures that their pets are shrouded in the holy light.

Cats illuminated by the Holy Light.

The dog with a holy light from the head.

Sure enough, netizens’ brain holes are infinite …


The veterinarian has something to say:

Dogs are better to dry the sun, which can make the body cleaner and dry, so as to avoid skin diseases infected with wetness of fur! But dogs cannot expose under the sun too much, which will cause subcutaneous pigmentation, resulting in color change, etc.!


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