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Today, stockings have become exclusive decorations for women. Whether spring and summer or autumn and winter, women wearing all kinds of stockings can be seen everywhere on the street. In different seasons, the thickness of stockings has also changed. Suitable stockings can play a role in modifying the shape of the legs. It is also a sexy magic weapon. It is the favorite of straight men.


However, there are many types of stockings. The “Double Eleven” shopping carnival has been quietly approaching. I believe that many sisters are difficult to choose when buying online. How to choose stockings has become a problem. Buy experience to help sisters choose stockings that suits them. Let’s follow Meow Meow to see it ~~

Let’s talk about Ang, Meow Meow is a girl who loves wearing stockings in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and (my Jimei loves to call me soft girl paper).

Because I like it, and I have bought all kinds of stockings, sisters who do not want to enter the wrong pit must be eaten seriously.

In order to prevent the little friends from being dazzling when eating, Meow Meow is preparing to tell my shopping experience one by one from each type of stockings, love you, love you.


L Lianlian pantyhose

What should I do if I want to wear a beautiful small skirt in autumn and winter? The first recommendation of Meow Meow was the pantyhose of Pokonas’ family.


Color: meat color; very similar to skin tone, giving people a hazy beauty. It is also the savior of sisters with darker skin.

Function: It belongs to the body stockings, shaping the figure and reflects the leg shape.

Its existence can completely resist cold. If your body is tall, the legs are very long, and pantyhose can outline the perfect lines of the legs.


Disadvantages: meat -colored pantyhose will expose your legs. Pay attention to sisters with thick legs! This is really short -legged!

Thickness: slightly thicker than stockings, it is very suitable for autumn and winter, which can resist cold.

Material: Nylon material, has good abrasion resistance, good stretchability, but low transparency.


Season: autumn and winter

Recommendation: 80%

This pantyhose has been looking for a long time. It is very comfortable without diarrhea, the fabric can be soft, and the cost performance is high. As a slum girl, Meow Meow is really recommended! Taking advantage of Double Eleven, as a delicate girl, who doesn’t want to wear small skirts all year round? Not to mention, I have to go to some more!

l over -knee high socks

Meow Meow’s second recommendation is Tincoco’s over -the -knee high socks,


Color: black, black is classic and common.


Function: It belongs to the beautiful stockings, which is very popular and can perfectly show the leg shape. And it is very suitable for novice sisters who want to change style. It is more suitable for sisters who love to wear JK. This kind of stockings are Korean, which is the classic stockings that are not outdated.


Disadvantages: That is, our side is cold, and the thighs may not be able to stand it. Be sure to keep warm above! Sisters with fleshy thighs also pay attention to buying No. 1! It’s not as warm as pantyhose.

Thickness: thickening, suitable for autumn and winter.

Suitable season: autumn and winter


Recommendation: 75%


Its cost -effectiveness is really high, and it is rare to have a two -pair at once!

Sisters, I really walked a lot of shops before I found it. And this year’s Double Eleven activities are really big, sisters are about to do more! Not much to say, just like it! Intersection Intersection



After introducing long socks, the next Japanese style of the Japanese style! The third recommendation of Meow Meow is the warm middle socks of Tincoco’s house.

Color: Divided into black and flesh, it is more recommended for black, black is more covered!

Suggestion: Sisters with black legs buy black! Meow meow once bought it once, and the thighs and calves were not a bit embarrassing. Black will really look thin legs. If there is a fleshy leg, it is recommended to buy a large one. The thickening of the velvet is really warm, but still wearing a thicker! Of course, our fairy is not afraid of cold.

Disadvantages: shorter than the above two socks, more attention to keep warm!

Advantages: College style socks can highlight the youthful vitality of girls. Very age reduction! The price is very high!

Thickness: Suitable for autumn and winter, keep warm.

Material: cotton socks, play a role in keeping warm!

Suitable season: autumn and winter

Recommendation: 70%

This is another treasure shop! The price is very cheap. It is really friendly to Mengxin and the Student Party. Discount, really excited! Double Eleven sisters, you can wear it for a long time. Be careful in winter must get it!


L Lei Blot

If you want to have the cuteness and sexy winter at the same time, of course, it belongs to the lame stockings. Meow Meow’s fourth thing is the Japanese -based race stockings of the Langsha family!

Color: white silk and black silk. hollow-carved design.


Personally recommend black, thin and covered with meat, which is very common. That sexy is really easy to get the attention of boys. White silk is very suitable for the sisters of pure desire, the sexy and cute combination. Of course personal opinion: I feel that black is not easy to step on the pit.

Disadvantages: relatively thin, not suitable for autumn and winter, not daily, not easy to match. It is not very friendly to fat girls.


Advantages: Sweet, cute and sexy style are very suitable for girls with better figure. With Lolita, JK, short skirts are still very suitable. Stepping Martin boots will be more suitable than high heels!

Material: Crystal silk, high transparency!

Thickness: thin, not suitable for autumn and winter, better in summer.

Recommendation: 65%

This stockings are really many types, super beautiful! Sweet sister and Yu sister style can be good at the same time, of course, to share with your sisters! The cost -effective is really super high! The price of 28 yuan is not only cheap and good. Such a treasure store is really rare! Has been repurchased several times, the discounts of Double Eleven activities are very strong, and the sisters are rushing up!

l Black silk pantyhose

The fifth one is going to go to the royal sister style. The kind of sexy girl who loves sexy style must pay attention. The fifth thing to recommend is the black silk pantyhose of the CherishLife nurse.


Color: Black, giving you silky enjoyment!


Advantages: It is very silky, transparent and high. For those sisters who do not like to scrape their legs, it can effectively cover the leg hair.


High breathability, smooth, and comfortable comfort. It can be a small interest between couples, and it can also attract boys very well, and to call the little brother. Naked feeling is great, super comfortable! The abrasion resistance is also high!

Disadvantages: too sexy, really not warm in winter! Sisters who have flavored feet, wash it for a long time!


Function: It is a business stockings, which is more suitable for work and entertainment. Simple atmosphere.

Thickness: relatively thin, suitable for spring and summer!

Recommendation: 85%


Sisters and their socks are very suitable for the royal sisters, a little expensive, but you can get two cups of milk tea! And the quality is really good, like participating in the work, you can wear everything in the evening! This style is very suitable for novices. It’s really beautiful. Has been repurchased many times, who can resist the temptation of black silk? Antarctic people are really a brand I have always trusted! Take advantage of Double Eleven to buy two more! Go out to bomb the street with your sisters! It is really good -minded!

Fashion fishing net socks

The last one is, that is the fashionable fishing net socks, Yujie Feng really yyds! The last thing I want to recommend is Pokonas’ sexy mesh pantyhose. This shop has really been recommended by me many times. It can be seen that it is really great!

color: White


Disadvantages: Because of the existence of the eye, the sunscreen and warmth function of the stockings are really weak. And it is not suitable for girls with fat legs, otherwise there will be New Year’s bacon vision. Don’t try the new girl! Yingji’s socks! And it is easy to be hooked.


Advantages: Very fashionable, wearing it in summer is very breathable and cool. Martin boots are very emperor, very cool. The gospel of sweet girl.

Function: Fishing net stockings, the big mesh on the socks has a good setting effect, and a strong sense of fashion!

Thickness: Too thin! Suitable for summer.

60% recommendation


Considering the sisters, Meow Meow chose stockings with smaller mesh eyes, which can try it better. The style of the Royal Sister is really great, so handsome.


Try a sister with a good figure! The quality is really good.


The full text is over here. The above introduction is Meow Meow’s experience of buying stockings. Double Eleven has arrived, and the favorite sisters are rushing. , But also be careful not to consume blindly (dog head). Hope to help your friends.

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