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Li Jingwei didn’t know if he was 37 or 38. His ID card showed that he was a native of Henan Lan.

When he was a child, he was not ascending. He drilled into the fields of people in the west and stole their radish; then, turned over the wall of the neighbor’s house, sat on the ridges of others to eat radishes, looked at the flat land around, and planted wheat and corn on time.

But such Li Jingwei hides a big secret, the more he grows up and knows no one can talk about it. He knew that he was trafficked to Henan and lived in the mountains from the front; he always felt that he would go home in the future, but he didn’t know what to do. Li Jingwei blurred that the family members in his memory were waiting for him, and they stopped in his memory silently.

Life is like Sichuan. He grew up, met his wife, and had his own children.

He was unwilling to let the children in high school go out to play alone. He was afraid.

“How old is it.” Li Jingwei said, “I still told him, don’t go on the road, don’t go to the water, don’t climb the place with electricity …” Don’t play fire, don’t approach the high speed. Li Jingwei wants children to stay away from all hidden dangers.

He occasionally called his friends, choked and said, he was more than thirty, his biological parents may be more than sixty, and he couldn’t find it if he didn’t find it.


In mid -December 2021, Li Jingwei saw that Sun Haiyang was looking for Sun Zhuo’s news and moved the idea of ​​seeking relatives. Half a month later, he saw his biological mother.

Hidden wish

At the relatives of the Criminal Police Brigade of Lancao County in 2021, in addition to the mother who had left Li Jingwei for thirty -three years from Li Jingwei, there were also his younger brothers and sisters. Some were born after he was abducted. Pass.

He fell in front of his biological mother. Then, he cried up, and in the crowds, he fixed a younger brother’s head with both hands. He took off his mask and looked at it. Suddenly, he laughed a few times, and immediately shed tears.

Li Jingwei hugged her mother at the scene of the relatives, and his brother on the left.

“I am exactly the same as my mother’s lips, and even my teeth are the same.” In an interview a few days ago, he talked about seeing the mood of his mother’s recent photos.

Li Jingwei is working in Guangdong today and sells furniture brands. He has a dark face. The hair in front of his forehead is blowing up, cloudy, and revealing his forehead, because he cannot stop the financial road. “

He worked desperately, and kept using his mobile phone to send a product introduction to the bosses in various places; when he participated in the exhibition, there was a list that could not be talked about, so he dragged the customer not to let it go, softly ground, until one or two in the morning, work to the “face hard face hard face, the face was hard to the” face hard face, the face was hard, “”. He said that in order to talk about the customer staying up late, his skin was pinched.

After work, he “sticky” his children. Li Jingwei’s daughter is 17 years old and his son is 16 years old. The boy is higher than him. He sent his daughter to school, wearing a small white T -shirt and light -colored jeans. The neighbor saw that his face was very poor and thought his daughter was in love early; he often hugged his son. He discussed with his son that when his son was eighteen years old, he had to kiss his father and agreed. Later, he wanted his son to relax to the age of thirty, and his son agreed.

Li Jingwei recalled that after he was four years old, his family “had more gifts”, and raised his parents taught him a lot of people. When he went out, his adoptive parents gave him a small handkerchief in his pocket to teach him to be clean. After Li Jingwei graduated from junior high school, the supporter sent him to the martial arts school. The adoptive mother thought about him, and went to the martial arts school to see him across the province, because he never got out of the door, and the station was wrong.

Li Jingwei said that he sincerely grates to Henan’s adoptive parents and will give them elderly care. Later, he ran his business outside and saw the boss. When he returned to Lancao, he went to his hometown in the village for the first time to send gifts to his adoptive parents and cook them.

Over the years, he brushed some relatives on the short video platform from time to time, and he would privately message these bloggers: “Did your child find it?” He would make up for another sentence, “Is your family a mountain area?” Over the right.

Li Jingwei often broadcast live in January, and Lian Mai who is still looking for relatives.

His distant and clear memories floated up.


In the past, the hometown was against Dashan. There was Panshan Highway. There were always cars to pull the goods. One year, a car turned down from it and dropped the banana that dropped one place. His father also helped pick it up.

Going down from the path on the mountain, there will be a blue bamboo forest, among which a buffalo is tied to a plowing ground with a curved black horns.

Going down, it is his house. The main room is very large. In the face of the main room, there is a kitchen on the right side, entering the left hand side, leaning on a wooden ladder. He once crawled up and fell down again, and a crescent -shaped scar that was inseparable on his chin.

The map drawn with memory

In the spring, the family went to burn incense and worshiped the Buddha, and went to a nearby river nearby to worship a few floors. The big Buddha is like Rulai, and there are several small Buddhas on both sides. He can only go to the ankle of the Big Buddha; worship the Buddha, dig a large pit on the ground, and put firecrackers inside. Many people bring chickens over. Then, set up a stove to make a fire and cook chicken with river water for lunch.


The village was released at night. In the team sent the coffin, two people blowing a speaker of more than one meter long, with a long voice: “Woo -Woo–” The two carried a huge gong, and one picked up the gongs: “Dang! Dang!”

There is a huge wild dog in the mountains. The villagers are going to “fried”, wrap the explosives on a layer of rice, hang it on the tree, and seduce the dog to eat; after a while, the woods have exploded. The dog skin is very large and smelly. It seems like a lot of people eat dogs.

In his memory, he was about three or four years old when he was trafficked. One day, the uncle of the bald head of the neighbor’s house teased him to play, took him a bicycle, took it to the nearby town, and took the bus to Chongqing, and bought a clothes in the mall there; Only to Henan, became the son of the parents now.

Waiting for 20 years

Li Zhangfeng is the best friend of Li Jingwei in the village. He said that in the nearby rural areas, children like Li Jingwei are called “adoption”, and no one goes to the source of the child.

Li Jingwei recalled that when he first arrived in Henan and was not very sensible, a relative in the village was transplanted from Hubei to a citrus tree. The branches are stabbing, and the green little oranges can be knotted. Li Jingwei remembered that he went to taste the fruit and bit the leaves. He secretly dug the tree out of the house and buried it into his own land. The villagers watched the discussion that the child would leave in the future.

He thought he was from Hubei for a long time.

Later, Li Zhangfeng and Li Jingwei studied the same elementary and junior high school near the village.

Li Zhangfeng was the monitor of the monitor. He saw that a classmate suspected that Li Jingwei couldn’t change the southern accent, and called him “barbarians” to match his friends with Li Jingwei to play with Li Jingwei. Li Zhangfeng laughed, and he had a good grade.

Children learn adults. Li Jing left a scar on his thumb.

But he still didn’t tell others that he was going to find relatives, except for Li Zhangfeng a few times.


Li Zhangfeng said that Li Jingwei has a quiet personality. He was not present, and he didn’t talk much. For many years of brothers and friends, if a person was talking, Li Jingwei wanted to intervene, and the man said impatiently “I haven’t finished it yet”, Li Jingwei will never speak anymore. He always looked at others and listened to others.

In his teens, Li Jingwei and Li Zhangfeng said several times to find relatives in the future. He did not describe what his family looked at home in detail. Li Zhangfeng recalled that after 2000, there was an Internet cafe in Lancao County. Li Zhangfeng asked Li Jingwei, would you ask for a post on the Internet? Li Jingwei refused, he didn’t want to let adoptive parents living in the village see it.

Li Zhangfeng remembers that Li Jingwei’s adoptive parents bought a equipment that irrigated farmland was shaken by hand and had to be vigorous. In Li Jingwei’s house, there were three sisters. Only one boy, he looked short, he could only raise his leg high and pushed the wrench, pushed it over, and changed his hand to shake, and he refused to give up.

When Li Jingwei read junior high school, he always fights with his classmates. He “self -closed and inferior”. Later, he followed the words of raising his parents to go to the martial arts school. After graduating, he followed the intermediary of his hometown and went to work in Guangdong.

Li Jingwei, who has just graduated from martial arts

One year returning to his hometown, he met his later wife.

It was on a large tricycle carrying a shed. The “shed” is wrapped in plastic cloth, which can sit in several people. She is going to buy food in the town. Li Jingwei fell in love with her at first sight, so the classmates who opened the supermarket in the village next door asked her name, and went to her home alone to confess at night.


His wife Gu Suhong told reporters that because she knew that her boyfriend was “adopted” at home, she would encounter pressure when she was in love. But she doesn’t care. She likes Li Jingwei.

The two of them fell in love and walked together. Gu Suhong said, “You actually look at me.” Li Jingwei felt that he was “healed”.

Li Jingwei told Gu Suhong that he was going to find relatives. Gu Suhong said it could be together. However, “I was too young at that time, and the traffic was not convenient …”

At a young age, he married his wife and quickly added two children. Li Jingwei became a heart to make money. The two husbands and wives went to the nearby Qixian to go to the restaurant and repair car. Li Zhangfeng heard that he was surprised. How could Li Jingwei do these? “Entrepreneurship” did not earn money. Li Jingwei watched the State Grid recruitment and went to be a line worker.

Li Jingwei said that the cable riding a cable on a 100 -meter high -altitude wire is thinking about not making mistakes. He was tanned by the sun, and he always tried to wet himself with water as much as possible, so as to dare to climb up. He ran down the iron tower and ran towards the highway. Dear, the boss didn’t think of it, but he couldn’t forget.

Gu Suhong said that Li Jingwei was anxious from time to time and felt that he had no chance to realize his wish. His “parents on Henan” are getting older and older, and his sisters want him to take care of him. Life has been a man, and there is a Kaner.

There was still a trouble at home -Gu Suhong found that she could not give her husband a birthday. Originally, she wanted to give him the date on the ID card. “The effect was not good”, and Li Jingwei couldn’t get up. Later, it was agreed that her birthday was also his birthday, and he had been together.

Li Jingwei will see some people on the Internet to find relatives, find unable to take care of his wife and children, and last empty -handed, living alone in the world.

He sometimes thinks whether his parents are also looking for him. The mother in the memory is still so young and beautiful, with two long twist braids.


Fifteen days for relatives

In July 2021, Guo Gangtang found his son Guo Xinzhen (also known as Guo Zhen) 24 years ago.

Guo Gangtang was a native of Liaocheng, Shandong. One day he went out to drive a tractor to make money. The two and a half -year -old son was taken away at the door of the house. From then on, Guo Gangtang rode a motorcycle, and the flag printed with his son’s photo was floating behind him. His story was filmed as “Lost Lonely”.

Li Jingwei knew about Guo Gangtang before, because the starring of “Lost Lost” was Andy Lau, and Li Jingwei was a fan of Andy Lau. He went to work in Guangdong in his teens and always learned to sing Andy Lau’s Cantonese song. He felt about finding a relatives for a while, left a message under a web post, and left the phone. After a few days, the public security of his hometown called him and asked him to collect blood.

Li Jingwei went to a police station in Guangdong to pick up blood. But he kept dragging and did not return to his hometown to make a detailed transcript. He explained that a new round of exhibitions were about to begin at this time, “too busy.”

As soon as he was dragged until December 2021, Sun Haiyang also found his son. He was another well -known parent in the “circle” of his relatives. Li Jingwei moved again. The news of the success of DNA was disclosed on December 6, 2021. In the middle of the night on December 15th, Li Jingwei sent a private message to his relatives on the short video platform and Sichuan Gan Biao: “Hello, can you help me? I’m looking for relatives.”

Looking for volunteers, he still asked aimlessly on the platform before, and encountered the idea of ​​some parents.

Gan Biao said, “Yes. Find the family to record the video to me.”

Li Jingwei provided his childhood photos and some text descriptions. Gan Biao was dissatisfied and sent him a demonstration video. Li Jingwei is still unwilling to say what he does not want to show it. He will “hurt the heart of the old man here” and also have an impact on his children.

At first Li Jingwei was unwilling to show his face, and felt that the “elderly and children” affected Henan.

Gan Biao has always persuaded him, saying that it can be exposed and easy to spread. The two kept talking until the early morning of the next day. Later, Li Jingwei painted a landform of his hometown with his memory.

Gan Biao has a short video account called “Neighbors of Wastec Wastel”. The content in the account is basically the child to find his father, parents, and children.

Gan Biao has been looking for relatives from 2019 to help various relatives planning short videos, contacting short video platforms to push to the suspected area. He has his own experience: to first talk about the pain of seeking relatives, it makes people feel the same and forward; to say the characteristics of the person looking for, their nicknames, scars on the skin, and awakening their memory.

Gan Biao said that at the end of the video, the family of “adopted” told his children to talk about his life, because “the human heart is kind and will be moved.”

Once Li Jingwei’s family -looking video was launched, some families came to contact Gan Biao. Some children’s information and Li Jingwei are very different from Li Jingwei, only saying “the child is very similar.” Gan Biao can only show Li Jingwei on behalf of Li Jingwei. There is a mother from Dazhou, Sichuan, and the description of the house is similar to that of Li Jingwei -Gan Biao described that people in the Yunnan -Guizhou area often built the house on the mountainside, not at the foot of the mountain, and the stones rolled down on the mountain. Behind the farmhouse is also surrounded by bamboo forests and rivers. Her son disappeared on the way to kindergarten when she was four or five years old.

Gan Biao contacted both parties to call. Li Jingwei recalled that the mother always called her child’s name as soon as she connected to the call with him. She said that Li Jingwei’s situation was exactly the same as her son’s affairs. But Li Jingwei asked her some more detailed clues, and was not right at all.

“You forgot.” She said.

Dazhou’s mother went to collect blood, and the public security concluded that the blood samples of both sides did not match. She wants to do it by herself and do it again.

Li Jingwei was sad and felt that he had to find time to visit Dazhou to visit, and recognized Dazhou mother to be his own godmother.

He said that the police officer later “complained” him: if you come back early to make a transcript, you may find it faster. The blood samples of Li Jingwei had been analyzed by Li Jingwei before the Public Security of Lancao County. They believed that it was near the junction line of Yunnan and Sichuan. There are bamboo forests tied to buffalo, and they found Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. A village person saw the police come to the village, search for a search on the short video platform, and contacted Li Jingwei.

“You are called Fu Wazi.” The man said, “You and your brother were a face. I saw a car from the provincial highway that day, and I saw it too.”

He said that the picture of your hometown and you did not change.

Li Jingwei asked the call of “Fuwazi” mother.

Women couldn’t cry on the phone. Then, she asked Li Jingwei if there was a crescent scar on her chin?

Mother more than 100 kilometers away

DNA comparison.

On December 30, 2021, the two sides agreed to hold a relatives in the Lancao Interpol Brigade on the New Year’s Day. On this night, Li Jingwei Lu met a black -headed bird. He walked all the way, and the bird chased him. Li Jingwei said to Douyin, “Are you a relative?” He just knew that his biological father had died.

Li Jingwei’s biological mother Yang Zhengcong told him that the day he was abducted, she took two or three months older brothers to the town to see a doctor. At that time, the bicycle was a rare object and had a neighbor’s house, but she felt that she couldn’t borrow it. So she walked with her child and came back to find that her four -year -old son lost. The couple went to the Public Security Bureau to report the case and inquired everywhere. I suspected that they were doing a person who lived in the neighbor’s house next door, because the person ran away after the accident. Yang Zhengcong also wondered, will such a naughty son go to the mountain and give the beasts?

“Cry! Don’t cry …” She said that after the child was lost.

Later, she gave birth to three children. This Yunnan woman went out to work, leaving her small back on her chest, and stayed in the countryside. She picked up those provinces where they bought more children to work. Everywhere they went to find other workers inquiring. Is there a place to buy a child nearby? Some people will tell her that a son who buys a family and a daughter who buy a family do not care.

Yang Zhengcong remembered that she worked with her brother’s brother at a red brick factory in Zhoukou, Henan. The soil of one car and one car was raw. She has done this job for many years.

In 2005, her husband died, and she remarried with local people in Henan.

She talked to reporters about the red brick factory and the sheep she raised in Zhoukou’s house. Responsible. She brought a few younger people to Henan to raise, and the younger daughter studied in college. She sometimes remembers the disappeared eldest son, and thinks of the terrible story of his mouth passing from his mouth: Where did he be brought to and removed the organs? Did he be deceived by the bad guys and became a thief and liar?

Now the mother and son recognize each other, and there are more than 1,700 kilometers from her hometown of Yunnan, but they found that the residence in Henan was only more than 100 kilometers apart. They were crying and spoke Henan.

After the relatives, Li Jingwei hosted a banquet at the best Shaolin Temple Hotel in Lancao County. His biological mother and adoptive parents were sitting at a table and narrative. Li Jingwei is always reluctant to speak to the media that it is not for the media. He only quoted the original intention of refusing to buy and sell sharks, saying, “Without buying and selling, there is no killing.”

Li Jingwei said that the night when he saw his mother, he wanted to hold his mother to sleep. The mother was unwilling at first, but still followed him. He woke up in the middle of the night and found that the mother around him was crying.

Li Jingwei’s sister drew a kind of toy in rural Yunnan, and a long -grown bamboo tube was equipped with a single wheel to push the child to play.

He recalled half a month before, searching for the intestines, and wanted to find more clues to find relatives. Some neighbors in Henan Village were willing to help him, and remembered the scene where he first arrived in the village.

In his yard and room, he was full of people who looked at the lively people. The children sent to the middle. The adult asked, what is your last name?

The child was obviously scared. He answered with the southern accent: “My surname is Li (Yin).”

Now Li Jingwei knows that his original name is Li Fangfu, Zhaotong, Yunnan, and many relatives in his hometown in the mountains. He was born in 1984. He is 37 years old this year. His birthday is the third day of the lunar calendar.

(Surging news reporter Zhang Heng also contributed to this article.)

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