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Goodbye, “tomato scrambled eggs”; hello, “blue dream”!

Over the past years, every time the Chinese sports delegation comes out, there is always a reserved program that will be staged as scheduled: that is, the eternal red and yellow color dresses of the athletes of the athletes of the whole people, and the joke of “tomato scrambled eggs” Walk away. From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, from the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, designers have deep love for “tomato scrambled eggs”, making people even speculate that it may be possible The chef who is a monk halfway but does not forget the original intention.


Today, before the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Chinese sports delegation finally ushered in a new dress supplier, Jiu Mu, and a new style of “Blue Dream”, and the two sides successfully signed for six years (2018-2024). This also means that the newly launched Chinese sports delegation company cooperation plan launched by the State General Administration of Sport is progressing smoothly.


The 18th Asian Games China Sports delegation dress officially handed over


On July 25, the 18th Asian Games Chinese Sports delegation’s dress transfer ceremony was held in the State General Administration of Sports. The leading Chinese clothing brand Jiu Mu was also officially announced to be a dress supplier of the Chinese sports delegation. The cooperation period between the two parties was 2018-2024. At this press conference, the “blue dream” of Chinese sports dresses “Blue Dream”, a Chinese cultural dress created by Jiu Mu, was also officially exposed. Zhao Yong, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, and Mr. Lin Congying, chairman of Jiu Muwang Co., Ltd., jointly unveiled the mysterious veil of the “Blue Dream” of the Chinese Sports delegation “Blue Dream” of the 18th Asian Games.

Zhao Yong and Lin Congye unveiled the mysterious veil of “Blue Dream”

Subsequently, Xu Jiayu and Liu Xiang of the swimming national team were wearing two dresses of “blue” and blue and white “. From the perspective of the appearance of the dress, the designer adopted a fashionable, simple, lightweight, and cool design concept. : Male athlete dress, with lightweight single -west with sports -type jeans; female athletes dress with a single west with A -shaped stacking skirt. “Blue Dream” not only fully shows the design of young, energetic, and light sports style. The style also conveys the new era mission of the Chinese sports delegation desires to cast the “Dream of Sports Power”. As soon as the “Blue Dream” dress was launched, it caused a lot of praise from netizens on social media. The spoken titles of spoken language, many media and netizens have named the new dress “Blue Sky and White Cloud”.


Xu Jiayu and Liu Xiang (female) dressed in “Blue Dream” in a stunning appearance

From the signing of June to July 25 to hand over the dress, Jiu Mu King completed the customization of more than 1,300 dresses in the Chinese sports delegation in just one month. Essence Yan Yufeng, director of the Sports Equipment Center of the State Sports General Administration of Sports, spoke and speeches at the dress transfer ceremony, and represented the General Administration of Sports the “Blue Dream” dress designed by the Jiu Mu King: “The dress expresses the style of young and energetic,” It also symbolizes the spirit of sports athletes full of confidence and hard work, so that the overall quality of the Chinese sports delegation’s dress has been newly improved. At the same time, he expressed sincere thanks to the designer team, manufacturing team, brand team, etc. Sincere respect, I look forward to the opening ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation in the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta in the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, showing the power and beauty of the world! “


As the largest comprehensive sports meeting in Asia, the Asian Games is also the most expected event for Chinese sports athletes. As a dress of the Chinese sports delegation, in addition to giving it a distinctive atmosphere, it should also reflect traditional culture and national significance. Under such dominant ideas, the designers of the Jiu Mu King men’s clothing have taken inspiration from traditional aesthetics, and integrate the five -star red flag, national emblem, and Beijing Forbidden City with national symbols into the design of the ceremonial clothing. The national culture is closely combined with modern fashion elements to highlight the unique Chinese charm. At the same time, closely linked the Chinese dream of a strong sports country, bid farewell to the traditional red and yellow theme color, and use the theme color of peacock blue and cloud white as a dress to depict the pictures of health and innocence of blue sky and white clouds. It also means that the Chinese sports delegation does not forget the original intention, dares to work hard, and pursue the main theme of dreams.

“Blue Dream” incorporates many national symbols such as the Forbidden City

It is particularly worth mentioning that this new dress of the Chinese Sports delegation uses the English logo of “Team China” for the first time, which not only reflects the determination and courage of the Chinese sports delegation to pass the Chinese voice to the world, but also reflects the current current The new direction of the Chinese Olympic Committee’s business development is the transition from the Chinese Olympic Committee market development plan to the new Chinese Sports delegation from the well -known Chinese Olympic Committee market development plan.

The first time the dress uses the English logo of “Team CHINA”

As we all know, the Chinese Olympic Committee used to take the four -year Olympic Games as the cycle during business development. If the identity is promoted, all the signs used by all sponsors during the propaganda are the commercial logo of the Chinese Olympic Committee.

Three signs of the Chinese Olympic Committee


Sports business had previously reported that from 2009 to 2016, the Chinese Olympic Committee market development plan received a total of 3 billion yuan in revenue. However, with the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the “Joint Market Development Plan Agreement” signed by the China Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has begun to take effect. The Olympic business development rights on December 31st, all transferred to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee for unified development.

According to a large sports business, this is because the International Olympic Committee has clearly stipulated that when a country or region obtains the right to host the Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee of the country or region needs to sign a joint Olympic development agreement with the country’s Olympic Committee. The upcoming Olympic intellectual property rights and related market development rights are uniformly submitted to the Olympic Organizing Committee for development, thereby achieving the preservation and appreciation of Olympic intellectual property rights. Therefore, as early as the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2015, the Chinese Olympic Committee had signed the “Joint Market Development Agreement” with the Beijing Winter Olympics Commission, and after the successful application of the Winter Olympics, the Chinese Olympic Committee began to perform the agreement Content, suspend the use of commercial logos for the Olympic Committee of the Olympic Committee.


The commercial logo of the Chinese Olympic Committee was suspended, and the commercial logo of the Chinese sports delegation came out


In the context of holding the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Chinese Olympic Committee to transfer the Olympic market development rights to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, in June 2017, the Chinese Olympic Committee’s creativity focused on non -Olympic events. As a result, the new “China Sports delegation 2017-2024 Enterprise Cooperation Plan” was launched, and for this reason, the new Chinese sports delegation’s commercial logo was designed. This new development plan can not only raise more development funds for China’s sports industry, but also achieve refined development of the Chinese Sports delegation’s business resources that have been ignored in the past.

“China Sports delegation Enterprise Cooperation Plan” is more scientific

According to a large sports business, in addition to the three Olympics of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paris Olympic Games in the next six years, they also have a group of competitions with very high attention. For example, the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and the Hangzhou Asian Games held in China in 2022, in addition to the first East Asian Youth Games in 2019, the 6th Asian Beach Games in 2020, the 9th Asian Winter Session in 2021 , The Fourth Asian Youth Games, the 11th World Games, the 6th Asian Interior and Wudao Games in 2022 and the 7th Asian Beach Games in 2024.

This time, as Jiu Mu King becomes a supplier of the Chinese sports delegation, in the next six years, King Jiu Mu will accompany the Chinese sports athletes to practice the dream of a sports power in major top competitions. In the opinion of Lin Congyue, chairman of Jiu Mu Wang Co., Ltd., the reason why Jiu Mu Wang chose to cooperate with the Chinese sports delegation for a long time because the two sides have the same persistent and focused spirit.

Since its establishment in 1989, Jiu Muwang Group has already become the market -leading Chinese men’s clothing brand since its establishment in 1989. From the beginning of the “trousers” to “men’s pants” to “men’s pants” to the well -known “series of men’s clothing brands”, The brand has been evolving, growing, and keeping pace with the times. Over the past 28 years, Jiu Mu King has always adhered to the original intention of the “craftsmanship”, deeply cultivated the field of men’s clothing, and focused on pants. 23000 needle sewing, 108 procedures, 360 ° static dynamic visual testing, 26 indicators testing, one stitches and one line, Jiu Mu King won the market praise with fine quality, and cast the title of “men’s pants expert”.

According to statistics from the National Commercial Information Center of China and commercial groups nationwide, as of 2017, the comprehensive market share of Jiu Mu’s leading product men’s pants for 18 consecutive years has ranked first in the country. As a result, King Nine Shepherd has become a typical representative of Jinjiang’s high -quality private enterprises and practicing “Jinjiang Experience”. The ingenuity of Jiu Mu King has a good work with Chinese athletes with sweat and excellence in the training ground. The spirit of hard work on the field and fighting for the country is different.


Jiu Mu Wang men’s pants market share for 18 consecutive years nationwide

It is precisely because the two sides have the same concepts and consensus that Jiu Mu Wang has reached a six -year long -term cooperation agreement with the Chinese sports delegation. It is understood that in the back of the “Blue Dream” suit, the words “Nine Shepherds Cheer for the Chinese Team!” The enthusiasm of the Chinese sports delegation cheered.


In an interview with a large sports business, Lin Congyue said that this time it became the start of the Chinese sports delegation supplier that was just the beginning of the cross -border sports marketing of Jiu Mu. , I have been fully supporting the development of the national sports industry. This time, the nine shepherd kings created by the Chinese sports delegation for the 18th Asian Games in 2018. This is the first time we have participated in the national sports industry. The nine shepherds are proud of this, and they are deeply responsible. We are eager to see the “Blue Dream” dress accompanied the Chinese sports athletes to bloom at the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia in 2018! In the future, Jiuhuang will have more deeper cross -border cooperation in the sports field project, so as to accumulate 28 years of precision to actively respond to the national call of the “Sports Power Dream” and fully support the development of Chinese sports. I wish the Chinese sports delegation be in This year’s Asian Games compete for the country! “


Lin Congying delivered a speech

For a long time, Jinjiang enterprises represented by sports brands such as Anta, Tubu, 361 °, Peak have played an irreplaceable role in the development of Chinese sports. In turn, it is also a number of continuous sponsoring of Chinese sports and doing full efforts to carry out sports marketing. From the initial agency workshop to the founding brand to the establishment of the brand to the upgrade to become the core secrets of internationally renowned brands. It is not an exaggeration to say that the rise of Jinjiang enterprises is a history of sports marketing.


As a representative company of Jinjiang, Jiu Mu King has also actively fulfilled the corresponding social responsibility and mission as the company has continued to grow and grow. In recent years, it has continuously sponsored China’s sports to practice the dream of a sports power. In October 2017, Jinjiang won the right to host the World Middle School Student Games in 2020, while Jiuhuang actively participated in the application process. Lin Congying himself as a representative of Jinjiang entrepreneurs and witnessed the successful application at the Italian application conference.

King of Jiu Mu signs for 6 years with the Chinese Sports delegation

This time, Jiu Mu King became a dress supplier of the Chinese sports delegation and reached a 6 -year long -term cooperation. It is the specific expression of Jiu Mu King’s performance of corporate social responsibility and mission. Given that in the next six years, China will successively hold a large number of large -scale events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Jinjiang World Middle School Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games. In addition, the Chinese sports industry is also rising rapidly. And Jiu Mu’s dressing supplier of the Chinese Sports delegation at this historical time is undoubtedly a very wise decision. In addition, it can be foreseeable that with the continuous deepening of the Chinese sports industry, the King of Nine Shepherd will make positive contributions to the continuous construction of the construction of a sports power, adding a new color to the great Chinese dream!


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