In the early autumn of this year, the thick sole shoes that once thought of the “retreat” seemed to have signs of “salted fish turning”. All media reporters noticed that the Converse Run Star Motion of the thick sole shoes took the lead in the circle with “ugly cute”. Sports skirt, you can also wear suit pants -how to play “how to play” in the second half of the shoes?

Thick bottom canvas shoes: half seawater and half of the flames

In fact, thick -soled shoes were once “disliked” by the supporters of high -heeled shoes, because they always seem to give people a sense of bulky, and it is completely incompatible with the slender lightness emphasized by senior fashion. However, in recent years, this moment of impression has been completely broken by retro wind, starting with the “daddy shoes” that swept young people, the thick sole shoes are “turning” against the wind. There is no adherence to the rules, as long as the “high art boldness”, thick sole shoes can easily help you hold various styles.

This year, the thick -soled canvas shoes became the big celebrity of the “sullen faction”. Judging from the design of the shoe version, the thick -bottom canvas shoes focus on the bottom of the lower half of the shoe “doing things”. Cai, a senior tide shoe expert in Guangzhou, told reporters that don’t think that thick canvas shoes are not breathable. In fact, the canvas fabric and thick bottom design are particularly matched. Shoes are the lightest and more flexible to match. ” For example, A CAI said that many tide brands of thick -bottomed canvas single products are designed to the same model of men and women. They wear colorful puffy cake bottoms daily, “can add some fun and street trends to daily styling.

In addition, the person in charge of the Guangzhou shoe brand VVSTAR platform told reporters that the demand for increasing this function in the consumer group is already very obvious. Together with more casual canvas shoes, focus on more versatile attributes on the basis of comfort. “

Thick -bottom sandals: magic stickers and socks “the least girl”

Remember the “high heels and sports socks” on the catwalk not long ago? Continuing the fashion elements favored by young groups, this early autumn can continue to wear summer sandals with socks. Guangzhou stylist Alex told reporters that not every pair of thick base sandals can cut the trend. “Magic stickers are important keywords, such as the cheers series of Chinese niche women’s shoes designer brand. Concubes, with a translucent ripple dot pattern, there are particularly girly socks. “

It is worth mentioning the trendy point and the upper of the human character design and the 3D printed sole: the former has a little element of the wind, the latter can meet the more delicate layering and styling needs of the sole, if the color tone is used in the color tone, the striped collision bump In color, it will be more youthful. Text, Picture/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Tan Weiting

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