In winter, the shoes have a variety of styles, but they really have to pick a pair of fashionable models, and they must be “middle boots”. With a pair of tight pants, it can not only improve its own temperament, but also show thin legs and long legs.

Of course, if you want to wear “tight pants+mid -boots”, we still need to work together. Today I have brought you a few tips, practical dry goods, and mature women who are 30+ years old.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of “tight pants+mid -boots”

Before talking about the specific dressing skills, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of “tight pants+mid -boots”. Only by understanding this can we help us understand specific dressing skills!

Tights are a single product that requires high leg lines. It can easily highlight its crotch and leg curve, sexy and generous. At the same time, it also exposes the small shortcomings of our legs, such as thick legs and straightened legs.

At this point, the middle boots will come in handy! The loose version of the boots can not only hide the fat on our calves and the height of the knee, but also help to modify the problem of the leg shape. The two tubes are matt, and the slender leg lines are lined in minutes.


However, the disadvantage of the calf part is to solve it. What should I do if the thigh part and crotch should be? And how can we wear the advantages of “tight pants+mid -boots” to the greatest extent? Don’t worry, let me answer them one by one!

Second, the color scheme of “tight pants+mid -boots”

Color 1: Same color matching

In the color matching of “tight pants+mid -boots”, we can try “matching the same color”. Everyone also knows that the advantage of the same color system is uniform color matching, extending the figure, which can only help tights to pull long legs.

Coupled with the high -heeled or thick bottom design of the middle boots, pull the leg length again, showing a high minute. With a short top of different colors, short and down, dividing the body ratio, one -click to show high legs!

If you like the advantages of matching the same color system, you can also pick up the same color matching method of the whole body. Like the blogger in the figure below, the “All Black” is directly selected, which not only creates the cool handsomeness of the entire shape, but also extend the figure line!


Of course, after all, Quan Hei is too monotonous. We can also learn bloggers to pick a black diamond grid vest to enrich the shape level. Or directly pick other colors of accessories, such as metal belts, necklaces, and so on.

Color 2: Color echoing match


In the color matching of tight pants+mid -boots, we can also use the “up and down” color matching method. Simply put, choosing a middle boot with the same color as the top to match with different colors of tight pants.

For example, the white small fragrant breeze jacket+denim tights+white mid -boots wearing the bloggers below. The benefits of this color matching are to increase the sense of layering of the shape without destroying the original sense of coordination and temperament.

However, I also recommend that you choose the middle boots with the same color to match the tights, because the area of ​​the inside is small, and it will not allow the single color to occupy too much clothing area, and it will not form a monotonous sense. Secondly, this combination can also divide the body into two layers, and it will not cut into three -stage type. It will be easier to show high legs!

Color 3: contrasting color matching

As a accessories, it also has a role in the rich shape. Therefore, we can also choose the “contrasting color match”. To speak adult words, choosing middle boots with different clothes colors to increase the sense of layering.

For example, the blogger Pick’s black sweater+black tight pants+dark coffee color boots, the addition of the middle boots, avoids the shape of the shape falling into the boring monotonous area, and successfully highlight the sense of layering, two birds with one stone!


Third, the combination of “tight pants+mid -boots”


Matching ideas ①: loose top+tight pants+mid -boots

In the matching of tight pants+mid -boots, you need to know that the version of this set of matching is “narrowed”, which is partial. Then in matching, we can naturally choose loose clothing as a match.

In this way, the effect of “width and narrow contrast” will be created, and the blogger’s dressing distance will be won. The loose version of the knitted sweater, with high -waisted leggings+mid -boots, compares up and down, can set off the legs more thin and slim.

Matching ideas ②: short coat+tight pants+mid -boots

At the same time, we also need to know that tight pants+mid -boots are a group of matching lines. At this time, we can also use the “shorter and lower length” method to shorten the proportion of the upper body and the proportion of the lower body.


At this time, we need to choose some short coats and short tops as matching, such as small incense wind jackets, short woolen coats, short denim jackets, and so on. With top -fitting pants+middle boots, high -level handsome!


Matching ideas ③: long coat+tight pants+mid -boots


Of course, wearing in winter, “keep warm is to keep your lives”! Sisters who are afraid of cold, go to the PICK long coat to prevent wind and cold. The most important thing is that if you are a sisters with a wide crotch, you can also use a long coat to cover this shortcoming, showing thin

In the match, we can compare the upper and lower length and width and narrow contrast! For example, you can choose a short top+long jacket to pair with tight pants+mid -boots, or use a loose long jacket to match with tight pants+mid -boots.

You can also combine these two types of dressing skills. Choose a loose long coat+slim short top+tight pants+mid -boots. Both are very tall and thin!

After reading the demonstration of these “tight pants+mid -boots”, I wonder if you have learned to wear it? If you think the content of this issue is helpful to you, please like a lot+follow, we see you next time ~

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