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The Spring Festival is getting closer and the taste of the year is getting stronger. Many young people this year “New Year”, and the New Year’s Eve dinner is also traditionally, showing many “young” appearance and new tricks.

1. Search words -New Year’s Eve gift package increases high, and the party loves hot pot

Many young people celebrate the New Year in place, and this year’s taste also has the taste of “young”. In the early days of the New Year’s Eve, hot pot, specialties, and barbecue searches are the highest, followed by New Year’s goods gift box, New Year’s Eve and the old name. From the perspective of search words, people have also made full preparations for the New Year in place. Hot pot and barbecue are the favorite of young people after the 80s and post -90s. Specialty products, New Year gift boxes, and old names are mostly the choice of festivals to give relatives and friends.

Compared with the same period last year, the search volume of the New Year’s Eve gift package increased by 79%. Previously, preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner was the family mobilization. Now with the New Year’s Eve gift package, it can be filled with a table.

The number of search before the festival increased year -on -year

New Year’s Eve Gift Pack 79%

72% of the New Year Gift Box

Old name 56%

Barbecue 49%

Compared with usual, the search volume of the old name increased by nearly 100%month -on -month. You must eat well in the holidays, and the old name is also a choice for many people to give away relatives and friends.

Search volume grows month -on -month

Old name 98%


Barbecue 70%

59% specialty

Convenient 52%

New Year’s Eve dinner with the highest sales volume

Buddha jumping wall gift box big pot dish

Lochi New Year Gift Box Sauce Duck Salt Chicken Chicken


10 Half -Pin Pin Gift Box

12 Jinyu Mantang Family House Series Family Family Banquet Box

Golden Decoction Flower Gel Chicken Gift Box

Seafood gift box gift package

Eight big bowls of New Year gift box buckle pork pills, elbow beef fresh fragrant shrimp, braised duck, chicken, soybean boiled pig hands

Convenient dishes with the highest sales volume

Lotus glutinous rice chicken


Immediately food Buddha jump wall

Black Pork Lion Head

Abalone jumping Buddha jump wall


Sichuan flavor sausage

2. Auspicious vegetables -lion head and trotters have a high growth, which means reunion and progress

New Year’s Eve is the highlight of the New Year. Not only is the dishes rich, but the name of the dishes must also be posted with auspicious meaning to please the new year.

Among the convenience dishes, the highest growth is auspicious dishes that every family of the Spring Festival. For example, the sales of “lion heads” have increased by more than 17 times, which means reunion and completeness.


The convenient sales of trotters increased by 298%, which means that there are “scratches” every year, and the days are better year by year.

The sales of convenience of fish increased by 122%, which means that there are more than year;

The sales of eight treasure rice increased by 148%, which means rich and happy.

Sales before the Spring Festival increased year -on -year

Lion head convenient dish 1774%

Totor is convenient for 298%

Eight treasure rice convenience dishes 148%

Easy fish dish 122%

Pills convenient dishes 68%


63% of hot pot ingredients

113% of the New Year Gift Box

Among the many Internet celebrity foods, the giant snack gift packages are topped, and the turnover before the Spring Festival increases by 283%year -on -year. Sugar -free drinks, sparkling wine, self -made pot, fruit wine, etc., which represent new trends, have increased by more than 100%year -on -year.

Before the Spring Festival, turnover increased year -on -year


Giant snack gift package 283%

176% sugar -free drink

148% of sparkling wine

Self -Hi Pot 147%

Fruit wine 138%

130% rice wine

Rice brewing 70%

Fruit beer 56%

Bingqing 53%

Among the consumers of online celebrities, the post-85s and post-95s accounted for nearly 60%, and consumers aged 36-45 are not far behind. The turnover of Internet celebrity products increased the highest year-on-year, with a growth rate of 78%.

Among the consumers of Internet celebrity products, consumers in rural areas have the highest proportion, accounting for nearly 30%; followed by nearly 25%of users in front -line areas.

3. The old -fashioned size -after 95, buying the old name is high, and the urban users and the town youth love to buy

Daoxiang Village, Emperor Emperor, and Tianfu are the old -fashioned brands with the highest turnover.

The eight pieces of Beijing in Daoxiang Village, the east slope of the building outside the building, and the red intestine of the autumn forest increased higher than usual, with the growth rates of 421%, 419%, and 155%, respectively.

TOP TOP TOP Brand Brand

Daoxiang Village



Yue Shengzhai


Know the concept of knowledge

Crown cloud


Xinghua Tower


Guangzhou Restaurant

The consumption of the old -fashioned sample before the 95th Spring Festival increased by 365%compared with usual, and the highest growth in all ages.

Turnover increased from the previous month

16-25 years old 365%

26-35 years old 209%


36-45 years old 206%

46-55 years old 123%

117% over 56 years old

From the perspective of the region, the turnover of the rural and towns in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and the sixth -line region in the first -tier region has increased the highest increase in rural towns. Urban users and town youths love to buy old names.

4. Specialties -the more soil taste, the more popular, Tibetan beef jerky has won the championship, Ningxia mutton and Xinjiang mutton sell the farthest

Natural agricultural products from various places are more popular this year than in previous years. Tibetan beef jerky is still very small in online sales in 2020. Before the Spring Festival this year, the turnover increased by more than 10 times year -on -year. Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and other regions had the highest sales.

Yunnan mushrooms and Sichuan bacon turnover have increased more than 10 times year -on -year.

Ningxia mutton and Xinjiang mutton not only sold in surrounding provinces, but also sold to Shanghai, Zhejiang and Northeast China.

Tibetan beef jerky mushroom Sichuan sausage Ningxia mutton Xinjiang mutton Beijing roast duck Beijing roast duck

TOP receipt province, Sichuan Sichuan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Sichuan

Chongqing Chongqing Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shanghai Shanxi

Jilin, Hubei, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Yunnan

Heilongjiang, Beijing, Gansu, Hubei, Hubei, Hubei


Hunan, Hunan, Guangdong, Liaoning Sichuan Inner Mongolia

5. More family chefs are online -diet prefers high protein

In addition to buying convenient dishes, every grand holiday holiday, a group of family chefs are preparing to go online.

The sales of various kitchen Xiaodian before the holiday are also very popular. The turnover of air fryer, electric pressure cooker/stewed cooker, and eggbeater increased by more than 150%year -on -year. The multi -purpose pot that was red for a year, and the turnover before the holiday also increased by 87%.

Turnover increases year -on -year

220% air fryer

167% of the electric pressure cooker/electric stew cooker

157% eggbeater

Kitchen machine/and noodle machine 130%

Embedded micro steaming grill 129%

87% of the multi -purpose pot

Noodle machine 65%

62% of electric ovens

Soymilk/ingredients juicer 61%

58% coffee machine

The hardware is alive, what does the ingredients buy?

JD Data shows that the highest sales of fresh products before the holiday are eggs, beef, and chicken; the most sold fruits are common melons, oranges, oranges, apples and cherry.

Naturally, you have to eat some good New Year. Many people are usually frugal, and they have to buy some good things in the New Year. The highest transaction categories before the holiday are beef, mutton, sea cucumber, shrimp, fish and chicken. The fruitful fruit is cherry, orange, and apples.

In comparison last year, the turnover of melon increased by more than 5 times, the turnover of seafood gift boxes and seafood products increased by nearly two times, and the transaction of grapes/juni and coconut green increased by more than 170%.

562% melon

224% of seafood gift boxes

197% of seafood products

Grape/Temporary 182%


Coconut Qing 172%

Food and beverage products with the highest sales volume

Nut cooking

Biscuit cake

Casual snacks



Dried meat preserved

instant food

Dried fruits



6. Wine -Henan people love to buy liquor, and Inner Mongolia people drink the most expensive wine

A few cups of time are also essential. The consumption of various wines before the holiday also increased significantly than usual.

The highest increase in turnover is golden wine, which is more than 9 times; the turnover of rum and Bailan land increased by more than 2 times compared to usual; the turnover of whiskey and cocktails increased more than more than usual.

The turnover of beer, rice wine/health wine increased by more than 180%over usual.

The consumption of alcohol is gradually lightweight. The consumption growth of men and female users on sake is relatively high. In addition, women also prefer petavers, whiskey, cocktail/pre -tuning.

Men’s transaction increase year -on -year


Sake/shochu 138%

Women’s turnover increase year -on -year

Bakers/shochu 84%

Radie 66%

49% whiskey

Cocktail/Pre -wine 47%

Henan Province, as a large wine consumption province, has increased by 161%year -on -year. Especially the turnover of liquor, accounting for 6.1%of all consumption of Henan, far exceeding the second place in Hebei (2.5%).

Judging from the unit price of liquor, the wines in Inner Mongolia are the most expensive, and the unit price of liquor even exceeds Beishangguang.

Note: Data extraction cycle: 2021.1.20-2021.1.31; (from Lama from Laba to 19)

Comparison cycle: 2020.1.2 ——2020.1.13;

Data source: Jingdong Big Data Research Institute

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Turnover increases year -on -year

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