On Monday, one appeared at the door of the company’s bathroom

“Finding the snail notice”

Essence Chen Chen’s viewing snail “jailbreak” is speculated that the snail has been lost for more than 48 hours.

The colleagues immediately expanded the carpet search, half an hour later,

In a 1 -meter -high flower pot next door,

Found it. Fortunately, this snail is still alive. Unfortunately, the flowers from the tropical rain forest from Brazil were stuck by it.

This is just an office


The corner of the iceberg. With the popularity of office culture in recent years,


“State Decoration”

Become a new trend.

Little to flowers, birds, fish and insects, tide -playing ornaments, as large as health care and metaphysical numerology, no exaggeration to say,

The young people who “lying down” in the workplace have already advanced the “retirement” life for thirty years in advance.

“There is no thing about good stations related to work”

Contemporary white -collar workers, staying at the station at least 8 hours a day. This 2 square meter grid occupies one tenth of our lives.


The arrangement of the layout is not only changing the space, but also the transformation of the world.

“Cold Knowledge of Double 12 Stations Economy” released by Taobao shows that in the office environment that young people expect,

Freedom, interest

The most valued, the station has become a young man who has gone out of college

Second interest classroom, fish raising, flowering, and saving hand

… In the search word related to the station,

More than 80 % have nothing to do with work.

Just take


In the end, few “baby” in today’s stations are embarrassed to say that they are interesting people. There are rivers and lakes where there are people, and there is also a chain of contempt:


In the office, there are a bunch of dolls on the table, usually not long after graduation.


These dolls usually come from the doll machines of major shopping malls and the company’s surroundings.


Active and obedient is the label of newcomers in the workplace. The number of dolls on the station is often positively related to the owner’s social index.

Picture source: Weibo@图片 图片 有 有 自己 图片 图片

Compared with Xiaobai in the workplace, there is a row of molly on the table.

“Fashionable Western Qi”

Essence The owner of the station has basically worked for a few years


Don’t worry about eating, a little pursuit. Helplessly tortured by Party A’s father every day, exhausted,

Only at the moment of disassembling the blind box can we feel long -lost expectations and heartbeat.

Picture source: Weibo@Please fill sugar for my life

However, even if you put a table molly, in

Play BGD


It seems to be “a child who is a family”. Senior players pay more attention to


, To be fun from their own hands. In their opinion

“Craftsman’s Spirit”

Be respected.


Picture source: interesting report

When the doll, blind box, soldier/BGD make enough attention in the office, play


Micro -carving

The big guy’s head headphones were silent in the computer. After all, no one wants to let people know themselves

“There is something wrong”

, Thumbs with big thumbs, three or five hundred, several keycaps thousands. However, they are not working for money, mainly for making



There is a space for display.

If it is said that it is

“Burning money”

, Then fish raising flowers in the office is

“Killing time”.

Taobao data shows,

In 2020, the search volume of the fish tanks of the station increased by 15%year -on -year, and the search volume of the turtle tank of the station rose 43%year -on -year.

After 95, Bai Nan graduated to the company for two years, and it is more mature and stable compared to his peers.


This “maturity” mainly comes from the fish tank on his station.

Feed once a day, change the water for 3 days, clear the cylinder for 5 days, and change a batch of fish in 7 days. Bai Nan is like a diligent old ox, but he is happy.

“I am an introverted person, and I am not good at socializing. At first, fish raising wanted to change my brain and make work more fun.

But I did not expect that once the fish farming started, it could not stop. “

What fish is easy to feed, how to choose the fish tank, roasted lamp, bottom sand, and filter. When you talk about fish, Bai Nan is a whole.


Now that colleagues have to ask Bai Nan before buying fish, he has become a

The C position in the chat group.


Unexpectedly, ‘touching fish’ can also bring popularity.

The modern workplace is like a huge machine. Everyone acts as a screw without emotions in their own field, and fish is just a link that can reach the softest place in everyone’s heart. “

“It’s a private space,”

Someone regards the station as one

The circle of friends that can be seen by all colleagues

Some people also build the workshop into

own world.

Seventy -seven engaged in new media operations,

The desk is a small botanical garden.

The fortune bamboo, paradise, and tigerpi, the beacon and money trees of the teeth and dancing claws occupy two -thirds of the space on the desk of Seven or Seven.

“My work needs to be created. To a very quiet environment, green plants have become a natural barrier.

Let me temporarily “isolated from the world”. “

Sometimes, Qiqi also regards the station as

Emotional refuge,

“The workers also have their own emotions, but they can’t be revealed in front of people. Under the jungle, I can enjoy and digest, don’t worry about being seen by others.”

Unlike fish farming turtles, Qiqi thinks

Plants are silent.

“Every time you water and fertilize, the effect will not be immediate, but it will build a long -term feedback with you. This is the same as dealing with customers. Not all payments will be seen, just reconcile with yourself, and hard work will not be in vain. “


The workplace needs a sense of ritual, but for young people who work overtime, in addition to poetry and distance, some


Small gadgets.

The meat muffins, small bread, milk, and chocolate in the drawer are the supplement of the soul;

Health pot, breakfast machine, coffee machine, is the last contest between the body and work;


A bottle of oil and salt sauce is difficult to solve the nostalgia;

Aunt medicine, hangover medicine, diarrhea, and cold medicine are the best testimony of work attitude;


The keyboard mouse water cup table is equipped with unsatisfactory girl heart;

There is a dream of getting rich deep in the notebook.

There is a saying good:

See if a person wants to see his station in the company for a long time.

The stations filled with debris are the best testimony of “the company as the home”. After all, the empty house is not called home.

“It’s resistant to resistance and helpless”

An online item


“Young people know the office life”

The survey shows,


The atmosphere, environment, and working methods are the most ideal job of young people.

“happy working”

It is more important than anything.

In the era when the boundaries of work and life are becoming more and more blurred, we look forward to the work of the workshop, and we are helpless to the work of the nine to nine.

Instead of complaining about the rest time, how miserable it is to work, it is better to open up at work

Time to please yourself

Psychological studies have shown that closed and monotonous stations may cause unnecessary pressure on the mood, and even cause inconsistency, thereby reducing work efficiency. Long -term psychological depression is more likely to cause psychological problems.

“Touch a fish”, “Play for a while”

It is not only a physiological protection of itself, but also a means to improve work efficiency.

“State decoration” seems to be “useless”,

But those anger when overtime, the loss of the creativity, the anxiety of poor data, the embarrassment of overcoming the time when the social terror is, is dissolved by this grass, one wood, one tank, and a baby. Difficult.

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Picture source: interesting report

Picture source: interesting report

Picture source: interesting report

Picture source: interesting report

Picture source: interesting report


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