When buying a range hood, many people will first consider the style of the range hood: choose the top suction, or choose the side suction? The two range hoods have disadvantages in use:


Top suction range hood, its panel is relatively large. People with more than 170cm tall will easily hit the head when they use it. With more than 180cm tall, the entire panel will block under your nose, so that you can’t see the pot below.

The side suction range hood, its panel height is relatively high. The distance from the gas stove to the range hood is very short. The taller pot like a multi -layer steamer may not be stuffed at all.

Of course, everyone is most concerned about the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. Compared with the side suction range hood and side suction range hood, the smoke exhaust effect is not much different.


in other words:


Not good enough, especially for the high -oil fume of Chinese food!

Compared with these two traditional styles, there are two other new models on the market in the past two years, and smoking effects are better than these two.


Under -sucking range hood

You may have never heard of this name, but it can be said to be “well known”: integrated stove!

The hood of the integrated stove is the suction type. Maybe I should say more rigorous: it is the side suction.


Its smoke is like the side suction range hood, all on the side of the pot. The difference is that the fang machine of the integrated stove is closer to the gas stove, which can prevent the spread of oil fume more effectively.

The lower row is the integrated stove: other range hoods suck the fume up. After the impeller is separated, it is discharged upward into the public flue.

The integrated stove is to smoke down. After the oil fume was sucked in, walk down and discharge it into the public flue through the bottom of the integrated stove.


The benefits of the lower row are the direction of the movement of oil fume: the oil fume is relatively heavy, and it will go down naturally.

The “lower row” method can double the speed of smoke.


Why is the use of range hoods poor? It’s not that you can’t suck in, but you can’t get out. The integrated stove solved this problem perfectly.

People who have used integrated stoves at least have not said that the effect of smoking is not good!


Users who have high oil removal rates, such as open kitchen, or people who often make foods such as high oil and peppers. Or the kitchen is particularly small and requires high space utilization.

“7 -character” range hood


You can call it “7 -character” range hood or “L -shaped range hood”. Regardless of the top or side suction, the side of its smoking is flat.

The “7 -character” range hood is different. Its surface is divided into two parts, which together form a right angle (or blunt angle) -that is, a “7” ▼

The “7 -character” range hood has two cigarette ports, one at the top and one on the side. to be honest,

It is a combination of side -absorbing range hood and top -suction range hood.


Advantages of side -absorbing range hood: closer to the gas stove to prevent the spread of oil fume;

It also has the advantages of top suction range hood: the rising oil fume and heat can be gathered together.

At the same time, the two outlets were improved, so that it avoided the shortcomings of top and side suction:

The top -suction range hood is easy to meet, but the depth of the “7 -character” range hood is very small, similar to the side suction range hood;

The side suction range hood is easy to block the pot, but the side panel of the “7 -character” range hood is vertical, close to the wall, and it will not hinder the use of the gas stove.

The “7 -character” range hood has streamlined the “top suction” and “side suction” parts, while retaining their respective advantages, and solving their respective defects. Compared with traditional top -absorbing and side -absorbing hoods, it has greatly improved the smoke exhaust effect and experience.

All those who are hesitant between the top suction range hood and the side suction range hood can consider the new “7 -character” range hood -currently many brands, including well -known big brands, have launched this type Type -type range hood.



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