As soon as the season changed, I felt that the child was lacking in clothes, and the child grew fast. Last year, I couldn’t wear it early. So I choose the autumn and winter clothes for children every year.

Facing the decrease in temperature, the coat can be added one by one, but the bottoming shirt is not so flexible.

It should not be too thick that children will be hot, not too thin, children will be cold, not too much hindering activities, and not too lightweight, and not too loose, otherwise they are procrastinating, and they should not be too tight. Children will have a sense of restraint.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

A good bottoming shirt should be thick, breathable and windshield, tight, comfortable and clever, and not tight.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

There are two things worth noting to buy a bottom shirt for children.


Must be warm enough and comfortable

, And make children act freely

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说


68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

In fact, the colder the more cold, the more you need to increase the amount of activity and increase your physique.

I often see many Baoma wrap the children three layers of three layers and three layers outside. They are wearing like a small velvet ball. Not to mention exercise, walking is hard to walk.

And too bloated, the whole body is full of restraint, the child will feel uncomfortable and affect emotions very much.

The functions of the child’s body may also be affected, and it is harmful to the growth of children’s muscles and bones.


Not only must the quality be good, but also cost -effective

Parents must be very experienced as parents.

Originally, they were fast. The pants I bought last year could not be worn this year, and they were almost changing them for them every year.

The children are lively and active, and they jumped up and down all day. Whenever the clothes are not as hard as the quality, it is not resistant enough, so I do n’t know how many new ones to buy them enough to change them!

If you spend hundreds of new clothes for your children every time, it looks like a small money at first glance, but if you change it all over and down, you will find that this will be a lot of expenses.

It is necessary to keep warm and comfortable, but also to resist wear resistance, but also excellent quality, and it must be cost -effective

If all the above conditions are met, this must be mentioned

Dragon Mi Taka Ling and Velvet Bottom Shirt

The key is to use the bottom of the children’s inside. The cost -effectiveness of the dragon dense bottoming shirt is not just a little bit.

A bottom shirt that allows your baby to wear from autumn to winter! It can be worn in spring, it is too practical ~

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

And the brand has done very careful in the workmanship and details of the product.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Because it is a close -fitting clothes for children, the first is still “


The fabric standard of this bottoming shirt has reached national standards

Class A level

It is the highest safety standard level that infants can directly contact.

The quality is so good that it is nothing to say. Moms can start with peace of mind, each one is huge! Intersection




It is also a necessary condition for choosing clothes for babies.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

The skin -friendlyness of this bottoming shirt has really been said from the moment I got it. It feels soft and glutinous inside and outside, making people want to use their faces.

The fabric is adopted

High -quality polyester fiber+recycled fiber+spandex blending material

, Such a fabric ratio not only clothes

Keep warm, good elasticity

It is not easy to ball fossil, and the anti -wrinkle is good.

Double warmth in inside and outside

Inner velvet lock the skin temperature, the outer layer of windproof isolation is isolate the cold air, the maximum extent

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

The ground allows the air to maintain a static and constant temperature state, so as to achieve a good warmth effect.

Half -high collar design warm windproof

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

, Protect the baby’s neck, go out in winter, the mother will never worry about the baby will be cold!

Good warm fabric+small high -neck design

It is enough to wear such a high value in this weather to wear such a high value, and the coat is just right at night. When it is hot during the day, it is very comfortable to wear it alone.

Single wearing, inside

It’s all ok, you can wear a piece of clothes

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Spring, autumn, winter three seasons

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Essence It will not look bloated while warmth ~

With skirts, playful and cute, super soft and cute; with pants, refreshing, capable, sporty and casual, not to mention how beautiful.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

And the elasticity of the bottoming shirt is also very large. If the child puts it on, it will not feel the restraint ~

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

You can also wear fat babies,

Size 100 ~ 160

, Very suitable for babies from 2 to 14 years old.

The bottoming shirt is a slim version. According to the recommended height and weight to choose the code, the baby has a small belly or proposed by the fat baby to increase the size!

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

This bottoming shirt is a total


68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说


68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

You can choose, lively and cute warm color, very beautiful!

The bottoming shirt is an indispensable item in winter. You can wear it for a long time when you buy it. You must choose the best. This time, this dragon is really recommended. Looking at it, it is a super -resistant product! Intersection

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Usually, the baby is always not suitable for the right clothes, it is easy to get into the body. The bottom shirt is really the most embarrassing season that is best to wear out of the door. Buy a few more pieces to change it.

Class A fabric: skin -friendly soft, super resistance

To buy clothes for children, the most important thing is of course safety.

The fabric standard of this dragon -dense children’s bottoming shirt has reached the national standard A level, and it is the highest safety standard level that infants can directly contact. After the test of the national quality inspection organs, you can rest assured to wear it for your children.

Can’t afford the ball, it is not easy to fade, and more importantly, it does not contain harmful substances such as fluorescent agents and formaldehyde.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

The fabric uses 77.8%polyester fiber, 16.0%of recycled cellulose fiber, and 6.2%aminoly. Guaranteed

Elasticity and warmth

More optimized

Sweat -absorbent


By the way, what is regenerative cellulose fiber?

The production of regenerative fiber is inspired by the silkworm. It uses natural polymer compounds such as cellulose and protein as the raw material. It is made of a high -molecular thick solution and then processed by spinning and post -processing.

The composition of regenerative cellulose fiber structure is similar to that of cotton. The difference is that its hygroscopicity and breathability are better than cotton fiber. It can be said that it is the best hygroscopic and breathability in all chemical fibers. It is known as “

Breathing fabric

Children have a large amount of activity, and the metabolism is easy to sweat. The clothes with poor breathability cause the sweat to be unable to disperse, nor can they be absorbed by clothes. They have been adhered to the surface of the skin. When they encounter cold wind, they are easy to cool. It is also possible to cover the mule to stimulate the skin and cause various skin problems.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

The hygroscopic and breathability of this bottoming shirt is very good.

Do not sweat in personally without sweating

It is very refreshing on the body. Even after the child moves, it will not feel sticky and sweat. It is especially suitable for lively and lively baby.

The touch of the clothes is also very skin -friendly and comfortable. It feels soft and close to the skin. It is even more delicate. Because of being comfortable and breathable, children can wear them in school, exercise, or home, which is too comfortable.

The specially added 6.2%spandex ingredients greatly increased the fabric

Elasticity and heat resistance

, Children’s upper body, no matter what the great movement is, feel very comfortable.

This T -shirt also has a great advantage, that is

Dressing and resistance, it is not easy to deform.

at the same time

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Taking into account both soft comfort and durability

Dry after washing, almost no folds. After wearing it for a long time, the plate type is still strong and neat.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Half -high -neck long sleeve bottoming shirt: simple and versatile, wearing three seasons

Compared with other clothes, the bottoming shirt is a particularly practical style, plus half of the high -necked design to better protect the child’s neck warmth.

The thickness of the velvet can be worn alone in spring and autumn. Winter can be used as an inside, with sweaters, denim jackets, down jackets, etc., which are beautiful and convenient.

Let’s put it this way, this bottoming shirt, wearing spring, autumn and winter three seasons, is not a problem at all.

Choosing clothes, in addition to being comfortable, durable, and wearing, it is also important, that is


68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

This semi -high -necked long -sleeved bottoming shirt is impeccable whether it is style and type.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Slightly slim -fitting board type

, The upper body is not loose, and it will not be tightly stretched on the body.

The design of the shoulder line is also very comfortable, it will not be too tight or too loose, and the elastic fabric is comfortable and not tight.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

The sleeve length of the wrist is just right. It will not be short because it is too short; it will not be too long to affect the child’s free use of both hands because it is too long.

There are 4 colors.

Milk white bears, oats bear, light gray smiley face, black smiley face

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

Boys and girls can choose the right color ~

There is no color difference in color. You can buy it according to the color that the child likes.

Esistoris, value -for -money price

The clothes worn by children are very high in workmanship, because they are slightly uncomfortable, it is easy to detect. The semi -high -necked long -sleeved bottom shirt of the group was very sophisticated. The complicated shoulder wiring seams are neatly neat. Use all

Double Walk Reinforcement

Essence now that

Strong and durable, not easy to open

, And can be effective

Prevent deformation

, Get two birds with one stone.

At the seam, the four -needle and six -line precision boneless line process, the seams are firm, the cut edges are neat and non -wrapped, the lines are beautiful, the wiring is solid, straight, there is no thread head and joint, very smooth, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the upper body, comfortable on the top of the body, comfortable on the upper body, and the comfort of the upper body is comfortable. Do not tie meat.

68元/两件 | 秋冬儿童半高领加绒打底衫,A类品质,软糯温暖,好穿到没话说

This cotton bottoming shirt can be worn from the kindergarten to elementary school.


There are size, very complete.

In terms of size selection, it is a standard size. You can choose according to the size you usually wear. If you want to wear more comfortable babies, it is recommended to choose 1-2 yards.

The choice of clothes looked inconspicuous, but there were many ingenuity of the old mother.

Let’s open the group’s half -high -neck long sleeve bottoming shirt,

Yan value is online, quality is high, you can wear school, home, and out

This time I won you

1 piece only costs 39 yuan, 2 pieces are reduced by 10 yuan, and the price is 68 yuan

The price is too favorable! Intersection Intersection What are you hesitating? Take advantage of the event discounts, and give the baby a few more sets.








Identify the QR code and buy immediately

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