A sudden epidemic disrupted the rhythm of everyone’s life. Originally, it should have been dressed and gathered to meet, but they had to stay at home to resist the disease. It’s time to change the dress for yourself, but looking at the old clothes and underwear of the wardrobe, you can’t afford the charm that is nowhere to be placed. I want to go out and buy it, but there is a certain risk of cross -infection when going out! Jingdong 419 underwear festival to meet the needs of your clothes that you do n’t go out.

During this period of resistance to the people, the 4th underwear festival of Jingdong is coming, so that you can enjoy the fun of buying and buying without leaving home.


As early as 2017, in order to be able to trace the trend and young users who love new products and new technology styles, they can have a comprehensive understanding of the popular trend, material safety and size choices of underwear. By 2019, the underwear festival is very considerable. The JD underwear Festival has been promoting users to develop the habits of underwear shopping nodes, which can be called benchmarking activities in the category industry.

Jingdong underwear festival is not only a carnival shopping festival, but also a guarantee for you to give you big -name genuine underwear and bring freedom of freedom.

It means healthy, comfortable, taste and annual love for yourself and his family.

此外,内衣节这场盛宴强有力的为京东内衣品类站外发声也吸引着众多领跑品牌加入,如都市丽人,三枪集团,芬腾,果壳&YSO,猫人,浪莎集团,美标,金Three towers, autumn deer, top melon.

– 01 –

The admiration was born in 1993. It takes love, exquisite, and vitality as the brand tone. Each piece of underwear is preferably preferably meticulous and produced, with dozens of procedures. The product can only be listed after repeated trials and research. Deliven to provide women with exquisite and beautiful products and life experiences, and create an international high -end underwear brand that integrates Oriental aesthetics and international popularization.

Its Xin Yanlei endorsement celebrities have the same nude feeling 3/4 no steel ring gathered thick cup of bras in the bra. They belong to the nude sensory series of the face value and strength. It will be comfortable to the end. There is no support for the bottom, and the multi -angle has highlighted the chest shape. Breathd small holes are arranged to avoid sweltering.

– 02 –


Urban beauty was born in 1998. It currently has multiple ladies underwear brand series. It is the largest domestic underwear brand operation group in China. Many online platforms have opened a number of flagship stores including urban beauty, Odinfen, KAPPA underwear, free time, and urban Beibei. The sales performance has repeatedly reached a record high.


Urban Beauty 2020 New Products No Steel Cup Model Cup C -thin Model Cup 1/2 lace and half cup of bra. It uses no steel ring -free honeycomb cups. The gathering effect is obvious. After fixing, disassemble the shoulder strap, fit the back to hide the fat, and create a charming back. With lace element, it reveals sexy and careful machines.


– 03 –

Three shots were well -known Chinese brands born in 1937. With more than 5,000 offline marketing outlets across the country, comprehensive advantages in various fields such as fabrics, technology, design, production, sales, and services have become the leaders of Chinese close -fitting clothing, and left from generation to generation Chinese consumers of Chinese consumers. Excellent product experience and profound brand memories. In 2019, the three shots on the Jingdong platform increased by 40%year -on -year.

Its flat -angle trousers are made of Xinjiang long velvet cotton. They are delicate and soft, strong and humid and hygroscopic, fine workmanship, tight crotch wrapped hips, and stretching. It is not easy to get stuck, avoid tightness, and never be a “tide” man again.

– 04 –


As a leading brand in domestic home service, Fenteng has a history of 20 years. Brand fans have deep precipitation. There are stores and Internet promotion layouts in various cities across the country. There are nearly a hundred Fenteng’s own product design team, with 10 million shipments per year, and the industry ranking (home service) TOP1.

Its Tian Liang & Ye Yiqian star in the same spring and autumn new long -sleeved long -sleeved lapel cardiac cotton home clothing set, 40 double -sided combed cotton fabrics, naturally soft and humid and breathable, fine lines, clear lines, thick overall texture, thickness and texture, the overall texture and texture. Fully fit the body curve. The trendy design breaks the dullness of home uniforms, fashionable personality patterns, and highlights high -quality home life.

– 05 –


Established in 2016, Ubras is a brand -fitting clothing brand registered worldwide. It regards “comfortable and easy to wear” as the essence of underwear. The exclusive “black technology” is the founder of the industry.


Its Ouyang Nana is the same UBRAS-free vest that can sleep bras A-C cup. This product is designed with a type of vest, fixed on the shoulder strap, gathered to support the support, and the steel ring is more comfortable. Grandcot Functional fabric, hygroscopic sweating and anti -ultraviolet rays, patented water droplet model cups, naturally fits better and paid milk.

– 06 –

Fruit shell: Gukoo fashion home service, dedicated to opening a new chapter in fashion home service. It was officially settled in September 2013 to achieve continuous growth each year. At present, the home service category is three, and the number of fans of major platform stores has reached more than 5 million. There are many stores now, and they are constantly pioneering the physical market. They have joint series of major IPs such as Disney and small balls, which are welcomed by contemporary fashion youth.

The fruit shell of Disney couple pajamas autumn and winter full cotton pajamas suits. This pajamas are made of whole cotton, very soft and skin -friendly, cute cartoon printing and contrasting color, both fashion and personality, good wearing and good -looking, and not mediocre at home.

– 07 –

Shuya: Schiesser (Shuya) was founded in 1875. After more than 140 years, Shuya accompanied by several generations around the world, becoming an outstanding example and benchmark for “high quality and comfort” in the underwear industry. In 1996, Shuya landed on the Chinese market for the first time. At present, it has more than 600 sales terminals in China, which has grown rapidly in the Chinese market.

Schiesser Shuya men’s underwear flat trousers are made of Supima long velvet cotton. The toughness is soft, soft and skin -friendly, three -dimensional tailoring to reduce suture, contrasting wide belt design, avoiding tightness, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing craftsmanship, not fading or irritating, give it to give it, give it to give it, give it to give it. Men’s more comfortable dressing experience.

In 2020, the 419 Jingdong underwear festival and many big -name businesses together to create a fashion feast with fashion, popularity, and forward -looking.


Source: Beiguo.com

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