From “Ode to Joy” ignorant, unconfident and daily sleep, to the recognized Bai Fumei, Qiao Xin’s clothing was sitting on the rocket, and the straight lines soared to a ride, and in the entertainment of the beauty like a cloud, the entertainment You can also occupy a seat in the circle.


When Qiao Xin first debuted, she was crazy about a pair of long legs, and she was praised countless. She also successfully advanced to a group photo of a group photo when she participated in the event.

Today, I will bring you a few sets of Qiao Xin’s daily wear and some wearing of important occasions. Twenty or thirty -year -old fashionables can learn. Even if we do n’t have long legs against the sky, we can Wear our own taste.


The first set: cute cotton jacket with age reduction strap pants


Belt pants can be described as fashionable items that can be worn all year round. It is matched with long T in spring. In the summer, with short sleeves and slings upper body, walking in autumn with sweaters, enjoying winter with cotton clothing After different seasons, this wave of use is simply exploding.

Speaking of strap pants, the first thing you think of is denim strap pants, denim strap pants are indeed versatile and fashionable. However, ingenious girls can also choose some niche but the same fashionable materials, such as Qiao Xin, a corduroy back pants.

There will be a lot of vertical stripes on the pants of the corduroy material. After wearing it on the body, it will visually stretch the body vertically, and it will have a thin and high effect. Khaki plus the luminous fabric, retro and fashionable.

In the inside, Qiao Xin chose a heavy -duty coat, and it also felt like a tide man in the 1980s and 1990s. Snowy days with a down jacket, cute and temperature.


In recent years, the hat -scarf gloves are hot and the entire women’s group. From kindergarten to retired fashion grandma, everyone is convinced by this practical and soft appearance. Qiao Xin chose a white bear ears three -in -one, soft and glutinous, and has a very sense of winter atmosphere.

Second set: knitted suspender skirt with thin knitted cardigan

In addition to the skirts that are most obsessed with girls, there are many different styles of skirts. The skirts also have many different styles. A -shaped, skirts, straight skirts, dresses, suspenders, etc. are diverse. Each can accurately hit everyone. Sister’s girl’s heart.

In so many styles, the suspender skirt can be described as the king of the diamond, and it can be sweet and charming and sweet and cute.


Qiao Xin’s beige knitted suspender feels soft, but she does not feel tight. The colorful color of the apricot color comes with a fashionable girl who comes out of oil painting. This slim -fitting version can highlight the body curve to the greatest extent, taking the sexy route of fire this year.


The neckline is a deep V -neck design. The beautiful collarbone and the sexy career line can be seen at a glance. It can also show a charming shoulder. The ultra -fine shoulder strap can be exquisite and fashionable. The design of the waist is arranged below the chest, creating a sense of vision below the chest.

The length of the skirt is also exactly seven cm on the knee, and the small man can easily control it, and can get harder to get the perfect figure and long legs against the sky.

You can also overlap a short sweater like Qiao Xin. The personal design easily shows beautiful shoulder and neck lines, and naturally does not look bloated. The small white lace on the cardigan adds cute elements to sexy, so that this set of wear will not be too kitsch.

The sense of quantity is self -contained, but it is exactly the dramatic and contradictory of this set. This contradiction is just charming. The hair with the same color is the taste of a Hong Kong style beauty, which is just right.


The third set: flash diamond set with diamond checkered mirror bag

After Qiao Xin put on this set of flashing drills, it is full of gas field. Although BlingBling looks exaggerated in daily life, it is definitely a peerless god in the dinner. This kind of publicity that seems to be inlaid with diamonds on the whole body makes the whole person look more aura.

Qiao Xin’s match, from top to skirts, to stockings, to high heels, shining, exquisite figures, with hot red lips, cold and eye -catching, glory.

The diamond -grained mirror bag is the same as this flash drill cover. It belongs to the type of light reflection.


There are many ways to improve the temperament. The simplest and most convenient is to imitate the stars or fashion bloggers they like, and pondering their ideological ideas. Although we do not have a super high body and face value, we can still wear it.

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