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It’s really my favorite season, mainly because the autumn in Beijing is too comfortable,

Cool in the morning and evening, warm and warm

Most of them are sunny (except today).

And perfectly satisfy my desire to match, all kinds of inspiration sparks in single wear, stack, mix and match, and contrast, can’t wait

One shape a day


Coupled with the beautiful Xiangshan red leaves, you can make a film casually.

When it comes to autumn, how can you be less


Top 10 years of clothing


Single product

Over, many INS bloggers love to use it to make a concave shape.

Image source: pinterest

The windbreaker can be so popular, mainly because there are too many advantages.


Excellent, you can set up different styles in the inside, you can be casual or formal.


The essential items.


It is also full, the material is resistant to dirt and wear, and wears it in the spring and autumn seasons

Windproof and warmth

, Loose and comfortable style.


Strong, the windbreaker is a single product with a century -old history. The classics are rotten. Buy a good quality version of the windbreaker.

Wear ten years

Never be out of date

Today I will help you pick 15 trench coats and divide 3 categories according to the style:

Classic atmosphere

Fashionable and avant -garde

Intellectual elegance

Not much to say, let’s take a look together ~

The charm of the classic is to be able to withstand


Classic windbreaker, no matter what

Look at



, Basically, you have to pick.

When you are entangled in the style, buy

classic style

It is a security card that will never make mistakes.

IcICLE Falling Shoulder Wid Woodwear

Reference price: ¥ 7996

Tao password: 1 f tzfuxkzsebw ¥/:/


Everyone is familiar with?

Zhou Xun

I often wear her clothes.


High -end domestic women’s brand

It can be played by its clothes, both quality or version.

This trench coat is the classic style of Zhihe, already

I have been launched in a row for several years

Everyone knows that it is hard to sell for 2 seasons for 2 seasons, and it can only be explained that continuous selling can only be explained.

Word of mouth is really valuable

Double -breasted match with large lapels

It is a style that most people can control,



The neckline is designed to be more included, and it is more put on


This trench coat uses Optim patent fabrics, which can achieve wind and rain and rain, and at the same time

Self -weight is also very light

Cissonne classic trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 6990

Buying channel: offline counter

“You are my glory”

It was really too hot some time ago. The circle of friends was swiped. Di Lierba wore several super beautiful coats in it, all from the brand.


I think this is

The most daily and the least picking people


One of the girls with ordinary figures can also easily control. Although they cannot become an idol drama heroine, it is also important to wear good -looking and happy themselves.

The color of the windbreaker is

Light Khaki

Compared to camel, it will be younger.


The tailoring of the entire windbreaker is very neat.

More slender

, A split design at the hem, even more elegant walking.

Style of windbreaker


More slim

Wearing loose sweaters and sweaters will appear bloated inside, it is more suitable for a shirt or knitted bottom shirt to put on

Very temperamental

bottega veneta windbreaker

Reference price: ¥ 28000

Purchase channel: bottegaveneta.com

Compared to the simple atmosphere of brown trench coat,

Black trench coat

There is a little mysterious feeling, in my opinion BV is considered a manner


Noble and elegant

It is vividly reflected.

The overall design is very simple. It focuses on the triangular belt. There is no exaggerated logo, but it makes people know that it is BV at first glance.


I do



, With the length behind the raindrops of a small cloak, it is more visually available.


Looks thin

I like this the most

A -character hem

, Especially like in the movie

Beauty killer

, Super suitable for attending formal occasions.

If you usually go out,

Just open it

Inside the inside of the jeans, there is a sense of casual and unruly.

Celine wool cotton blending trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 26500


Buying channel: Celine.com


This trench coat


After passing at the airport, the counter will be directly

Sell ​​out of stock

The style is really

Classic classic

Many people mentioned the windbreaker, the first style appearing in the mind should be this.

My favorite is the same color as the clothes

Amber buckle

, Harmony is very high.

Many khaki trench coats will make black buttons, and the texture is easy to appear obtrusive.

The whole person is softer

The configuration of double -breasted and large lapels is relatively more suitable

High facial folding


Mature and three -dimensional

The owner.

I won’t say it, with a sweater and leisure, a shirt is simple and atmospheric, big brand+classic models, almost


The must -have for the bag wardrobe.

Ms. Lemaire ladies coating the waist trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 7016

Tao password: 1 k SLKQXPXPKKT ¥/:/



A independent brand founded by designer Sarah and Christophe, with elegant style and maturity, there is a kind of

French fashionable French fashion


I believe me in this trench coat, it is definitely the upper body

10 times better than the model map


The surface material is cotton

However, the leather effect is achieved by coating technology, so the self -weight is relatively lighter than the leather trench coat.

Metsmaking imitations

It is also very impressed, it will not be too public, as if they come out of the old movies,

Retro and modern.

I don’t need to say more about the tailoring of Lemaire’s house, right?

There is no excess design, but the style and figure are perfectly displayed. Lemaire’s clothes can always practice repeatedly

“Simple styles are even more tested by cutting skills.”

This sentence.

Put a shirt straight pants


Bold girl

, Put a skirt

Elegant office worker

Anyway, it looks good.

If you think the classic models are too common, or you are worried about hitting your shirt with others, you like more

Avant -garde, bold design

Then take a look at the following 5 pieces.

EDITION drawing rope waist trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 2659


Tao password: 1 w FGWBXPQ6mg0 ¥/:/



Domestic women’s clothing

There are very personal -style brands,

Qi Wei

They are also loyal fans of their family.

This light apricot trench coat has a species

Just right design,

It is neither too exaggerated, but also small design details.


The fabric is cotton and nylon blend, which is both

Cotton comfort

There are

Nylono -resistant wear -resistant

Many people sneered at the blending materials, and felt that only natural materials were the best. In fact, in the case of limited budget or limited energy, I wanted to buy one

Durable and beautiful items

Sometimes it is combined with comfort and practicality

Blended material

This goal best.

The neckline is set through the button settings, which can be created

Multiple collar

, The drawing of the waist with a short rain cover is more layered, and it can be visually good.

Pull up the waistline


, Increase the proportion,


Don’t worry about pressing height, but it will

It looks very stingy.


Ginger & Smart Horizon Waist Waver

Reference price: ¥ 5509

Tao password: 1 3 O33WXPDBNDV ¥/:/

Ginger & Smart

Is a from Australia

Light luxury brand

, Unique style, simple and gorgeous, more suitable

Better mature girl

White windbreaker

It is really a test of tailoring and fabrics. One of them will have a sense of cheapness. This trench coat is really firmly grasped.

Can’t pick it up

The material of pure cotton, comfortable, breathable,

Feel very good

The upper body is very comfortable.

Large lapel plus two front shoulder covers,

Elegant and handsome


Whether it is a belt or an open wear, it is particularly good.

The most colorful is

Pocket design

, Neutralizing a part of the formal sense, more

Feeling of casualness

Except for formal occasions, you usually don’t feel “holding” when you wear it.

However, because the clothes are long, and they are bare, this dress is more suitable

Girls with large skeletons and high skeletons

IIVIVINIKO windbreaker outer women’s large silhouette electric light blue

Reference price: ¥ 2786

Tao password: 1 v mavbxpwyvs4 ¥/:/


Is an

Domestic niche brand

Established in Shanghai in 2006, adhering to the core design concept of “simple freshness”.

I really

Planting grass

, Also when voting in the temple is also

High ticket wins

It is inevitable that the khaki white black windbreaker is too boring, from


The most time -saving work is the most work.

Because the color is sufficient, the cutting is too complicated, so it will look messy, so this piece only uses a simple micro – -shaped transliteration, but there is a kind of

“Effortless Chic”

a feeling of.

If you are not well matched, you can choose


Same color

Different saturation and lightening items, come again

Neutral black and white



, Safe and not easy to make errors;

Advanced player

Just use orange, green, purple directly


, Good -looking +100.

Dazzle Di Sui casual worker short trench coat jacket


Reference price: ¥ 3399

Tao password: 1 a WAAPXPESVXN ¥/:/



Children want to have aura

And worry about driving long trench coats, you can look at this.

Actually this trench coat is a

Fake two pieces

, The inner layer is thin, the outer layer is a traditional windbreaker fabric, so that it is both autumn and winter.


, And fashionable trench coat


There are drawers on the waist, and the small man can adjust this

Then take double high boots,

Who said that the little man can’t be tall and cool.

Compared to those who are commuting in front, this overall one will

More dynamic

With the hooded and drawing rope, they combined the Picker trench coat with sports elements.

Oversize version, more suitable

Casual item

Like a sweater and T -shirt, the overall style is more lazy and casual.

EDITION drawing rope waist -waist trench coat outer sleeve girl

Reference price: ¥ 2999

Tao password: 1 u gvuyxk24edr ¥/:/

This trench coat also comes from


, The left and right clothes films are

Asymmetric design

The lapel on the left to the side of the waistline on the side of the waist, just to form a contrast with the belt.

There is a button at the neckline, which is easy to adjust the shape.

Stand up

The effect is more French and elegant,


It is relatively generous.

In addition to the neckline, it is difficult to find an extra button,

Pumping rope and belt are all adopted by the belt

, Cut tailoring is mostly arc, there is no complex design, the overall is very suitable

Natural person


Girl with a quiet temperament


The trench coat is generally impressed by the neutrality. These trench coats recommended today

Highlighting feminine temperament


The style is elegant, and it is no problem to wear it to wear it in formal occasions.

TODS white trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 15000

Liu Shishi’s same models

White satin trench coat

The really face value is too high. At first glance, I have a grass -hearted planting, and I must recommend it to everyone.

Looking at the fairy, in fact

Very good upper body

The color is not pure white, but a bit

Partial rice

The requirements for skin tone are not high, and it is very suitable for autumn. This is mostly a season for brown camels.

The version is a bit like a loose bathrobe,

Holding meat is good.

I am quite recommended for this soft trench coat

Dajie Shi Shi

Try, do not need to be forcibly covered by hard -standing version, and it is better to cover it naturally.


The satin material, it looks



, The overall is not too strong,

Retro flavor

, Low -key and elegant.

This trench coat is more like a prominent figure than

Create an atmosphere

A piece of item is very lined with people, without the sense of disobedience of clothes and wearing people.

Be careful when you wear it


The unity of the material and thickness


, Try to avoid the discord of quantity.

Michael Kors khaki short trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 6500

Purchasing channel: Michaelkors.com

This short trench coat, the length has just passed the butt,

It’s a small one

The best choice for children

, Don’t press it,


It is very aura.


Traditional windbreaker

The styles, double -breasted buckle, shoulder straps, and front shoulder cover all have elements,

It will not be outdated in two years.

The buttons and waist chains are metal texture, and it looks more modern.

Classic camel+classic version

It is quite suitable for capsule wardrobe.

However, considering that the lapel is large, it is a double -breasted buckle, which is relatively not suitable for small girls with a particularly small sense of quantity. Instead, it is

Mature small people are more brilliant

Try to keep the accessories of accessories as much as possible, such as the picture, with metal earrings and metal chain bags, the overall unity will be more harmonious.

MaxMara mint green trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 4000

Buying channel: maxMara.com

Everyone mentioned


The first reaction is

“The coat is done well”


But there is one to say, in fact, their home

The windbreaker is also very good

, Design has its own style, and the color is also unique.

Tailoring and workman

This trench coat is a hot model this year,

Many stars

Like Kim Tae Hee and Hou Peizen, they all passed through.


Mint green is really beautiful

With a refreshing feeling, wearing this color jacket, no matter how irritable it is, he couldn’t help quietly.

Now the weather in Beijing is hot in the morning and evening, and it will be appropriate if you feel a little too dull.

During the Mid -Autumn Festival holiday, it is also a good choice to wear it. Whether it is in Jiangnan or outside,

The photos are very brilliant.

avouavou real silk satin trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 7320

Purchase channel: counter


It is a light luxury brand in South Korea,

Many heroines in Korean dramas

They often wear their clothes, styles

Intellectual elegance without losing the sense of design

This windbreaker is also made of satin, compared with the white of TODS,

Meat pink will be more dirty

, Very suitable for unintentional master,

The style is also more intellectual and gentle

I do n’t feel exaggerated, and I can wear it, and I can

Quietly add some taste to the clothes

Usually go out and walk for a walk and wear it.


The overall feeling is very strong, and there is no too masculine metal element or dark color, which is very suitable

Girls with a large curvature.

Zhizhi Zhizhi Shuanghua long trench coat

Reference price: ¥ 1490

Tao password: 1 m kmuuxpwvxgw ¥/:/


I think


The cost performance in the card is relatively high
































Classic atmosphere

Fashionable and avant -garde


Intellectual elegance



Buying channel: offline counter

Pull up the waistline


The brand, both workmanship and style are very good.

This trench coat is a carefully selected one,

Facing style Practical degree cost performance

The overall score exceeds

90 marks.


Classic retro wind clothes

, Cuttime is more three -dimensional compared to traditional trench coats,

It’s very good


The upper body is very aura.

The ring buckle of the cuff is used


, Very sophisticated, a lot of texture than resin buttons.

There are three colors of Dai Black, Khaki, and Dark Rock Gray. In order to achieve the best gloss and texture effects,

The fabrics of each color are different

, It’s really super careless.

I recommend more

This gray on the picture

, The color is very high -level, it is not easy to hit the money. It is not violated in autumn and winter light color and dark colors. It is more suitable for

The owner of the official commuting needs


Alright, today’s trench coat sharing is here ~


Which of the most grass

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