Powder is a product that is very suitable for autumn and winter makeup, and it is also a favorite foundation product with dry skin. Today, Koala chose 5 big -name powder creams on the market to give you a detailed look at their makeup.


The following 5 ladies cream, the price of the single product is really not low, so before you start, you must do a detailed homework, and then place the order after full evaluation.

Although they are all pink products, these five makeup effects are very different, and the moisturizing degree is also different. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation.

Suqqu cream


This is also one of the representative products of Japanese powder cream. After three updates, its texture and makeup effect have changed.

This powder is mainly based on the plant extract, and the temperature of the overall base makeup is still very good. Powder frost oil content is relatively sufficient, and the moisturizing degree is very high. At present, the official third -generation powder cream is suitable for dry skin use; second -generation powder creams with other channels, mixed skin can be tried.

The color numbers can be selected from the pink cream. The overall color number performance is obvious, and there is no color bias. The application of Asian skin tone is very high, and the appropriate color number can be selected.

The makeup effect of this powder is a classic creamy muscle makeup. After applying makeup, it has a high degree of fit with the skin, and the face has a soft light. The concealer is medium, but the effect of modifying the skin texture is good, which is more suitable for skin use that is slightly defective.


Lancome Xinjing Pure foundation cream


The brand of the same series of foundation products, the user’s reputation is very good. Under this popularity, Jingchun this powder cream also meets everyone.

This powder still continues the skin care route of Jingchun series base makeup. A bottle of powder contains half a bottle of essence, which is very friendly for the skin that often has makeup needs. The special feature of this powder is its makeup effect. Compared with similar products, because of the addition of the lock -locking mesh, it will obviously feel the drying speed of the powder with it. Stick it on your face to prevent the base makeup from being scratched by mottled.

When choosing a color number, it should be noted that it is biased towards the powder, which is not suitable for people with deeper skin tone. After applying makeup, it shows matte makeup effect, and the gloss is relatively weak. The concealing power is moderate, and it is more suitable for people with less skin flaws. Mixed skin and neutral skin can be tried.


CPB pink cream


Speaking of lady cream, this must be famous on the list. Its overall performance is very good. It can be said that it is worthwhile in terms of composition, powder, and makeup effects.


The makeup of this pink cream is dominated by nature. Whether it is a pink tone or makeup performance, it is committed to creating the texture of truly good skin.


There are not many color numbers that can be selected by powder creams, but except for black and yellow skin, they can basically choose the right color. The effect of the powder after makeup, the skin shows a translucent luster.

However, its concealing power is relatively weak and is not suitable for flawed skin. Because the powder is relatively light, it is the best in the five models with the skin, and the moisturizing degree is also very high. It is okay to choose it in winter. If your skin has almost no flaws, the requirements for base makeup are clear and naturally not stuck, then it is the right one.

Jana Bao Century Foundation Cream

This is also an old net red, but recently upgraded. The outer packaging of the new cream has changed, and the texture of the powder has changed to a certain amount.


Compared with the old model, its moisturizing degree is higher, and a variety of skin care ingredients are added, which is more suitable for fragile skin. There are three color numbers of this powder cream. The overall is slightly tone, which is not suitable for people with dark yellow complexion. The overall makeup effect is not obvious, it is still creamy muscle makeup, and the skin moisturizes is obvious.


This powder is relatively high in the 5 models, with good skin strength, and has a good modification effect on mild acne pores. After makeup, the skin has excellent ability to smooth the skin. Overall, it is very suitable for mixed skin selection.


Master Armani Fan Cream

This is a base makeup product that focuses on moisturizing, but moisturizing is more prominent. Among them, high moisturizing factors and pan gymioli can effectively enhance the moisturization of the base makeup and reduce the problem of drying the skin.


The color number of the pink cream is relatively positive. It may feel yellow on the back of the hand, but the upper face performance is appropriate, and it is more suitable for the pursuit of natural makeup effects. For those who do not light up the needs of the base makeup.

The face will not have a particularly strong luster on the face, moderate moisturizing, and more suitable for dry skin or neutral skin. Its concealer is the highest among the five models, and it is also applicable to slight flawed skin.

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