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Looking for a suitable bicycle cushion for yourself, this is the key to comfort and interesting riding. Of course, you may have a painful start. Different cushions have different shapes, styles and prices to choose from, which is really difficult to choose, but we have only one ass.

In this newfriend guide, we will discuss how to choose the best cushion for you – Whether you are a highway rider, a gravel car is still a mountain rider, we will help you find your fit.

A comfortable cushion is critical to all bicycle riders, because unless you are a speed down the mountain bike, BMX or try, you will have a lot of time to spend on the cushion.

In this guide, we will first introduce the working principle of the cushion (or how it should work), why different models need a cushion of different shapes, why women are different, and the overall construction of the cushion.

We also introduced some misunderstandings about cushions, including things that should not do when pursuing comfort.

Finally, we will discuss how to choose the best bicycle cushion, including how to determine the shape and size of the cushion that best suits you and your riding.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Why is the cushion suitable for it?

There are few such personalization from other aspects of bicycles, and a rider’s perfect cushion may be another rider’s torture device. Our personal body and size not only decides what is best for us, but also determines the level of riding style and overall flexibility.

Because things that need to be considered too much, it is possible to find a suitable bicycle cushion, which is likely to be a fear, especially in the case of providing so many different cushions, sizes, and shapes.

A suitable cushion should make you make full use of your ride, whether continuous motivation, or a few days of riding, you should be able to do all of this without discomfort. If you find the cushion that suits you, it will make people feel really full.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Some warning

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

It is generally believed that the bicycle cushion is uncomfortable, and unfortunately, this concept may give people a bicycle.

Suitable cushions will not cause any discomfort: there is no numbness, pain, scratch or squeeze.

If you are a newcomer to ride a bicycle, be sure to know that your body may take some time to adapt to the seat for a long time. If your seat is suitable for you, your body will soon adapt to your new location on the cushion.

However, if you still do your butt pain after the first few weeks, then look for alternatives to the new cushion may be wise.

How is the cushion work (or how the cushion works)

Just like sitting on a chair, the lowest pelvis of the pelvis supports the weight of the body, which is essential for the fit of the cushion. However, there is a significant difference in the posture of the cycling gesture.

In riding postures, men’s blind-shaped and women’s pub may also be placed on a cushion.

Although these areas can withstand a small amount of weight, the decompression here is crucial to avoid numbness and pain caused by this nerve and blood vessel.

Sitting bone width varies from person to person, so the cushion manufacturer usually produces a model of different widths. In addition, from statistics, women’s hips are wider than men, so on average, their sciament is also wider, requires a wider cushion.

If your cushion is too narrow, you might bear over-pressure or cushion is not flat. If it is wider, there will be risks of scratching during the stepper process.

Highway car VS mountain bike VS women’s bicycle vs gravel bike – actual difference?

The differences in the seats of different training are mainly related to cycling postures, but also depends on your own bicycle type but also on your riding.

For example, compared to highway bicycles in long-distance travel, highway bikers who participate in highway games may have a more aggressive location.

This location is then related to the hip angle of the rider, which will affect the interaction of the pelvis and the cushion, thereby affecting the best shape.

For faster rhythmics and more in line with aerodynamic postures (such as road ride and posture in three tribes), more flat seats often have the best results.

On the other hand, the cushion of the bending contour is usually favored by the rider of relatively upright endurance. It is often used by gravel riders, commuters or off-road rides.

In addition to the shape of the cushion, you may find some cushions designed for off-road riding, have functions designed to reduce off-road vibration, such as a shock absorbing wing or more soft housing.

What is the difference between women’s cushions?

Although some female riders are comfortable to the cushions of men and women (vice versa!), Many women prefer women’s dedicated cushions.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

The shape of the female cushion is slightly different, including central grooves or slits, and different fill densities and regions, which are corresponding to women’s body structure.

The purpose here is to provide support in important places, ie, and in the best way to avoid any pressure around the soft tissue area.

Why is some cushions have a cut?

The central groove or incision of the bicycle cushion also helps to reduce the soft tissue pressure of the rider genital area, but also help to reduce the pressure of the bliss-shaped region (male) or the pubic bows (female).

It is very similar to other aspects of the cushion, and it is necessary to repeated test to find the shape of the depression suitable for you.

What is the anatomy of the cushion and if I spend more money?


The casing or chassis of the cushion is a hard base to form its basic shape and determine its degree of bending.

The following rails are connected to the housing through the seat clip. The layer at the top of the outer casing is a filler and a cover.

A more affordable cushion will be made of plastic or fiber reinforced polymer, while more expensive cushions will use a carbon fiber shell.

It is worth noting that the specific type of cushion usually has the same shape, whether it is a plastic housing or a carbon fiber shell.

The advantage of the carbon shell is that in most cases, it is lighter than the plastic or polymer equivalent and may be more robust.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

2. Guide

The rails of the cushion connect the outer casing to the hip holder.

Steel alloy rails will become a standard configuration of a cheaper cushion, and the mid-range and top cushions tend to select manganese alloys, titanium or carbon fiber rails.

These rails are one of the main decisive factors of cushion prices, and it can also significantly reduce weight when you climb.

It is worth noting that the carbon fiber rail cushion may not be compatible with all clips because the rails are elliptical rather than a circle.

3. Outer

The outermost layer of the cushion is where we touch the seat. The cushion cover is made of a variety of materials, including leather, but synthetic leather is more common.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

When selecting a cushion, please pay attention to any obvious seam and rough patches, because different locations will cause uncomfortable, and even you will break your riding pants.

4. Fill

Although thick, soft liner seems to be the best solution to ensure the comfort of the cushion, but in the process of riding, this liner is compressed, deforming around your body, and ultimately applies pressure on the soft tissue area.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Many cushion manufacturers use a pressure map to determine where the pads are placed, and their range can be from simple foam to the gel, even a memory foam.

Many modern cushions are built using variable density foam regions to provide support and relief in their needs.

Some cushions, such as the Fizik Adaptive and Specialized Mirror Series, even 3D printing to create a polymer matrix to help reduce the pressure of a very specific area.

Most cushions have some fillers, but some drivers are satisfied with naked carbon cushions. These are absolutely not suitable for everyone, but it emphasizes the importance of finding the right cushion of the size and shape.

5. Channel, groove and incision characteristics

Many of the cushions on the market have central decompression channels or incisions. As mentioned earlier, its purpose is to alleviate any soft tissue pressure and promote blood flow. If you feel numb while riding, consider using a cushion with a cutting or central channel.

If you don’t feel numb, can you use a cushion with a cutting? The answer is yes, many people do this. It depends on what you feel most comfortable. However, please note that for some people, the incision may generate a pressure point at a position close to the edge of the channel.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

If you are often riding under dirty conditions, it is worth considering the shape of the cushion without the incision, because you are more likely to leave a lot of dirt in the place you don’t want! Some cut off-country special cushions are designed with drains to prevent this from happening.

6. Additional features

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Some cushions have additional functions such as reinforced corners on the cover to prevent scratches, while others have an elastomer between the rails and horses, and some have something such as mounting brackets for taillights and cushions.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Although these functions are additional, they should not have a much more impact on your purchase decisions.

How to choose the right cushion

The number of seat cushions on the market is dazzling, and the right cushion may mean enjoy a wonderful ride.

Here is how to choose a suitable cushion based on your needs.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

1. What kind of car are you riding?

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Even for the same person, different training on the seat is different: the seat on the highway bicycle is very similar to the seats on the best off-road mountain bike or long-distance travel. Training not only affects which cushion is best for you, but also affect your riding style.

Considering this will help you generally determine the shape of the seat to use. Here, will be described in detail later.

If you plan to participate in the game, or you are sliding forward and “relying on rivets” in the process, then the flat contour and the width and flat cushions may be the best choice.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

If you sit more straight on your bike, you will not rely too much, then a slightly wider curve profile may provide more comfort.

An extreme example is a saddle for the trial or iron man. These allows the rider to enter air kinetics at the best position without affecting the power output, usually with a very flat contour and “dyspeeding” cushion.

2. Consider your anatomy

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

In view of the fact that men and women are completely different, many brands have produced a female special cushion to accommodate the difference in the body structure. That is, many women can be very comfortable on the cushions of men or men and women, and vice versa.

If you are considering a dedicated cushion, check out our best female bike cushions.

3. What size and shape of saddle do you need?

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

As we mentioned earlier, your cushion is designed to support your sciatic, and many cushions have different shapes and sizes because we are different.

Fortunately, almost every cushion brand has its own proprietary adapter system, which helps you find a suitable cushion in its product line. This is usually used in conjunction with the method of determining the width and flexibility.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

Most stores will have a device to measure the distance between your sciasis without bothering you: usually you are sitting on the gel or memory foam pad, so your foot bone will leave the traces that you can measure.

If you can’t find a store that provides these tools, you can use a piece of aluminum foil or corrugated cardboard at home:

1) Place the aluminum foil or cardboard on the stairs of the carpet and sit down, then raise your feet to imitate your riding posture.

2) When you stand up, your scia should leave two depression.

3) Measure the distance between the center of the recess and increase 25 to 30 mm to find the ideal cushion width.

4. Can you try it?

Many stores have a set of test cushions that allow you to install and try on your bicycle. Some people sit down, you will know that this is not suitable for you, and some people need some time to determine if you are suitable.

Testing matters should be noted when the cushions include numb and any pressure on the soft tissue area. When you step on the pedal, you shouldn’t feel that the cushion is caught in your ass, you should not feel the cushion card and live your thigh. Ideally, the cushion should be appropriate, so you will not pay attention to it!

It is best to spend at least one hour time using a cushion, because your body takes some time to adapt to the new cushion, and the small problem floats. If you can spend a longer time, it is better, because this will make you more chance to test any incompatibility before investing.

Some brands provide programs for a long time, if you are not satisfied, return it, or other brands provide free seat cushions until you find the seat cushion that suits you.

超详细入门选购技巧 教你如何选择合适的坐垫?

5. How much does you have to spend?

The amount you need to spend on the cushion mainly depends on the material used.

If you need a sturdy and light carbon fiber shell and rail, then this requires a high price.

On the other hand, the entry-level cushion with the polymer housing and alloy rails is very reasonable, and the weight difference is not too large in the case where the entire bicycle is counted.

Other features such as incisions or grooves often add a layer of complexity to the manufacture, so prices may reflect this.

How to make my cushion more comfortable?

Although the filled gel saddle cover seems to be a better way to make your saddle, this is likely to produce the opposite effect.

During the entire cycling, the thick gel pad will squeeze your sciatic and soft tissue, which is actually more uncomfortable with your sciament and soft tissue.

Moving the cushion forward or backward on the rail (within the secure limit range shown) affects the distance from the car and the position you are on the foot.

Most people have found that the horizontal cushion is very comfortable, although some people feel that the seat is slightly tilted more comfortable. However, if too much tilt, you may find that the pressure will pass through your wrist and hand. Make sure you have set the cushion to the correct height. This is also very important.

Adjusting your bike is a professional rider must do, including the best seat shape, size and location for you. In addition, don’t underestimate the strength of a high quality vex, even some skin care cream is more suitable for long-distance riding.

Finally, keep in mind that your cushion should feel completely comfortable for a few hours. By trying different models and locations and measuring your sciatic width, you will eventually find your right!

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