Lingda’s mold -proof paper is a mildew chemical agent, which is processed processing paper. When packing other products with this paper, the “antibacterial environment” in the package can be formed to inhibit the breeding and reproduction of mold, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing mold.


Mold -proof paper mainly adopts advanced mold -proof techniques. Shoes and hats, leather, gloves, bags, crafts, clothing, stationery and other products will not mold mold. When the solid drying response has water in the air, the co -noodle paper will release mold -proof factors, and the moisture reaction with the air will form a mold -proof space production. Please use it with confidence.


The method of use of mold -proof paper is simple, use the following steps to use

1. Open the platinum paper bag and take out the mold -proof paper.

2. During the final packaging process, one or more molds are torn off on the shoe box, the effect is more obvious. Paste the mildew -proof paper should not be directly exposed to the shoes, and do not respond to the leather in different environments. It is best to install shoe and bags with non -woven fabrics.

3. After sticking to the paper, cover the shoe cover immediately, do not open it.

4. Put the mold -proof paper in a platinum bag in use and seal it with a tape as soon as possible.

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