Every time my mother -in -law buys vegetables, she locks the cabinet, and once I forgot to lock. I immediately called the police immediately after watching it.

My husband and I just took the father -in -law from the countryside this year. The two of us have been married for five years, and the two have also struggled with a small world that belongs to us.

The monthly salary of my husband also has more than 30,000 yuan a month, and I also have more than 10,000 yuan of salary. After my son was born, I asked nanny to take care of it.

The nanny Auntie is very good. She is about the same age as her mother -in -law, but she also resigned with me at the end of the last year. She said that her son asked her to retire and enjoy the blessing. I was also happy for the aunt and packed her a big red envelope.

After the Chinese New Year, my husband and son returned to the mother -in -law and said that they would take my in -laws to enjoy the blessing. I also agreed. I also thought that my mother -in -law could help take her son.

My relationship with my mother -in -law is still able to pass, and the two can also talk about it. After the year, my in -laws came up with us.

Every month I will give my mother -in -law 5,000 yuan, and my husband will also give my mother -in -law for 2,000 yuan per pocket money per person.

In the past few years, we will also give a lot of living expenses every month. The two of them still have pensions themselves.

But I recently discovered that my mother -in -law has a quirk. Every time my mother -in -law goes to buy food, I will lock the kitchen cabinet. If I want to get something, I have to lock my mother -in -law. This makes me feel weird because the cabinet There is nothing valuable in it.

As a result, when I was going to get a bottle of honey in the cabinet, I found that the cabinet was not locked this time, and my mother -in -law forgot to lock.

I opened it and looked stupid. I shouted my husband quickly, and my husband was shocked after watching it.

When I ran to ask my mother -in -law, the cabinets were actually some health products, and there were still some three -free products!

I discussed my mother -in -law and my mother -in -law must be deceived, and I cheated to buy such a lot of health products!

When I asked, I knew that my mother -in -law spent 50,000 yuan for these products! The husband immediately called the police.

Husband said that although there were not many dollars, but this was very serious. The in -laws were deceived as soon as they came. It was difficult to protect them again.

I immediately picked up the telephone and reported the police.

I think my approach is also correct. Now the scammers’ techniques are strange, and the elderly are invincible.

Do you say my approach is right?


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