Simply understand the role of air filter

What are the effects of air filters? Are you curious about it? Due to the air quality today, everyone’s requirements for air filters are also getting higher and higher. The northern filter will explain the role of the air filter for everyone:

1. What kind of substance is filter

The role of the air filter is mainly manifested in filtering substances, but what substances do it filter? Experienced people point out that the air filter can actually filter the air solid particles, such as iron dumbs or sand, and even water vapor and oil droplets can be filtered. Essence With the protection of air filters, we can breathe more fresh air, especially friends who often stay at home.

How to deal with

The role of the air filter is to purify the air, but what is it to deal with those filtering substances? Those who have experienced technology point out that in fact, the air filter cannot digest the effects of those polluting substances by themselves, and we need to manually clean the substances regularly. Once the air filter is accumulated, it can easily cause the air filter to fail, and even affect the surrounding air quality. In order to avoid such things, it is recommended that you keep the air filter clean, so that you can also have a healthier environment.

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Simply understand the role of air filter

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