Speaking of touch inquiry, I believe everyone is not strange, its “figure” has already paved all walks of life, is widely used in various fields, intelligent + convenience gives people’s lives and work brings huge help. .

Touch query one can help business and consumers quickly build “bridge”, enterprise merchants release pictures, videos, text, etc. in the background, video, text, etc., consumers can be intuitive through the screen


Understand product details, when consumers see their products or content you are interested, you can use your finger touch display for further query operations, see more information. Vivid graphic video marketing method plus human machine interaction mode, can quickly attract consumer eye, effectively stimulate consumers’ purchase desire.

Touching query all-in-one, a set showing smart commercial display device products integrating with intelligent touch. It built into Windows system or Android system (optional), using the world’s most advanced touch technology 10-point infrared touch screen or 10-point capacitive touch screen (optional), you can play it as a play picture / Video / text ad can touch computers or tablets in the Internet.

With the rapid development of intelligent technology and network technology, the type of touch inquiry in various industries is also varied, how can I pick up a touch inquiry for my company? First you have to know it. Today, far-reaching technology takes everyone to fully understand all aspects of the touch inquiry.


From the appearance, the touch query one is divided into: vertical touch all-in-one, wall hanging touch one machine, horizontal touch one machine 3 style.

Vertical touch one machine

Vertical touch one machine, directly on the ground, from the liquid crystal screen to the base, is flat, there will be a fixed base, vertical screen installation, convenient maintenance, can manage multiple networks. Conventional size 32 inch / 43 inch / 49 inch / 55 inch / 65 inch / 75 inch / 86 inch / 98 inch (optional)


Wall-hanging touch one


Wall-hanging touch all-in-one, using wall-mounted directly to fix the touch all-in-plane. Vertical screen, horizontal wall wall mount installation, convenient maintenance, can be connected to multiple networks, regular size 18.5 inch / 21.5 inch / 32 inch / 43 inch / 49 inch / 55 inch / 65 inch / 75 inch / 86 inch / 98 inches (Optional)

Horizontal touch one machine

The horizontal touch one is added to the base of the wall-hinter touch, and the original wall-mounted touch one is directly placed on the base. Floor-style horizontal screen installation, convenient maintenance, can be managed by multiple networking, routine size 18.5 / 21.5 / 32/43/50/55/65/75/86/98 inches (optional)


Horizontal touch is integrated in the appearance of the base bracket shape, the style model is also a variety of kinds …


Type I

The I-type touch one is designed to be designed as a shape similar to the English letters “I”, putting the original wall-mounted touch one on the I-shaped base. “I” is also shaped with “small waist”, so it is also called a small waist touch inquirit.

K type


The concept is like type I, which is functionally, and only different is the case that the base becomes “K”.


The same principle, the concept is the same as the type I and K type, that is, the base becomes “L”.


Type I, K, L type is a relatively common horizontal style, far-reaching technology support size, color, customization

Touch query one-integration function overview

★ Support 1920 * 1080P full HD video playback (can be customizable 4K), compatible with a variety of mainstream picture video formats

★ Support intelligent scales, video, pictures, text synchronous playback

★ Support timing switch machine, real-time insertion

★ Support network remote update play content list, can be connected to multiple terminal devices, controlled by central server

★ Support 7 * 24 hours operation, more easily


★ Support Touch Query, web browsing

★ System configuration: Windows system or Android system (optional)

★ Touch type: 10 points infrared touch or 10-point capacitive touch (optional)


Today, touch inquiry inquiries, rich in functional configuration, high promotion, strong interaction, can meet different industries.

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