In this year’s fashion circle, there is still a “color sweater” vane, which not only focuses on the demeanor, but also the color sweater that pays attention to the temperature makes Xiao Se’s autumn and winter season bright.

The sweater has always been the evergreen tree in the fashion circle,

Eternal items and other elements can collide with wonderful sparks

, And with a sense of festive atmosphere

The three models of pattern sweater, geometric sweater and rainbow sweater are definitely the first choice for Christmas wear


Pattern sweater

The scope of pattern sweaters is very wide. Whether it is a feminine floral or simple and irregular print, it belongs to the pattern sweater.

Don’t look at the pattern sweater is no different from ordinary sweater, but the rich color with the delicate sense of lighting sweater, and as long as the collar style of the pattern sweater is selected right, the pattern sweater is easy to control.

Pattern sweaters

The collar determines the style of the entire item, the shape and size directly modify the shoulders and chests directly

1. Full upper body

Girls with a plump upper body have a common trouble, that is, wearing pattern sweaters will look bloated, and the shortcomings such as width shoulder and thick arms are obvious, which is inseparable from the plush fabric of the pattern sweater itself. The body shape is enlarged.

V -neck, U -neck, W neck, etc.

The neckline of naked skin can completely reduce the width of the shoulders and chest

And the upper movement of the visual center of gravity is completely created by the plump girls, directly

Weaken the thickness of the upper body

2. Thin upper body

The thin little sisters on the upper body have to do the opposite and try to do it as much as possible

Wearing a round, high -neck, and lapel necklines that enlarge shoulder and chest

Create a more proportioned body.

Geometric sweater

The geometric sweater is very close to the pattern sweater. The only difference is that the geometric sweater only uses the shape of the line to create a eye -catching fashion match.

Geometric three -dimensional feeling weakens the delicateness of the sweater

The mixed neutral style is very suitable for cool girls, making the way to open the geometric sweater colorful.

Geometry sweaters have no taboos in terms of neckline, and they can modify the geometric elements of the figure in themselves. They have the effect of slim meat on their own.

1. Standard shoulder line design

Standard shoulder line design is the most common, but its suitable population is far from as much as expected. It seems that only girls with a smooth body line and a perfect upper body proportions can control the standard shoulder line design.

2. Shoulder line design of the shoulder or plug -in shoulder

The shoulder line design of the shoulder and shoulder is more visually narrow than the standard model, which is very suitable for girls with wide shoulders.

These two shoulder line design

Fuzzy shoulder line

On the one hand, it shows the random laziness of geometric sweaters, and on the other hand, adding the fashionable atmosphere of geometric sweaters.

It should be noted that wide shoulders are not equal to fat figures. The shoulder line design of falling shoulder and shoulders will improve the proportion of shoulders to arms. Although this is very friendly to wide -shoulder star people, it is a disaster for fat girls.

If you are fat, you must enter cautiously

Rainbow sweater

In other words, striped sweater

The horizontal stripes are wearing it than vertical stripes, and the former’s appearance rate is higher.

Rainbow sweater is the most versatile of Christmas wear. Starting from the color itself, the colorful color is full of fashionable atmosphere. Whether it is paired with pants or skirts, you can get rid of the sense of passersby.

When wearing a rainbow sweater,

Create a sense of vision of short sweater

, Probably

Below 5 cm below the chest

It will be a good choice. The long and lower body length of the upper body is high and thin, and even the female celebrities can’t resist the charm of long legs.

Color sweaters conquered the beauty of the fashionable essence with an unstoppable trend,

Both warm and elegant

It brought the atmosphere to the fashion front end!

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Three color sweater are so beautiful! The atmosphere of rendering festivals, can’t miss them on Christmas wear




Rainbow sweater

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