I believe that many friends who do operations have experienced the experience of pushing, and they have also worried about the low conversion rate of the ground.

When I was studying in Germany before, I happened to meet the ground push of doctors without the country (students who did not understand this organization can Baidu on their own). I feel very exciting and have a certain reference significance.


Event restoration

After class that day, I saw a small stall in front of the school, and walked over and looked at it. At this time, just a staff member noticed me and talked to me.

He first took out a ruler on the table (the ruler could be rolled up, but he could keep it straight after straightening). Different scales on the ruler correspond to different color intervals, such as 0-10 corresponding red, and 10-20 corresponding orange.

My sight fell on the ruler with his movements. The first reaction was: what is this and why


He seemed to see through my mind and asked directly, “Do you know what this thing is used for?”

I shook my head and said I didn’t know.

He did not answer me directly, but straightened the tape measure and slammed it on my arm. Then I told me: “This is a ruler to measure the width of the arm of African children.”

I suddenly realized.

Next, he further explained to me: “Through this tape measure, we can roughly judge the child’s nutritional status. If the width of his arm falls in the red area, it means that he is in a state of extreme malnutrition. If It is green, it means that his nutritional state is good. “

Following his explanation, I drank the scope of the red area on the ruler. It can be imagined -a circle surrounded by red areas is very small.

At that moment, I felt very vividly to how thin the African children’s arm was, and suddenly the pictures that I usually saw in TV shows suddenly appeared in my mind.

At this time, pushing the personnel said: “Africa has more than 90 % of children in Africa, and their arms have fallen in the red area.”

Speaking of which, I am afraid that most people’s reactions are: “Wow” or “God”.

The pushing personnel then threw the next sentence: “So, we want to help them in an efficient and economical way.” Then take out a small bag (about 250g) something similar to nutrient solution. Tell me that this is their nutritional products for African children, and this small bag can ensure their necessary nutritional supply in a week.

Honestly, when I see such a small bag of things can exert such a large energy, my heart was amazed at that moment.

At this time, the ground push personnel threw me a question again: “How much do you guess this bag?”

I thought about it, and after all, it was a week of energy, and the price should not be too cheap, but it was too expensive and unrealistic. I guess 5 Euros.

He said, “More, then guess.” I said 3 Euros, he still shook his head.

In the end, I asked doubtfully, is there only 1 Euro?

He smiled and said the answer: “0.5 Euros”.

At such a cheap price, I did not expect that the contrast between the front and rear was huge -a bag of 250g, and only 0.5 Euros of liquid, which can provide African children a week’s calories.

After this step, he threw out the most important question: “So do you want to help these children?”

I believe that here is at least emotionally, most people have no reasons for resistance.

Of course, once it involves paying for money, the whole problem becomes rational and realistic.

So I said, how do I donate?

At this time, I found that they considered some specific details.

First he took out an iPad and told me to fill in and bind the basic situation of bank cards. When he got to donate, he pointed to the option on the screen and said, “You can choose to donate 20 euros, 50 euros or 100 Euros a month.”

“Of course, knowing that you are a student, your monthly living expenses are fixed. So you can also fill in the amount by yourself and choose how much money is free to donate.”

Speaking of this, my last doubt was also dispelled, and naturally I donated money within the scope of power.


Event analysis

Now, let me analyze where the success of this time is.

Perfect grasp of people’s psychological reactions

First of all, whether it is a copywriting document or an activity, if you want to achieve a good conversion, you must meet the laws of people’s psychological reactions:

Attention -stimulate interest -evoking desire -promoting action

In these four steps, doctors without borders can really be said to be inherited and converted.

As soon as I come up, I don’t let me donate money directly, but take out a colorful tape measure


This action directly caught my attention.

Then throw a question: guess what this is doing? ——In Q & A, my curiosity was inspired.

What’s more exciting is that when the dialogue arrived here, it did not enter the third step.


Take out the nutrient solution


Let me guess the price of nutrient solution

Stimulate interest.

The foreplay has been done, and I have fully perceived that I can ensure the quality of life of a African child at a very small cost. At this time, I can’t think of it without a donation -here, the third step, the third step, the third step, the third step, the third step, the third step, the third step Finish.

In the end, they solved my final doubts with a comprehensive and detailed donation mechanism, allowing me to donate money at a minimum cost to promote transformation smoothly.

On each key node, the psychological response of people is predicted, and the undertaking and guidance is perfectly given, and the fastening is buckled, and a little cycle is recovered. When I restore this incident in a few months, I feel like a feeling of watching the story. Essence

Sceneization, concrete

Imagine that if they change to an expression: 90%of African children, their arms width is within X centimeters, far lower than normal standards. Can I still have such a strong perception?

Replace it with a ruler and replace it with a red warning area on the ruler, and replace the numbers with color, especially when the ruler is stubborn in my hands, everything becomes concrete, and sympathy is easy to be easily affected wake.


Clear and specific result

If you change an expression: Your donations will be used in African children’s nutritional promotion plans. I am afraid I won’t believe it so easily. The first reaction is probably: Will money be taken over? How do I know that all the money I donate is used on children?

They directly put the donation results in front of me: the money I donated will be used for a bag of weight


The production of nutrient solution, and this bag of liquid can ensure a child’s nutritional supply for a week.

Clear rules, specific results, replaced the promise that sounds unable to verify. Although we can still doubt that donations were not used for the production of nutrient solution, at least in the scene at the time, a bag of nutrient solution was still convincing.

4. 4..

Flowing transformation path

There is no need to talk about this part. After clarifying the audience’s willingness to donate, they feel smooth and comfortable when they really donate through the detailed design, without too much psychological burden and other costs.

After seeing such a superb land push skills, every time I encountered a little brother on the street, I took a leaflet and asked me.


Beauty, do you do a fitness card?

When I sighed in my heart, I left quickly.

Finally, summarize the four -point inspiration given by this case again:

Follow the psychological response path and do every step to the next step, instead of jumping.

Instead of expressing skills, so that the audience can have more intuitive perception.

Give the audience with clear rules, especially to give the audience a clear and specific result.

Basic support should be smooth and reduce the behavior cost of the audience.

Hope to give you some inspiration.

What kind of land push is called? They gave textbook -like demonstrations









4. 4..


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