Miss an old elm tree

Author: Zhang Xiufang

The distant old elm tree grew in my heart, nearly half a century. In the elderly, the image of the old elm tree not only did not go from my thinking, but instead became more lush and lush. Is the god showing what the gods show in the meditation?

Oh, I understand, I should use a piece of text to record the old elm tree that has been vicissitudes after years and the story related to the old elm tree.

Since I remember my notes, the old elm trees with lush leafy, lush and lush, and old -fashioned dragon bell grew in the northeast corner of the land behind my house. Every year on May, the old elm tree is full of muttering elm money, and it recruits the adult dolls in the village. The dolls stood at the low place, stood down a pair of elm money, and stuffed them into their mouths. The adults put down the elm money one by one and put them in a cloth bag on the belt. With the opinions of the elder brother and cousin, the people in the village are not allowed to come to the elm money, because the old elm tree belongs to the private property of our family. His father was a party member and a village secretary. He allowed the people in the village to come to the elm money and say how much can our family eat for such a big tree.

Everyone has greed. Some people, with a bag of puppets, have to talk about it, but also take a handle and take it home. If you let your father see it, you will come forward to reprimand and say a branch, which is also a life. If everyone comes to the branches, then this elm tree will have been dead for a long time. Over time, people understand that the old elm tree, which has a different origin, is the root of the father’s life. Whoever wants to take a branches is like a father’s heart. What his father was guaranteed, more than some branches, he kept some hope of living, or the thoughts of life.

His father said many times during his lifetime that in the Changma Mountains, he was cool, and no one was willing to plant elm trees. His hometown Yumen has an elm tree everywhere. Since his father has settled in Changma and “married” to my mother, he thought of planting some elm trees in Zhuangzi (that is, surrounding). Because the elm is all treasures, elm money can eat food, elm leaves, people can eat, and can also feed pigs. Every spring, my father goes back to his hometown. When he returns, he carrys a bundle of elm tree seedlings, grinds a pair of shoes, and walks on the mountain road to carry the elm seedlings back. Planting every year, dying every year, my father thought about a way. When the winter passed, he overwhelmed the small elm tree, covered with wheat grass, and pressed the thick layer of soil on the wheat grass, so he was so bars. Essence My father said that when the steel refining in 1958, many big trees in the village were burned by steelmaking. Someone hit the idea of ​​just growing up, and his father stopped for thousands of reasons. When his father was worried that someone came to cut the elm at night, he stayed under the elm. The large steel refining was a gust of wind. As soon as the limelight was over, the elm tree was guaranteed. His father recalled that during the three years of natural disasters, the elm tree saved the life of many people. In the summer, Yu Qian was long, and his father sent several members of the thoughts to pull Yu Qian, who grew up on the tree, and distributed it to the people on the team. In a few days, Xiaoyu Qian grew up again, sent someone again, and then divided them down. The elm Qian was all gone, and the leaves of the elm, a tree, can be hundreds of pounds of elm leaves, and then divided them to each household according to the head. It was that the elm money, the leaf of the elm, and the life that made a lot of dying. In this sense, the old elm tree in my family is like a meritorious merit. Protecting it is an obligation, destroying it, is a sin.

Gradually, a few of our brothers and sisters grew up, and protecting the old elm tree became our inconceivable obligation. The old elm tree, green and withered, dry and green, year -old, accompanied us to grow.

In the summer, the old elm tree began to settle on the elm money, the nail cover was round, light green and light green. I was hungry, and I ate into my mouth, a faint sweetness, refreshing. When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I was fascinated by reading a book. After school every day, I took a novel, three or two times, climbed up to the old elm tree, and rode in the tree fork to read a book. When I was hungry, I took a handful of Yu Qian and eat it. After a long time, I have attached to Lao Yu tree, or feelings. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I have to stop under the old Yushu every day to touch its rough body and have a sense of satisfaction.

When the mother will live, when Yu Qian is long, she will send us a few, take a few blue seeds, pick it, buy a few times, dry it, spread it on the chopping board, mix a few bowls of bean noodles and below, Steam in the cage. After an hour, Yu Qian rice was steamed. The mother dripped a few drops of oil with oil in it, sprinkled a few plain sugar, and mixed it with chopsticks three times. The steamed Yuqian rice became a staple food. Adults and dolls were very sweet. When you eat Yu Qian’s light, you start to slap the leaves of the Yu. The leaf of the elm is not as delicious as the elm money, and the mother uses a small amount of white noodles to mix some bean noodles. Steamed, a few drops of oil with oil, put one more sugar, and taste good.

If it wasn’t for the mother’s careful calculation, where can our family save so many reserve food? In the era of eating food for the country, the reserves of the reserve in our family, and many people in the team spent the famine in the team. And our old elm tree, which also provides a lot of food for people who lack food.

Everyone in the village knew the grace. His father died suddenly in 1983. On the day of the death, men, women, and children in the village leaned out and sent off for his father. The vast and moving scene is exciting everywhere.

Old Elm tree was over 80 years old, and his life came to an end. After 10 years of packaging, the younger brother finally fell down the senior old elm tree. According to the younger brother, the old elm tree, the root section was empty, completely stunned, and fell down.

At that time, when I heard the news of my younger brother down the old elm tree, I had an unprecedented sense of loss, as if a beloved thing was lost. I left the farm work at hand and ran to my mother’s house. When I saw the tree body and branches scattered to the ground, I couldn’t stop tears. The younger brother said, isn’t it just an old elm tree, it is worth crying and sad. At this point, what can I do.

Old Elm tree left, what it left to me is endless thoughts and concerns. Old Elm tree, in my heart, is a landscape that never disappears, and a precious memory.

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