Smartphones have become one of our most frequently used electronic devices, but as the frequency of use continues to increase, many users have begun to find that endurance has become the largest shortcoming of mobile phones. A lightweight and beautiful mobile phone has to connect a bulky charging treasure at night, which is really departing from the original intention of “lighting into the battle”.


In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, mobile phone manufacturers have chosen to plug a larger battery in a limited body. For example, the latest iQOO U5 is equipped with a large capacity of 5000mAh. At the same time, this phone also has highlights such as 6nm chip Snapdragon 695G, 6.58 -inch 120Hz high refresh rate screen, etc. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a more endurance “Performance King Kong”.

Light and long battery life can be both

It is said that light and long battery life cannot be available, but the emergence of IQOO U5 refreshes our cognition. As a product built -in 5000mAh battery, the thickness of the IQOO U5 is only 8.25mm. At the same time, IQOO U5 also adopts the very popular right -angle border design. It is matched with a familiar corner design, and it also makes the side side of the fuselage below.

IQOO U5’s whole machine thickness is 8.25mm

Under the thin body, the shot bulge is naturally inevitable. In order to reduce the impact of the raised lens on appearance, the IQOO U5 uses a classic “visual cloud step” design. By using a natural step transition through the extension part of the camera, the design of the camera is cleverly combined with the back of the mobile phone to see it to see it. Going up will not be abrupt.

IQOO U5 image system uses a classic “visual cloud step” design

Holding iQOO U5 in his hand, he couldn’t feel the burden at all. The entire machine weight is only 185g, and the body weight is quite well done. At the same time, thanks to the innovative texture design, when holding one hand, the palm of the palm will not leave fingerprints, and the fingers can be placed directly on the power/fingerprint two -in -one button. When IQOO designed this phone, I did incorporate their own thinking.

IQOO U5 screen refresh rate support free switching

From the number of “5000mAh”, it can give people a sense of security, and after actual measurement, IQOO U5 played for one hour at the HD video for one hour, which consumes only 5%of the power, and the performance is quite powerful. In addition, this water drop screen of IQOO U5 also supports the refresh rate of up to 120Hz, but we still recommend that you start the “smart switch” function to achieve both “smooth sliding” and “power saving”.

IQOO U5 uses a 6.58 -inch screen

In daily use, the 6.58 -inch large screen of IQOO U5 can also provide us with a good look. This screen uses IN-CELL full-fit technology, and the color color is more gorgeous. And in order to reduce the damage to the eyes, this screen also supports eye protection mode, which can filter out harmful blue light and relieve visual fatigue.

Snapdragon 695 blessing is enough

Although IQOO U5 is a product of thousands of dollars, it is also unambiguous in performance. It is equipped with a 6nm process technology Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor, a more advanced process, which can also ensure that the battery life of IQOO U5 is more durable, and supports 5G dual -card dual -standby, 5G Vonr+5G Vonr dual -high -level voice calls and other functions It also allows IQOO U5 to have a good experience in the thousand yuan gear.

IQOO U5 uses a three -choice and two card slot

In addition to Snapdragon 695, IQOO U5 also built -in 128GB storage. And if you are worried that such a capacity is not enough, you can also continue to expand with TF cards. This time IQOO U5 uses the design of the three -choice two -card slot, which is convenient for users to use TF cards to further expand the capacity of the mobile phone.

Of course, IQOO U5 has not forgotten the “born and powerful” gene. For gamers, IQOO U5 has the “five -liquid cold heat dissipation” technology, and through the “liquid cooling copper tube+graphite heat dissipation film+heat dissipation copper foil+heat -conducting gel+3 temperature sensor”, the five -heavy solution system plus COOLING TURBO The intelligent thermal management system can reduce the core temperature by 10 degrees.

In addition, this phone also has a pre -download function of the game. The built -in game center of the mobile phone can help users download the resource pack and APK in advance in their spare time. When the game is officially released/updated, it is used immediately. For those who often play mobile games The function of not opening “. In the process of daily use, the built-in Multi-Turbo 5.5 of the IQOO U5 can in-depth control and optimization of core resources such as memory, storage, CPU, and network to ensure the stability of the daily experience.

50 -megapixel dual camera record life

Going out to take pictures has become a daily life for many people. This time, IQOO U5 uses a 50 -megapixel main photography and a macro lens combination of 2 million pixels in terms of hardware, which is enough to meet our shooting needs. During daily shooting, the mobile phone will output a 12.5 million pixel photo by pixeling one by one, and if you also need to take a more high -definition picture, you can also choose to open the 50 million pixel mode in the settings. In addition, this phone also integrates vivo’s AI smart image function. When taking photos, the built -in AI on the phone can optimize the picture through algorithms to present a fuller perception, helping us out of the blockbuster.

Use Iqoo U5 to shoot

IQOO U5 can not only satisfy daily shooting, but also record a good picture for us at night. There is still much room for improvement in the night scene of the traditional thousand yuan machine, and the IQOO U5 can almost make a film at night. All this is due to the built -in night scene algorithm. It can optimize the scenes such as dark light, night backlight, and present a picture with less noise and high dynamic range. The photos taken are described in a word, which is “transparent”.

Originos Ocean blessing

In early December this year, Vivo officially launched a new generation of Originos Ocean system. As the latest product launched by IQOO, IQOO U5 naturally also equips the latest operating system. Compared with the previous Originos 1.0 version, the new Originos Ocean has a more concise and light UI design, so it looks more in line with the aesthetics of young users.

Originos Ocean

Privacy protection has become the core of the present, and the new Originos Ocean also has many updates in terms of privacy. Just slide to the left side of the desktop to turn on the built -in atomic privacy system. This is a system -level privacy encryption solution. All kinds of documents placed in the privacy system will not leave traces. Moreover, when Originos Ocean, when the three -type sensitive privacy rights are called the camera, recording, and positioning, they will also use the corresponding notice to remind them to ensure that each user’s privacy information can be held in their own hands.

At the end

Good performance allows people to “play well”, but a large battery can make people “play for a long time.” The built -in 5000mAh battery has laid a solid foundation for the long -lasting experience of IQOO U5. The thin body and the fashion appearance also bid farewell to the misunderstanding of “long battery life”. If you have high requirements for battery life and hope to completely solve the endurance anxiety, a IQOO U5 is enough to meet your needs.


Use Iqoo U5 to shoot

Use Iqoo U5 to shoot

Use Iqoo U5 to shoot

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