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The 34 -year -old popular actress Miki (Miki) was a member of the Hong Kong women’s group cookies. After 2005, she began to develop independently. She has made a movie. She has also made many representative works for many years. In 2016, Yang Aijin married the Prince Yong’an, who was dragging for 9 years.

After 9 years of love, the two couples determined that the other party was a lifelong partner after a long -distance running, and then entered the wedding hall to organize families. Now they are very beautiful and happy. However, a Hong Kong media suddenly revealed that Yang Aijin’s husband Guo Yongchun’s ex -wife, Wu Zhiheng, has received great attention from netizens.

According to Hong Kong media news, 41 -year -old Wu Zhiheng was in his early years because of rare gastrointestinal diseases, coupled with depression and severe insomnia, neural line degeneration, and restricting activity ability to travel by crutches. A few days ago, some weekly magazines suddenly pointed at Guo Yongchun, and the reason why Wu Zhiheng suffered from depression was caused by the divorce of the two. Wu Zhiheng’s gastrointestinal disease is getting worse, and in the end, he has to cut off the stomach.

Guo Yongchun and Yang Aijin did not respond to the incident. Instead, Wu Zhiheng couldn’t help but post on the social network after learning about the rumors! She first stated that she was about to face a big operation, so she would not write any messages in the future.

Wu Zhiheng said: “My stomach has not been separated as long as I have not been separated from my ex -husband, and then I can’t eat because the sequelae causes intestinal adhesions. It is never the report that the stomach should be cut off because of anorexia because of her ex -husband. Essence

About a month ago, because I couldn’t eat, I did a look at the optic agent. I found that the large intestine was blocked, and I might have a major surgery. I am very afraid of worry. Due to a big surgery of the doctor who was operating for me that year, my stomach could not move normally. “

In addition, Wu Zhiheng revealed that he would change to another psychiatrist to continue diagnosis and treatment for herself. It is related to the recent increasingly unstable condition. She said that the antidepressant drug she has always taken has lost its effect, but she does not want to rely on anyone to help. Therefore, some souvenirs are sold online to earn medical expenses. I hope everyone can generously help. Many netizens sympathized with her and cheered her.

In fact, as early as 2011, Wu Zhiheng once bombarded his ex -husband Guo Yongchun and Yang Aijin on the social network. At that time, she claimed that her ex -husband did not smell after her illness, and only cares about her with Xinhuan Yang Aijin into the river.

She also described her ex -husband’s “destroying my life and then abandoning me.” Until Guo Yongchun married Yang Aijin in 2016, he rarely issued a statement that he had always been low -key. The current wife Yang Aijin washed the stigma of the third party.

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