Like a women’s pajamas this year, the design of lantern sleeves is more and more fashionable; the fabrics of home clothing are mainly based on the original pajamas. Silk, coral velvet, bamboo fiber, ultra soft velvet, Modal and other new fibers.

In addition to changes in styles and fabrics, ideas have also changed. For the source of more than 10 years of pajamas, they can’t wear old clothes to go out and change to pajamas, and now everyone almost has a special pajamas. The pajamas have also been divided into bedroom clothes, garden clothes, etc., which enrich the use of home costumes. Home clothes are developing in the direction of “life clothing”.

In addition, the industrial development of home clothing is becoming more and more professional. In the past, pajamas were produced to sales, and now every brand is creating its own special brand positioning, corporate culture, management and sales have cultivated a batch of batch of batch of batch Professional talents.

This kind of specialty is different from other clothing categories. Like our home service clerk, when a second -level agent in different regions, it will recommend appropriate goods according to the local temperature to avoid affecting sales. For example, in winter, the second -level agent in the south, we will recommend our secondary agent to select some thick home clothes, because the south has no heating, and the role of pajamas is in addition to comfortable, but also to keep a warm role.

I also have a special thing to say, that is, I hope that the mall to divide a area for home clothes, such as men’s clothing areas, women’s clothing areas, leisure sports areas, and underwear areas to provide better channel space for home clothing. Those mature categories of profits are large, but the establishment of this area will promote consumers’ home service brand awareness consumption to enhance, and contribute to promoting the home service industry. Below the shop QR code

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