On December 30, at a regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense, a spokesman Tan Kefei released the news:

With the approval of the Central Military Commission, starting from this winter, the entire army forces have successively renewed type 21 for training uniforms and work uniforms.

The new net red 21 style training and work uniforms who were asked by netizens “exploded” finally revealed the true appearance-

Type 21 training suit


It mainly includes camouflage training uniforms, special service training uniforms and combat boots, which are used for combat, training, combat preparation, duty, and non -war military operations. Camouflage training uniforms are distinguished from jungle, desert, etc. Special service uniforms include ships, air diligence, and ground diligence training uniforms to meet the needs of special positions; combat boots (shoes) distinguish universal and dedicated.

Type 21 operation suit


It is a new series of adjustment and optimization of our military uniforms. It adopts jacket style design to distinguish between spring and autumn and winter work uniforms. Use new military colors, large -scale (roll) brim hat, operation leather shoes and other varieties for general daily activities such as office office Dress.


It is understood that the 21 -type work service was first distributed for the entire army; and the 21 -style training uniform was a new generation of camouflage training uniforms. So, what is the development history of our army training uniforms?


The training service is a military service that is worn by soldiers’ combat, training, labor, and implementation of other service, also known as warfare. Usually divided into general training uniforms and camouflage training uniforms. Ordinary training uniforms are generally distinguished by arms, and some countries also have arms for training uniforms. The camouflage training service has the characteristics, patterns, and spectral reflection characteristics that are compatible with the background of combat, and have the performance of anti -visible light, microman night vision and near -infrared light. According to the different combat regions and seasons, camouflage training uniforms are divided into forest land, desert, desert, snow, ocean, cities and mountains. It has the functions of hidden truth showing false, reducing the probability of discovery, and reducing casualties. At the end of the 19th century, some national troops in Europe and the United States had begun to equip combat clothes. In the late 1920s, the earliest camouflage appeared. In the late World War, many national military was equipped with camouflage clothes. Since the 1980s, the army of various countries has generally distributed the camouflage training uniforms that meet the needs of the country.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it was restricted by economic conditions and other conditions. For a long time, our military uniforms were single -style. Dresses were not generally distributed, and there were no special training uniforms. They are all wearing military uniforms (regular clothes).

In the mid -1950s, the soldiers wearing a camouflage network participated


In the late 1960s, soldiers were doing tactical actions


In the late 1970s, our army began to develop training uniforms

In the late 1970s, in accordance with the instructions of the Central Military Commission, our army carried out a military uniform reform focusing on the weight of the weight. Mainly reforms from four aspects: one is to separate the regular clothes from the training uniform, the other is to improve the production process, the third is to use new materials, and the fourth is to modify the distribution standard.

On January 12, 1978, the General Logistics Department officially reported that the army was required to be installed. The first item of this plan is to make training clothes: the current clothing is used as a regular service, adding training clothes, winter is a lapel -built type, the summer is an open type, and it is made of vitamin blending fabrics. Cushion. Color: Army grass green, the navy hidden blue, and the air force on the grass green hidden blue.

On January 18, 1978, the Central Military Commission approved the clothing reform plan, named 78 -style military uniforms and put into production. A total of 31 varieties of the 78 -style military uniform improved and increased. In the actual trial production and production process of 78 military uniforms, there are some problems in terms of technical, equipment, materials, etc. due to the timely rushing time. Discontinued or changed in the middle, no equipment forces. Although the 78 -style training suit failed to shape production in the end, it accumulated experience for the 87 -style training service.

From the end of the 1970s to the mid -1980s, for tropical jungle and mountain operations, our army has developed two camouflage clothes, namely 81 and 85 camouflage clothes. Coses, double -sided camouflage, big five -leaf camouflage, small four -leaf camouflage, hooded and mask version and other versions. However, there is no equipment for the entire army, only in some front -line combat forces, with a certain degree of trial nature.

Warrior wearing 81 camouflage clothes


The hidden effect of the 81 camouflage dress in the grass

After the entire army was replaced by the 85 -style military uniform in 1985, the original 65 -style military uniform included the liberation cap as a training suit, but it was only used by old objects. It was not a special training service for development.


Type 87 ordinary training service and camouflage training uniforms

For the first time, the training uniforms of our army are the 87 -style training uniforms set in 1987. They are divided into two types: ordinary training uniforms and camouflage training uniforms. Ordinary training uniforms are divided into military, summer, and winter. It is characterized by compact structure, beautiful style, comfortable wearing, lightweight durability, adapting to tactical technical activities and equipment operations.

In the summer, the top of the training suit is jacket, the switch collar, the front placket is 4 buckles with the zipper to cover the door, 2 chest digging bags with zippers and 2 lower pickers, the patch is placed with zipper plugging bags, and the upper end of the right sleeves has the upper end. The arm bag, the top of the left sleeve is marked with a sign, and the hem has a loose adjustment band. The pants are loose -style Western pants. There are 2 dark bags in front of the pants. There are 2 bags behind the pants. The training hat is a software standing cap wall wide cap, there is a regulatory band at the back of the hat wall, and there is a set of decorative buckles on each side. In color, the army is grass green, the navy is a hidden blue, and the Air Force is a blue -hiding blue in the grass green, making flat cloth flat cloth. The hat emblem uses soft plastic, which is easy to hide and wear steel helmets.

Winter training clothing tops are switching, loose, 2 asymmetric chest secret bags (the left chest is a cover bag, the right chest is a vertical zipper bag) and two lower oblique bags. The bag, the top of the left sleeve is marked with a signs, and the hem and cuffs are adjusted. The pants are loose -style Western -style pants, with 2 pockets on each back and forth, and the pants and mouth are adjusted. The color is the same as the summer training service, and it is made of polyester cotton. The cold prevention of winter training caps and winter training uniforms and winter hats, tight cotton jackets, and velvet jackets of winter uniforms.

The naval female student of the 87 -style naval Xiapu training uniform boards the ship to go to the sea

In the late 1980s, the 87 -style camouflage training uniforms were developed. It is divided into two types: summer and winter. The style and materials are the same as the ordinary training uniform. In summer, it is a training suit for forest -type camouflage. It consists of four colors: bright green, dark green, brown and black; in winter, it is a desert camouflage training suit. It consists of four colors: sandy, light green, brown and black.

In October 1988, the army was equipped with 87 -style military uniforms, but it did not equip training uniforms at the same time. Although it is called Type 87 for training uniforms, it was equipped in the 1990s. In May 1991, equipped with summer training clothes. In May 1993, equipped with winter training clothes. In May 1994, the training uniform was replaced by summer camouflage training uniforms.

In May 1996, the summer camouflage training uniforms and winter training uniforms were improved, and the tops were changed to two bright bags on the top and bottom.

The soldiers of the 87th summer camouflage training uniforms


In March 1996, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s land, sea, and air forces held a joint combat real -fighting real -fighting actor in the Taiwan Strait. The picture shows the 87 -style summer camouflage training uniforms

The Chinese People’s Armed Police Force was equipped with Type 87 training uniforms in the early 1990s. It is divided into Xia Pu training uniforms, winter training uniforms, and summer cucumbers. It is the costume of the armed police officers and soldiers during the operation, training, and labor. Among them, the winter and summer training uniforms are olive green jackets, which are basically the same as the PLA 87 -style training uniform. The fabric of Xia Muchi is a forest -type camouflage cloth. Among them, in 1990, equipped with the 87th summer training uniforms of the Armed Police, in 1993, equipped with the 87 -style winter training service of the Armed Police.


The armed police officers and soldiers who are in the 87th summer training service


Since the late 1990s, our army has also equipped some special camouflage training uniforms. Ocean camouflage training uniforms are mainly equipped with the Marine Corps, Naval Aviation and Naval officers and soldiers stationed in islands and reefs. Airborne camouflage clothes, also known as urban camouflage clothing. In 1999, the 50th anniversary parade of New China was wearing this type of camouflage clothing. According to the needs of the task, the Army Special Forces have also distributed many models of special combat camouflage training uniforms. The Armed Police Force has been equipped with a variety of improved training uniforms such as 97, 99, 01, and 05.


The 50th anniversary parade of New China in 1999 The Marine Corps team


In 1999, the 50th anniversary of the founding of New China’s military parade formula

07 -type digital camouflage training suit

In 2007, the entire army was equipped with a 07 -type digital camouflage training uniform.夏季分为通用迷彩(林地迷彩)、城市迷彩、海洋迷彩作训服,式样为派克式,暗排6粒扣,2个上贴袋、2个下挖袋,散下摆、直筒袖;用料For wear -resistant fine oblique cloth. Winter is a desert camouflage training suit, the style is Parker style, the double protection structure of the cover zipper, two pockets, 2 down dug bags, loose cuffs;

In addition to the warm -up layer of winter uniforms, the winter training service is also equipped with camouflage for training coats, training shoes, and game boots.


Female health soldiers with forest land camouflage training uniforms participate in joint military exercises

The border officers and soldiers of the desert camouflage for training uniforms

The airborne soldiers in the 07 -style camouflage camouflage suit


In the early stage of the type of training clothing, the land, air and air force and the original two artillery troops were equipped with forest land camouflage training clothes, desert camouflage training uniforms, airborne troops and distributing urban camouflage for training uniforms, naval Marine Corps and island reef troops matching The marine camouflage was sent for training uniforms, and the ship forces were equipped with blue training uniforms (the style structure was consistent with the camouflage training uniforms).


At the same time, the Armed Police Force was equipped with a 07 -type armed police for training uniforms, including 14 varieties such as training caps, digital camouflage uniforms, and combat boots.

In January 2008, 21 provinces across the country suffered severe rain and snow frozen disasters. The Armed Police Force invested more than 60,000 troops to fight against rain and snow frozen disasters. The picture shows the 07 -style camouflage armed police warrior

Beginning in 2014, with the approval of the Central Military Commission, it has adjusted the types of military and soldiers for training clothes, forming a mixed camouflage training suit according to the military and soldiers. ; The Air Force, all the camouflage of camouflage for the training service; The special service team of the Armed Police has been equipped with a 13 -type Armed Police Special Warfare Services since 2014.

Naval Marine Campaign Camouflage Training Service

The original two -gun troops (Rocket Army) jungle camouflage training uniforms

13 -type armed police special warfare service

Zhu Rihe’s armed police special service team on the parade

Five new type of camouflage clothing in the National Day parade in 2019

In 2019, on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, 32 equipment teams followed by the hiking team, whether it is the general leader or ordinary soldiers, all wearing new camouflage for training uniforms. The front of the equipment team is the Banner team. Under the leadership of the commander of the Five War Zone, the “Warrior” car carrying the 100 Honorary Battle Banner slowly drove past Tiananmen. Five major theater leaders: three generals and two lieutenants, wearing five camouflage for training uniforms, even their command vehicles were sprayed into these five camouflage.

The Banner team pointed out that the warrior was in a new camouflage suit


The new camouflage clothing launched by this parade is called “Starry Sky Miscale” by the media. Its flower types and colors are newly designed. There are five colors such as forest land, desert, jungle, city and desert. Demand for topography. In the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense on October 31, 2019, Wu Qian, director of the Ministry of National Defense News and spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, said: In order to meet the requirements of national defense and military reform, better meet the needs of troops for combat training. Based on the camouflage clothes, the color, style, fabric and logo clothing of clothing are optimized and improved, the development of new camouflage clothes is developed, and the parade of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China is developed.


The officers and soldiers of peacekeeping troops are wearing a new desert cam

Airborne soldiers’ special combat team wearing “Starry Cleansing”


The 87 -style training uniform was equipped with for 16 years from 1991 to 2007; Type 07 training uniforms were equipped for 14 years from 2007 to 2021. During the period, many camouflage training uniforms frequently appeared in military parade and military exercises, but the actual installation still belonged to the trial stage. Therefore, from the perspective of the formal equipment of the entire army, the Type 21 training uniforms are the third -generation training uniforms of our army after Type 87 training uniforms and 07 -type training uniforms. The new generation of equipment for training uniforms is of great significance for building a new era military uniform system with our army and better service to prepare for war.


(Author: Military History Expert Xu Ping)

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Author: Xu Ping

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